Finally, Americans are tired as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! Hallelujah! – carl -alfred: Swensson

Tim and those receiving this,

We will deal with the specifics concerning Texas on Saturday night’s call. The number for that is at the end of this Email.
This represents the starting point for your understanding the structure of your state. What has been uncovered this morning is that the Comprehensive Annual financial Report for the first three states I checked (Colorado, Georgia and Wisconsin) for references to “components” of the report that are not included yielded an important key. These components ARE your shadow government with fund balances that will dwarf the state budget. Each for profit and non-profit entity maintains fund balances NOT reflected on the state CAFR but in full compliance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). Gee, I wonder who established this entity? Can anyone say ATTORNEYS?

In most cases these component units are chaired by elected officials who appoint the balance of the board of directors who, in turn, receive compensation for being on these boards… off the CAFR books or buried under headings no normal person will be able to decipher.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that each such entity, other than Judges and certain BAR member corporations that aren’t required to file complete disclosure with the IRS, files tax records that can be accessed and cross referenced to the funds being held both on and off shore.

This IS mafia style, criminal RICO activity and it IS RICO violations occurring in every state. Your state BAR has direct ties to the CROWN and the VATICAN. Each corporation has a board of directors and each one pays at least one and many times, two of the officers. This is how the BAR is taking grant monies, distributing them to the myriad of their branch or subsidiary corporations through pass through accounts leaving little, if any to get to the intended (?) purpose of the grant in the first place.

U.S. Inc. has these so-called purpose statements in their Articles of Incorporation and Tax records but the purpose never is achieved and the money never arrives at the final destination  because the boards of directors pay themselves first, add to fund balances second and then pass it to another corporation of their making to do the same until, by the time a $1 million disbursement leaves the state Legal Services Foundation’s books and is distributed to these supposed distribution agents, funds are misappropriated and cuts are taken so there may be $5,K of the original $1M left for the supposed intended purpose. Being the greedy bastards that they are and since the amount remaining is so small, a contribution to some favorite charity which increases status and influence, brings them down to zero which is exactly how a non-profit is designed to work. With fattened wallets and bellies they proceed to do it all over again.

I propose to you that this theft of America’s wealth is a but by no means the only pipeline of money enriching the few at the expense of the many. CONgress, who authorizes such payments gets their marching orders either directly or indirectly from the Crown and/or the Vatican through their agents, their corporations and the Attorneys. Everyone involved gets their cut of the action and we are left to wonder how the wealth of the Nation seemingly disappears in front of our eyes.

When the general welfare clause in the Constitution was perverted the way it has been, we wind up with the same feudal system the revolutionary war was fought to free us from. The same social hierarchy we supposedly removed ourselves from and the same slave masters we supposedly banished to their country of origin. Instead they remain to jovially steal your wealth, imprison your family and continue to enslave the entire population financially.
Corporate Amerika is the reality, like it or not. Their charter, the Constitution for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. is their rule book. It grants nothing to the people of the various states because WE are not party to it and now that they are violating their own charter with impunity it becomes incumbent upon all of us to dismantle and rebuild a system of government that never again allows the Nobles or the criminals access to our halls of Justice or Legislation. We are left with no other option.

This is exactly why the formation of the enforcement team MUST now materialize and why there is no time left to squabble over which injustice should be addressed first. The leadership team will have a committee to narrow the choices and any action will only occur after a vote in the affirmative by its general membership.

We build it, they come and we set about restoring a government that reflects our values and return the wealth stolen from us over the past 200+ years. We establish OUR banking system with those funds and banish the Globalist banking cabal currently controlling the Nation. We return the money stolen and/or return to our shores the fund balances legally but not lawfully stolen. Sovereign state delegations have already been formed for this purpose and where there was but a few, there will now be many willing and able to be involved.

We are programmed, trained to talk. We are NOT programmed, trained to act. Talk time is over. Action is warranted. It needn’t be violent but does need to be assertive. They, this government, OUR employees may choose violence as their response to our lawful assertiveness in which case peaceful resolution will not be possible. But when the day is done, will we go home as men or will we choose instead to go home as cowards. Will we choose bondage for ourselves and our progeny or take this chance, this one chance, at freedom and liberty for all and future generations. They built the means to imprison us, the method to transport us and the means to exterminate us so I ask, are you now willing to go silently into the night? I, for one, am not.

I believe right IS might. I believe right is worth standing for, fighting for and as anyone who has taken the oath understands…. dying for.

Those of you who are involved, as I was and will be, with Common Law Grand Juries need to understand that all negative references to them come entirely from those whose livelihood is directly affected. Two hundred years worth of creating the system to enslave us does not easily acquiesce. We the People do hold ALL the power. We are the ultimate source of the power and only by our acceptance of their rules, statutes and codes can they continue this criminal enterprise. Our law is natures law and God’s law which winds up being one and the same. They are not complicated which is why the legal profession goes to great pains to eliminate it.

If an Attorney offers advice… if any from Academia offer advice, which is all they can do, consider the source and know they have their self serving agenda to advocate and it is NOT yours or ours. We use simple and basic laws which are meant to hold those who trespass against us accountable, those who swindle us accountable and those who change our laws guilty of treason or sedition along with crimes against humanity. Penalties for all of these things are long since documented

They steal from us, they imprison us, they take our children, they remove our God, they separate our families and use our sons and daughters to wage their Globalist, agenda driven wars against those who do not agree with them or submit to their demands of control. They program us, poison us and literally murder us in the name of their agenda. Your elected ninety pound weakling is bullying you. He and his handlers are separating you, placing you in a corner, reaching up and slapping the ever loving cr_p out of you and your loved ones yet precious few can even figure out it is being done. Men, what’s up with that? Are you broke enough yet?

Re-read the Declaration of Independence and pay particular attention to the reasons cited for crafting it then tell anyone you wish how the conditions described do not fit, to a Tee, the current state of affairs. Then read this again just in case you didn’t get it the first time.

All grievances are valid. All crimes being committed are real so I ask that you lay down your personal issues. Your issue will be dealt with so put all such issues on hold long enough to deal with the first verifiably egregious trespass against us and help your fellow Americans begin the process of cleaning up the mess all of us are guilty of allowing. One percent of the population will more than suffice to affect change everywhere but a number far smaller than that will get us to that number through the successful completion of the first action to obtain true and fair justice.

You are the answer, now is the time, organizing is the cure.

Help us help ourselves.
Saturday July 25, 2015 at 8 PM EDST Call in Number: 712-775-7035  Access Code: 495027

God bless you and God bless America.

In the service of my fellow Patriots,

carl -alfred: House of Swensson
One of the many

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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