Immigration? Not Even Close. Cloward-Piven But that is not all… REALLY pathetic—

You are free to believe what you chose but those who think beyond the mere suggestions of others may yield the benefit of seeing the truth!  -arnie

Immigration? The cause or just one more excuse?

Corporate fraud by impostors posing as government agents and agencies.  Applying the principles defined by subversives


Plus the really big one – Cash flow to a bunch of impostors who are operating a bankrupt Corporation/Congress misrepresented as the government of the American people.

We make ourselves Victims of the words of others….Sovereigns are directly connected to the creator. No third parties required.


On Jul 28, 2015, at 7:18 AM, Gary Plunkett <> wrote:

On Tuesday, July 28, 2015 6:53 AM, DON HANK <> wrote:

A big Thank you to Allan Wall for this posting. I’ve transformed the title a bit to allow for my ranting.

This is but one of many articles over the past several years that has sought to expose the American people to the dangers of unfettered, uncontrolled and wreckless immigration practices. To be sure, Ted Kennedy, the biggest anti-American socialist of them all did this nation absolutely NO favors when he rammed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act through a largely demoncrat Congress. Today, because of such careless and deliberate actions, numerous Bills with similar consequences have been piggybacked onto the Kennedy bill, making it harder and harder for Immigration enforcement to succeed. Indeed, with the Obama administration going off on a wacky tangent issuing one Executive Order after another, it is near impossible to keep pace with the kind of checks and Balance measures necessary to get him under control. Indeed, I am afraid that we are like the turtle and the hare and in this case, the hare is far ahead of the pack and just a few more steps to the finish line.

If ever American citizens and Legal Alien Residents needed to do something and od it fast, that time is now. For the citizen, the American Dream is turning into the American Nightmare and for the Legal Resident, it is becoming disappointingly blurred. There can be no doubt that we need to do what Calvin Coolidge did and that is to “Pause” all immigration, except for the processing of Legal Residents already in the country and to encourage those who are here illegally to self deport. Whatever time frame is required to straighten out this mess, that’s how long it will take. As a nation, we can not allow ourselves to become a fragmented society with multiple languages, cultures, values, traditions fueled by some very gross mis-interpretations of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law. We must put an end to Immigrant – legal and illegal – Colonization and Balkanization of our communities and, if it calls for the “suspension” of all immigration – then so be it.

Those who are citizens and those who are legal residents and those who are legally present for one reason or another – are the exceptions to the rule. those who are here unlawfully, must self deport, or be forced to return to their home country and get in the back of the line. Failing to understand the seriousness of the immigration problems in the USA and failing to act on them will only condemn this nation to nothing more than a 3rd world welfare nation and, if things keep going as they are, this will happen sooner than later.

Unfettered and runaway legal and illegal immigration has got to be stopped NOW!! We need a respite in order to get our house in order once again. The system is overwhelmed and the i’s are not being dotted and t’s are not being crossed – and the tragic consequences of overpopulation has already become a severe drain on every resource this nation has. Our worse nightmare is coming to past and the collapse of a once great government will go the way of Greece, Rome and others. If this is what people want, then they had better become content with having nothing!!

It is estimated that nearly 6 million of the 14.6 million Hispanics in California are illegally present. What isn’t an estimate is the fact that of the 9 largest communities in the USA that have a serious water/drought problem are all in California. And, to the North and the East of California, the resources relied upon for potable water are quickly being depleted – while the great underground water reserves are rapidly shrinking. Sadly, there appears to be no end to the human demands and stress that are being placed upon our “finite” resources and, the only solution that remains is to aggressively control immigration and emigration in the most civil way possible. We still have time, but it won’t be fun, or make all of the people impacted very happy. It will, however, make it possible to survive at least until the next earthquake or ice age hits.

Michael –

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 14:50:29 -0500

Subject: Virginia




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