John Noble—We can only say thou protesteth too much. – carl -alfred: Swensson

prevere commented on Tony Caputo – It is your fault! Just ask John Noble!

Subject: The Blame-Game: If you are anti-Semitic, any old excuse will do. Date: 2015-07-26 23:55:04 …

This just goes to show how even blithering idiots can string words together in a semi-coherent sentence laced with half truths and ignorance of the bigger picture.

The American people were not given the opportunity to choose between REAL money and the funny money debt notes we deal with today because WE were not represented by public servants adhering to THEIR contract with us. Anyone with half an ounce of intelligence and the desire to read the historical documents will recognize that it was the ESQUIRES, you know, the ones we call ATTORNEYS, that literally gave this country’s control back to the King by signing, for America, The Paris Peace Treaty in 1783, and at the time it was sold to the unsuspecting public as a good thing.

It wasn’t until the mid 1830s under the leadership of Andrew Jackson that the King’s debt, along with his banking cabal were booted from this land and ownership of the banks along with the money and property finally returned to the people.

Both the Vatican, under various Popes, and the King lost all control of this burgeoning giant at that time and since the Vatican laid claim to the world it only made sense that they re-double their covert efforts to return control back to its (ahem) rightful owners. Politicians were placed within this government that quickly amassed enough debt to claim the need of credit in order to pay their bills. Open the door and here comes the bankers again. At this point it bears exposing who the bankers really are so let me ask a simple question… what religion relates to money? Does a central banker give a rats ass what religion you ascribe to him? Of course not and neither does he care what form of government is in place so long as he controls the money. Does it matter to the Pope what religion you practice as long as you abdicate ownership of the land to him, the Holy See? Of course not and if you believe otherwise read the latest comments by Pope Francis claiming dominion over ALL religions. After all, they all believe in a God or a superior Deity and he is the only one on the planet with the self described power to have a direct line of communication with this creator so control can never be relinquished and must always be maintained. To that end the unholy alliance between the King, and later the Crown, has used all manner of corruption and manipulation to keep their greedy dirty fingers in our business and what better way than to now control, through their agents, the legal system of a nation.

So, Mr. Noble, when you feign righteous indignation at those who now have your number as a member of these foreign agents, we can only say thou protesteth too much.

Our creator sent us his son who in turn forgave us our sins and of course you know what the then meaning of sin was, right? Oh, that’s right, your buds in legal land changed the meaning. Well, for those who do NOT know, sin equaled DEBT. Without debt it became almost impossible to control the masses and that couldn’t be allowed to stand so bring in the word smiths and let’s just change all that.

You see Mr. Noble, when those you so easily label “Neo Conservatives” laugh at your label, it is because you are recognized as doing what you’ve been programmed to do. Make up a word of derision then use it till its worn out and then make up another one you foreign agent RACIST.

We’re done with the games. Were done with the underground criminals and were done with any alliance that claims dominion over free men and women here or anywhere else.

You are on the decline and will perish do the actions of free men and women who live on the land and nothing short of another Vatican/Crown inspired act of mass genocide will change that.

We are coming for the likes of you and any who work to maintain the current power structure for you see, even if the founders allowed certain words to be altered in the founding documents, they contained some pretty good ones that lay the foundation you and your RACIST, LIBERAL COMMUNIST co-conspirators try so hard to ignore.

So let me offer you a word of advice. Now will be a good time for you, your ilk, your professional criminal enterprise and every state and national SECRETARIAT, to board the last ship home before the American shit truly does hit the fan.

Here’s a warning to all of the corporate co-conspirators. Your immunity does not exist because the Lieber code is still in effect and no corporations established since 1861 are American Lawful.

Scramble ants, the gig is up!

To the rest of America, saddle up boys, we’ve got a lot of work to do and we’ll do it one jurisdiction at a time until the potlickers realize the pot is now clean.

In the service of Free Men everywhere,

carl -alfred: Swensson

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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