I come to you in peace with arms outstretched – carl -alfred: Swensson


I come to you in peace with arms outstretched and offer my hand in friendship to shake.

We are all men of the same mind that this thing we have previously called government, does not exist in the form we grew up thinking it did. That doesn’t mean it isn’t real. What it means is that all seats of those we elected remain unfilled. It has been determined to be irrefutable fact that at the time these private individuals take their Oath of Office or otherwise claim their prize they are immediately made members of various corporation boards that operate in conflict with the public service positions they appear to fill.

No commissioner, Mayor, Administrator, Sheriff, Congressman, Senator or even President is allowed to escape this absorption into the corporate underground world. States are run by their respective Legislative Councils who extend their reach all the way down to County and City Attorneys. All, or at least all that I have seen, counties have court systems that are also incorporated and include in their Officers list the county Sheriffs. Tom now knows this is all fact and no longer conjecture.

What this means is that any attempt to approach these criminals, even if they are completely unaware of their complicity, will result in a circling of their corporate wagons. They are now becoming aware that the gig is up and too many state citizens are now awake to even try and lull them back to sleep. We have them now operating in a defensive posture which promises to be dangerous territory to venture into. For this reason, the only avenue remaining that will see these villains receiving the justice they so rightly deserve will be the path that includes overwhelming numbers of awake and aware free men and women who will descend on one location in numbers sufficient to force the incarceration of those criminals identified and conclusively proven to be acting in fraud. It must be noted that any such endeavor must be one that is both swift and decisive.

This first and focused action will be coordinated in a fashion that will preclude the possibility that resistive forces will have enough time to mobilize because the action will have been completed, and their appearance would then constitute war upon the people. Even though they can eliminate small groups of people who gather, they will not have the ability nor will they have any authority or justification for removing the now lawful replacements to government officials who have been temporarily replaced until valid elections can be scheduled. Our right to remove these criminals is firmly embedded in the Declaration of Independence and in the laws these criminals have established but choose to ignore.

This is the short and skinny of the organization and it should be noted that once the first decisive success is accomplished all future acts to achieve redress will get easier and easier until the full surrender of the mafia style criminal cabal is achieved.

Every group or individual who has legitimate crimes to be addressed WILL be addressed until the very last grievance has been dealt with. The military cannot intervene except where it will be necessary to help the private citizens but they will not acquiesce or deliver until we show them that WE are the civilian control they haven’t had. Once they understand our resolve the final dominoes will fall and the restoration of the rule of law can finally be realized.

All of us must do one thing that will be unnatural and that will be to put our individual issue into the same hat as all others and check our ego long enough to achieve the unity absolutely required to make this work. We must act as a single totally unified force and have the faith in our creator and fellow man that he will do the same knowing that his issues to will be dealt with. All for one and one for all has never been more appropriate and we can be the example that freedom loving men and women of the world will look up to as an example of how to remove the criminals and restore a Republic.

Particulars are being developed as we move forward. The only thing missing in the past has been the resolve to clean this mess up.

I was asleep but I sleep no more. I am but a small piece that makes up the giant we call the American People. Heretofore all pieces of this Giant have been prevented from assembly by the clever divisiveness employed by the enemies of We the People. Any perceived attempt to do so has been successfully diverted by Globalist criminals until now. We the People, the Giant, now recognize the commonality of our calls for freedom. Black and white, yellow and red have long yearned to live in peace with each other and those in the world who share this dream now see with wakened eyes how we have been manipulated to think the pieces of the giant should war with each other while the slave masters war with us. No longer can the strong magnetic attraction of various factions be subdued. We now bypass the barriers put up to prevent our union and finally realize the energetic union of our causes is long overdue.

Please know that all of us involved in the reclamation of our union of states understand this is at hand and no trespass will be forgotten or ignored so, in conclusion, let us now shed the chains that prevent us from reaching one another and reach out to all Patriots bent on the same end. We can, we must, we will succeed where others have failed simply because we possess the one ingredient formerly missing… resolve.

Take the time to be a founding member whose ranks will fill the leadership team. Join us Saturday night as we select our name and hone our organization razor sharp upon the whetstone of Liberty.

Saturday July 25, 2015 at 8 PM EDST Call in Number: 712-775-7035  Access Code: 495027

Your humble servant,

carl -alfred: Swensson
A founding member

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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