Flint, MI — Private Military Corporations — SHOCKED the locals. With No Consent of the Governed? Who the Hell is in Charge?

On Jun 7, 2015, at 12:35 PM, Robert Green <bojud@msn.com> wrote:

Something we may be facing without our consent. Are our local governments participating without our knowledge or consent? Isn’t it up to us to let our “alleged” leadership know we do not want to participate? Why does the military have to “practice” their actions on our streets? We are not like any so-called communities in other nations. So why practice here? Are we being deceived in order to actually take control of our lives in the name of practicing? I would hope that they honor their oaths to support and defend us from all enemies; both foreign and “domestic”. That they honor the 10 Unlawful Orders We Will Not Obey. If they are supposed to practice during the three month period, why are they in Flint, Michigan “practicing” now? Realistically, we are not Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, China, or Iran. So why this “exercise” here? Are we helping to prepare for our own demise? Those in power want to make America a socialist country; turn the people into what Hitler did in Germany. Divide and conquer. Go after the American patriots? Put us in the internment camps as part of the “practice”?

I’ve read where the six Walmart stores that were closed are possibly being prepared for processing people to be placed in those internment camps. What is truth and what are lies? And who is lying to whom? Wake up and start asking questions to your local governments. Did they consent? Were the citizens asked first if they want to participate? If told “NO”, will the military ignore them? Why is it that the “our” so-called representatives and senate members aren’t questioning any of this? So many unanswered questions. Please pass this on.


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Wanted to keep you in the loop

on this. You know JADE HELM

kicks of next month… but just

yesterday near Flint, MI the

military SHOCKED the locals.

Below is the eyewitness account

from the scene… you won’t believe




ONGOING reminder…

We’re still asking everyone

who sees our JADE HELM

DECODED report to participate

in the “Crowdsourced Reporting”

of the event by sharing your

own observations in the

comment section at this video:


Please keep sharing our emails and

videos. You are making a HUGE

difference when you do.

Thank you!

Forever Vigilant – Forever Free,

Gary Franchi

Executive Producer

Next News Network

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Sunday – link is below

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