Are All 3100 County Commissions Misrepresenting Government Operations?

Voila_Capture 2015-06-23_02-45-15_PMI believe this will help clear up any misunderstandings as to who is running your show. I have located fourteen counties and cities that are using this method in Georgia but I’m certain this will be the case in ALL counties in one form or another. The people elect them, the attorneys hijack them and business continues unabated. If you think that’s bad, you should see what we’ve uncovered about the state judiciary, the courts, the State itself and your good friends the Attorneys. They will have regionalization and the complete dismantling of any Republican form of government. If this video doesn’t convince you its already here then may God have mercy on your intellectually challenged soul.

I give you the enemy within. Will you now come with me as we begin the process of arresting all those fraudulent criminals? I will be happy to lead the charge should no one be brave enough to volunteer but I’m sick and tired of watching Americans find every excuse they can muster up to avoid being put in harm’s way.

Fight for what’s right or enjoy your flight. All will be remembered for which side they now choose. Corporate slave handlers or American Patriots.

The choice has now been made simple,

carl alfred :Swensson

Georgia Public Purpose Corporation – The future of One World Government | Scanned Retina – A Resource for the People!

Here is where this is going – its called Regionalism.  Several county administrations are merged and the elected officials are eliminated.  From that point forward, corporate officers, appointed by the governor (franchise manager)  make all decisions and any direct input from the people is eliminated…

TAXATION without representation!



Los Angeles County Corporations

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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One Response to Are All 3100 County Commissions Misrepresenting Government Operations?

  1. prevere says:

    Currently, six brave souls will be joining me when we trek to both the Henry and Clayton County Sheriff’s offices to demand the arrest of the criminal imposters posing as the County Commission. It’s early and I hope many more will stand tall and stand with me in this ground breaking action to clean up the cesspool created by the NWO Globalists. Action always speaks louder than words.
    Will schedule the action to begin next week. to allow for as many as possible to be a part of this.

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