About grand Juries? – Carl Swensson

Att: Fellow Patriots

Being the recipient of many Emails that reflect a growing unease and purposefully staying out of the mix, I thought now would be a good time to discuss the missing ingredient in the Grand Jury equation and how the time has come to add action to the efforts of those who believe in the idea of the Common Law Grand Jury. Let me explain.

There’s a pattern within the Judiciary to flatly ignore the vast majority of filings coming out of Nationally organized Grand Juries. The blunt reason for this is contained in the ruling I have attached which was received by me, by mail, just a couple of days after it being recorded. It establishes the precedence for the entire Judicial system of injustice. The infrequent positive response they will occasionally throw you never results in any meaningful action.

You will notice, however, that Chief Justice (yech) Royce Lamberth admits to the constitutionality of such grand juries but relies upon the rules of civil and criminal procedure to dismiss these presentments and or indictments. Many are in possession of this document but choose to ignore its content and significance. For that reason I have sought, for well over three years, the remedy for this bottleneck.

Here’s the way your efforts, if structured properly can be made to work.
First: Use the one to four delegates on file in many American counties to assemble a Grand Jury in the fashion described by Mr. Lamberth and easily discerned from reading how the early Grand Juries were formed.
Second: Make the first one completed about the lowest hanging fruit you can find in the government structure.
Third: Do your best to make allies in the local press (a very tall order).
Forth: Give the court or Judge a 40 day time frame in which to respond.

Once having done your due diligence and the date to respond goes by with no response. Make contact with the National enforcement arm that is currently being formed for the purpose of going to locations most anywhere in the continental united States of America for the purpose of forcing the elected and/or appointed individuals served either to do as they are commanded or suffer the arrest that must follow for misprision of Felony. Do not waste your time with petty misdemeanor crimes. The National enforcement arm will then come to your aide in numbers sufficient to assure successful compliance with your presentments.

Keep in mind that careful scrutiny will be exercised by the enforcement arm to assure that all due diligence has been done and that the call is a valid claim. If the criteria is met, large numbers will descend upon the jurisdiction affected and will led by those who know how to get the desired results.

If the leadership of the NLA is willing to work with us we will be able to include members of that group in the enforcement action. We will not be limited to just the actions of the Grand Juries since many Judicial crimes can be documented and acted upon by individuals.

Just remember this. If the case is actionable, we will take action in a form and fashion conducive to successful resolution.

I am, in no way, disparaging the efforts of all of you fine Patriots. Rather, I/we are establishing this group to be the force multiplier you’ve all been waiting for.

In closing, if you are tired of beating your heads against the wall again and again, expecting different results, why not be a part of… a complimentary part of your efforts to truly affect the change you embarked on, by being a part of this new National group. We too grew tired and have now made the modifications necessary to return this union to one of laws and not men.

Let us now work together, in numbers that can no longer be ignored, to be that change.

Email or call me at 678-438-6138 so we can begin to draw all such noble efforts together. Egocentrics please do not waste our time for the only leadership comes from the actions of a unified voice in the spirit of 1776.

It wasn’t easy then and it damn sure won’t be easy now but it is within our grasp.

What say ye?


carl -alfred: Swensson

Founder of:
Henry County Common Law Grand Jury (2009)
Clayton County Citizens Oversight Committee (2011 to present)
Patrick Henry Board of Review (2014 to present
Assisted in the formation of:
The American Grand Jury (2009-2010)

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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