About the Holocaust

A Reply from Judge Anna Concerning Recent German Revelations About the Holocaust

The Truth is that almost everyone whose family comes from Western Europe or the British Isles is “Jewish” in the ethnographic sense— and I can readily prove it, both with DNA and with other evidence. The Seed of Abraham has spread around the world to every nation—- “as the sand of the sea” —and is not identifiable by or “the same as” the religion of Judaism or its Followers.

You must remember that the Enemy we all face works by a process of mirroring information back at us, by semantic deceit, and by imposing false assumptions on our minds through a process of labeling, contrast, and duality.

Thus you are fed the labels “Nazi” and “Jew” and the contrast of “Evil” and “Good” and the duality of “Fat Cats” and “Victims”.

It is the third set of factors I want you to pay attention to because although it is NEVER stated, and the other two sets of information incline you to believe that “Nazi = Evil” — the relatively hidden third set of unstated factors leads you to unconsciously think— “Nazi = Powerful”.

This third subliminal message has a strange affect.

For the Allied soldiers it promoted a feeling of righteous satisfaction and pride that they had overcome this great and powerful evil.

For the Germans it provoked cognitive dissonance, because they knew for a fact that the Nazis were not powerful — only criminal and well-organized Liars.

For the Germans, the implication of that third set of factors was—- “We’ve been duped! The whole world has been duped!” — though they couldn’t put their finger on why they felt this so deeply.

And they were duped. So were the Allies. The Allies were content to accept the Hollywood version of reality because it stroked their egos. The Germans, however, have been pestered by it all these years.

So it is not surprising that — armed with the basic Truth that the Nazis were first, foremost, and always Liars — the Germans have dug into the history of the Holocaust and found that yes, that was a Hollywood Whopper, too— a Half-Truth of staggering proportions.

There were Death Camps. There were vile experiments. There were Satanic Rituals. There were Crematoria.

What has been obscured is that these things did not take place on the scale portrayed by the perpetrators and were not– for the most part— activities engaged in by the German people. Only the Nazi “elite” who portrayed themselves as loyal Catholics—- when in fact being followers of the Mystery Babylon Cult, Satan-worshippers, worshippers of Semiramis, worshippers of Molloch and Mammon.

It is the habit of these vermin to pretend to be their enemies. So when it suits them, they pretend to be Jews. On other occasions, they pretend to be Catholics. At still other times, they transform into what appear to be Muslims. And, for the finale of the Second World War, they pretended to be Germans, too. They carry out their vile acts of violence and mayhem, and leave their actual enemies to pay the price for them and be blamed for their heinous crimes. They have done this through recorded history for 8,000 years and they are nothing if not consistent.

You must realize that this Cult brought forward from Ancient Summer and Babylon is worldwide. It involves members of all nations. It is truly international in scope. And the only way that you shall know them is by their fruits— the evidence they leave behind.

It began when Semiramis crashed her rocket ship in the Fertile Crescent and began teaching people idolatry and all forms of carnality — orgies, blood sacrifices, the use of “fiery furnaces” and burning alive as punishment and also for secret profane “religious” rites mostly revolving around infanticide, sexual intercourse, drug use, black magic, and various forms of fraud.

This “Mother of all Harlots and Abominations of the Earth” has many, many names. Ashtoreth, Isis, Cybele, Astarte…..and even “Lady Liberty” and “Columbia” and “the Spirit of Democracy”. She is always personified as a woman with rays of light projecting like a crown around her head. Her idol stands in New York Harbor, and her husband’s severed penis stands as the Washington Monument.

Oh, surprise, surprise, surprise! There are American followers of the Cult—- lots of them. They hang out in the most prestigious clubs and have even grown so bold as to flaunt their rites and beliefs in public again. Witness that they turned the Twin Towers into a vast crematorium — just as they did thousands of years ago and for the same purpose. –Just as they did with the crematoriums in Germany. Just as they have with the modern day idol of Molloch — a giant owl-shaped furnace set up in the heart of the “sacred” Bohemian Grove in California. Always with them, it is the blood-letting, sex, drugs, pedophilia, sodomy, infanticide (abortion), fraud and death by incineration.

Always with them, a lie is a prayer.


So that is what we are dealing with on a worldwide basis. Needless to say, these people are criminals of the worst kind, and they are both well-financed and well-organized.

Let’s get back to the narrower topic—- and the third, unstated message — “Nazis are powerful.” Power always attracts humans, like moths to the flame. It is something that we don’t understand, and yet seek, something that we are incompetent to wield, and yet crave.

It should not surprise anyone that this veiled message has attracted many into the darkness of the Babylon Cult and works as a lure for the unwary. People have long been perversely attracted to the Nazis. Now you can see why.

As a result of the German revelations about the faked aspects of the Holocaust, you should not be thinking— oh, the Jews staged all this! They lied! There was no “Holocaust” such as we were led to believe!

What you should be thinking is that the American followers of the Mystery Babylon Cult lied and set everyone else up. The people we think of as Jews had nothing to do with any of it, except to suffer.

To this I only want to add that there are other Forces in the Universe aware of the deceptions and foulness and violence of the Mystery Babylon Cult—- and they have recently been given Notice in no uncertain terms that Jah has returned to Earth. He said long ago that he would “bring to ruin those ruining the Earth” and true to His purpose, He Has Come.

Another thing I can assure you of— the scapegoats have been set free. Nobody has the right to tax them for the sins of the guilty anymore, and they will not be made to suffer. The lambs and the scapegoats will be protected this time (for this is by far not the first time we have had to deal with this problem) and the true perpetrators will be identified and destroyed.

Those who sit in seats of High Office who do not immediately turn from their misdeeds and repent them earnestly from the heart will be gathered up like chaff and thrown into the furnaces they have built for others.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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    Comprehensive, further enlightment would be of great service to the concerned, altruistic Patriot.

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