A System of Fair Justice – carl -alfred: Swensson


For many, the idea that there existed a fair justice system. was held tightly to because the alternative was just to horrific to imagine. Now, as the truth of the matter has settled in and we finally realize the Mafia style criminals involved cannot resolve the equation on their own, it becomes incumbent on us to take matters into our own hands.
Some say those are revolutionary words and in a sense they are but no more so now than when we fought for our freedom and won back in 1776.

History that has now been revisited clearly shows that what we thought we had won was given back to the King by three esquires who were sent to negotiate the “Treaty of Paris”. The first paragraph of that document confirms this. So here we are, 239 years later, finding what we imagined was a Republican form of government does not exist. We remain the chattel and now the King has turned into the Crown. That one square mile city nation called the City of London or Westminster.

They control the courts and the finances of this country but all of that can be turned on its head in a moment’s notice when we, as men, stand united and make it so. We do this because we must and because the criminal cabal has grown so arrogant that they no longer feel the need to adhere to the laws they made for us and themselves.

As dastardly as that sounds it finally affords us the opportunity to shut them down.

The Judiciary can only operate as a fiction. We are and remain the flesh and blood men and women whose justice will be served when and if we demand it. That is the reason for the birth of the organization that will facilitate our will being done with true justice served.

We do not play in their sand box other than to kick that sand in their face. We are the masters of our own destiny but not playground bullies other than to say the strength in numbers will always overcome the obstacles presented. Once the objective of removal, arrest or whatever form of justice befits the circumstances has been achieved the first time, all the dominos will necessarily begin to fall because they cannot exist or survive outside of their world of fiction.

Now, having said that, we come to the biggest problem we’ll face in our lifetimes.

Since it takes the flesh and blood actions of an overwhelming force to assure justice is done, and since so many have uncovered so much of the criminal activity, how are we going to be able to put our individual agenda aside long enough to join forces with one other… just one to start, in order to begin the process freedom lovers envision.

They way is to rely upon the tools the founders left us that DO work. A representative form of organization that will not rely upon the whims of any one in particular man or woman to choose which grievance is the one we all rally around first. At the risk of having our personal axe to grind take a lesser seat in the fight, we commit to one. A committee will be formed to look into the thousands of such cases and narrow it down to a handful of unquestionable credentials. One that will take on a local jurisdiction. One that will showcase the movement and the organization in a fashion that it cannot be discredited. We do it right, we do it with a set goal established and we meet that goal.

When that first instance is a documented success, they will come. Exactly like it is said in the movie “Field of Dreams”. “Build it and they will come”.

Mike, your work and the work of others is appreciated. I and many others agree with you in principle and there’s not a chance in hell it will have been for naught. Your place at the table of this Nations reconstruction is assured. There remains others who have similarly gave their all in the course of this fight for freedom so I ask… will you join us and them in uniting the voices of freedom and liberty or will you like many have chosen hold tenaciously onto the idea that yours is the only way we return this formerly great Nation to its rightful place at the table of peace and not war?

Gregg Todd and I have rededicated ourselves to making this a reality and the initial response is frankly overwhelming. Both of us will be joining as many talk shows as possible to get the message out and both will be taking a second seat to our own efforts to seek redress at the local level. We are working on the name and building the founding memberships who will be responsible for voting in the initial leadership team with its Board of Directors. This process will rapidly progress and we invite all who share our love of country to join the first and only such movement guaranteed to get the results we all seek.

We are the tremor that starts the avalanche.

God bless you and God bless America.


carl -alfred: Swensson

Greg Todd

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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