The “New” Delaware Based Corporation

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Technically, the “new” corporation that emerged out of the ruins of the Civil War was a non-profit religious organization in form, created by the Roman Catholic Church and chartered in Delaware.

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There was a great deal of public discussion about the “new” Constitution at the time, with most of it centering around the 14th Amendment. However, the key facts — the most important facts— were scrupulously avoided.

The actual Constitution called The Constitution for the united States of America is a public document— the national trust indenture for the Federal United States, a commercial services contract, and a tri-lateral international treaty. What the rats put in place in 1868 was a different kind of document entirely— a corporate charter—under a deceptively similar name:: the Constitution of the United States of America. It is a completely private document and the organization it created was under private control.

Lacking the above information as to the nature of the document, any discussion that took place totally failed at “full disclosure” and if people had known the nature of the document and that it was a private corporate charter having no real affect on them (the Continental United States and its Citizens) such discussions as did take place either wouldn’t have occurred, or would have been addressed very differently.

If you go back to the newspapers and Congressional speeches of the day it is clear that there was a great deal of confusion even among members of Congress as to what this “Constitution” was and why it was “necessary”. The most common excuse given was that some States would refuse to give newly freed slaves citizenship and would use this as an excuse to abuse them and deny them property and freedom, etc., The whole fraud was introduced and discussed as a means of assuring the Negroes a valid form of citizenship that could not be denied by the various States.

That’s where you get the kinds of polemics I was addressing at the beginning of the discussion in this article. Many people still believe that the “National citizenship” created by the 14th Amendment was next to the Holy Grail and that such “federal” citizenship was a good and needed and fair-minded thing. In fact, as you can now see from its results, it was not fair and it was not a citizenship.

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Since the cabal physically owns the media we only are informed of what they would like us to know.



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