Oh…Oh….County Commissioners Caught with hands in the cookie jar?

This just in:

Is Your County Commissions Engaged in Fraud? Maybe you had better check.

Here is where this is going – its called Regionalism.  Several county administrations are merged and the elected officials are eliminated.  From that point forward, corporate officers, appointed by the governor (franchise manager)  make all decisions and any direct input from the people is eliminated…

TAXATION without representation!

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Subject: Re: ****************Listen.. The New Americans……. See how we are supporting and funding our own demise..********

But I must add…

I accept the founders gift as a complete package. No favoring any one amendment over another. To work, it all must be in place. To permit a separation into single elements achieves the basis on the divide and conquer strategy to which we have fallen victim.

We make ourselves Victims of the words of others….Sovereigns are directly connected to the creator. No third parties required.

But even more important, It must be recognized that, we as the people are the authority. we are the only lawful and legitimate authority.

And… It is through our limited delegated Authority, That we empower any other group or government agency strictly to perform the work from the people. They have no other legitimate authority to dictate to the people how we will live.

Consider if you will, all public servants are a employees…trustee’s of the public trust. Servants to the public.

Employees have no authority or power other than what was determined was required to perform the work of the people. We can easily see demonstrated, by the list below of the liberties and abuses by which our employees have violated their contract – their oath of office.

Now that we know… It is our responsibility to hold them accountable. And we do that by personally confronting them. We confront them with the truth… And giving them an opportunity to correct their criminal behavior, or take steps to remove them and consider prosecution or violation of their oath of office.

Employee can not make their own rules.

  • Employee can not create their own agencies.
  • Employee can not specify their own benefits.
  • Employee can not set their own compensation rate.
  • Employees cannot approve their own pay increases

The above being true…how did this system of the criminal cabal create itself?

They didn’t. And it does not exist today. Therefore it does not exist except in the minds of the naive and ignorant people who are victims of this scam.

So the bottom line is… Only because of a lack of understanding of the people, does the cabal control the American people. Like every other decision we have before us, we can end this at any time we wish.

Does this make sense to you? Please advise. Please contact me if you think I am in error! My contact information is below:





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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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