Greg Todd: A well written truth in response to those that required such a writing,

On Jul 31, 2015, at 4:20 PM, Greg Todd <> wrote:

A well written truth in response to those that required such a writing, I do not know what was stated to Rodger or others about you; so I am answering without such information; GOD Bless you my brother as you stand in scrutiny.

All of us have the right to vet each other it only makes sense; so I understand heri inquiry and I understand your response; it must hurt to be questioned. I do not know your past except as some have made accusations.

Besides judging a man requires knowing the mind, heart and soul of a man at the current point in time. Great men evolve over time and are a better man today then they were yesterday.

We must not judge anyway that is for the FATHER, yes we must assess but never judge another. Lets discuss as we need to put any open accusations to bed as it may adversely affect you.

Terry Trussell you are a first Class Hero, and they will have to kill me to get to you, So Help me GOD! that means I will do all I can short of violence to defend a man as just as you. Many talk, but you are the real deal. GOD is with you Terry Trussell.

Greg Todd, ASU or TBD

Americans Standing United

The USA, We our children, our wives, our sons and daughters are Under Siege of the Corrupt members of the ABA. The Corrupt members of the ABA are in fact the Greatest Racketeering Organization ever know to Mankind. They control all (3) branches of our government. Corrupt lawyers/criminals and so called judges rape and pillage us in their courts. Our politicians work for the highest contributor to their campaigns. In essence Our Country is One Nation under Courtesans. They are guilty of treason, kidnapping, murder, grand larceny, etc.

Join US: Help us Restore Our Country to One Nation Under GOD

Only We, Completely United, All Liberty Groups, All Men & Woman of Liberty & Justice can defeat the Corrupt ABA and build a new and better way. By the way both Constitutions enable military courts; these courts are fascist regimes operated by ABA courtesans.

GOD is with us; therefore we cannot fail!

Direct: 561-727-9115


“The World is a Dangerous Place to Live; Not Because of the people who are EVIL, but Because of the People Who Don’t Do Anything About It” Albert Einstein

On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 6:20 PM, Carl Swensson <> wrote:

To those who would wonder and Roger,

Yes I am a part of the opposition. I oppose ignorance. I oppose inaction. I oppose the weak, faint of heart minions of the status quo. But I especially oppose the criminals and THEIR minions who have taken absolute control of every aspect of what was thought of as government.

Those who would attempt to spread rumors and lies concerning who I am and what I do are, by themselves and their actions, the proof that my heart is pure and actions are effective at raising the level of conscious awareness to who and what the real source of our societal disease is. What is now unfolding is the stereotypical attempt by the criminal opposition to downplay the significance of what I profess.

As always, it is far easier for the weak willed to spread falsities and derision than to face the stark reality that action is the only answer. Action. To my knowledge the Vatican and the Crown haven’t yet perverted that word but given enough time they will.

Americans that I meet fall into three distinct categories, The first consists of outright cowards willing to accept any form of degradation in order to maintain their self serving interests. Any form of bondage is far preferred than the finality of fighting for any beliefs, countrymen, neighbors or even supposed loved ones. Woe is me victimhood has its own family and that is where those in the first category find solace and comfort. They are most commonly found with those who are totally reliant on others for their existence and have no ability to survive on their own… none. The second category is comprised of people who recognize the obvious fact that systemic problems exist and are convinced that they are brave in the act of openly discussing these problems. However, that group seeks others of the same mind set and believe all they have to do is talk an issue into non existence. They too are unwilling to act on the issues they know exist, preferring instead to remain in the comfort of their homes or caves and use technology to express their anger or outrage. By doing so they alienate themselves from the first group simply because it makes that group feel uncomfortable so they team up with others of this second group and remain there because they too are not confident in themselves or their ability to survive in a world of freedom and liberty. They will most likely be the ones screaming the loudest as their chains are being locked onto their appendages. What they will not do is offer physical resistance because they share a common thread with the first group. They too are cowards.

The first two categories have historically been the majority of any population, which now brings us to the third category. This group is not nearly as large as the other two but contains within its ranks, those who will engage the enemy, get in their face and make every effort to have the criminals in our midst pay for their crimes. Unfortunately, the very qualities that this group possess make their unified efforts seemingly impossible. Fiercely independent, they are also extremely bull headed and believe they and only they have the answers to cure society’s disease. They will stand up and do things on an individual basis, usually with the negative result of being incarcerated or financially beaten down to the point of them being rendered impotent to take further action.

Having said that, the ones who remain standing and fighting remain isolated from all three groups and when their effectiveness begins to be realized the other three groups will do what the enemy no longer has to do. Deride, discount, marginalize and in other cases demonize, criticize or merely question integrity. Never actually being man enough to talk the person in question they will work to build alliances of resistance and mindset instead. Never have I had one such person directly confront or question me. All would rather act exactly like the criminals we are all allegedly allied to fight against. To them I will say simply this… man up and find out for yourself.

This is where we are today. With a course of action laid that includes using physical assertiveness, even when peaceful in nature. The layers of cowardice begin rapidly peeling off and falling to the floor where now, all three categories find themselves rubbing elbows. Strange bedfellows for sure. The criminals dance for joy when this happens because they didn’t have to lift a finger. Those that remain and commit themselves find themselves in the historically similar place to where the founders dwelt.

Speaking of the founders, all who initially embarked on the path to freedom and liberty were a very small number and regardless of what any may think do or say, I am/we are and will continue to be working with that small group and are proud to do so. We will either succeed or die trying and all of us involved in this epic fight fully recognize attempts to stop us will not stop and likely will increase in intensity. That will merely serve to feed the soul with the life force of righteous purpose. The reason for action is clear, the path is clear and no one who uses words to attempt to discount or discredit will have any effect other than to harden the resolve.

Those who will criticize will be those who can’t fathom why an event of this importance is so transparently revealed. The simple answer to that is contained in the word conspiracy. This is NO conspiracy. It IS the act of transparency that flies in the face of the actions on daily display by the criminals. Those who attend will, in part, be those heroes from the Militia and Oath Keepers or even those who exercise their lawful right to carry who fully realize the CIA, FBI and other agencies just love to make an event, any event, the chance for more mass mayhem and murder. They will have the back of the Patriots.

Is it a perfectly safe event? Anyone asking that needs to shut up and go to the back of room. Nothing worth doing in the course of pursuing freedom and liberty is safe and it damn sure won’t be easy. Those who perceive themselves to be our superiors will not acquiesce without reason. The numbers and resolve ARE the reason.

So when people step forward and make these feeble attempts to tear down the work of Patriots who will be instrumental in repairing the damage allowed to occur over the past 160+ years, look at these detractors and recognize them for who and what they are.

They are the disloyal opposition. Whether they understand why or not.

In conclusion. Roger, if you have any questions about my integrity or purpose, be a man and call me or shut up and wait till I arrive in Dixie county to once again support Terry at his next court appearance and do that in person.

In service to my creator and Patriots everywhere,

carl -alfred: Swensson


Sent: Friday, July 31, 2015 1:29 PM

To: Carl Swensson

Subject: Fwd: Sunny today



In the service of the creator.

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Based upon what evidence?



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It takes so few words to express the truth!
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On Jul 31, 2015, at 6:57 AM, Rodger Dowdell <> wrote:

Some serious questions have arisen and Carl Swensson .

His actions show evidence of being controlled by the establishment to the detriment of the People.

Do you have any hard evidence that he is not with the opposition ?



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