Hello Chris…

Thank you for this. Have you given this matter any thought as to what might be one more act to blow smoke up the kilts of the fine folks of Texas and appease those who are really ticked off across the Continental United States of America?


Is this the equivalent of throwing the wild dogs a bone. Or in other words…more smoke and mirrors.

Could this be one more “Feel Good,” emotional gesture by which the cabal is playing one more joke on us and in the end this gesture of “standing up to the bogey man” actually mean nothing in the final analysis?

Are we the people being systematically appeased and deceived as we have for the last 150 years?

I wonder…?

Considering the following….do you really believe the impostors in the Texas Legislators are really doing the right thing? If so…for whom? Let us face it they all work for the Queen and even she is not legit….

Of Course They Know….

ITNJ – Dean Clifford – Part 1

The following are some questions posed to judge Anna von Reitz of Alaska. I am currently editing the entire document and hope to have it available for review, in a few days, by all who may find interest in the subject matter. The final PDF will be available for download at the

18.  What establishes the area of jurisdiction of a self-made judge?

We are not “self-made” judges. We are judges from birth. The ability to judge and reason and to know right from wrong is an inherent attribute of humanity.

Jurisdiction of the land of our States and of the Continental United States is our common heritage derived from the Declaration of Independence and the creation of our National Trust and the international Treaties which followed the end of the Revolution.

We, civilian inhabitants of the land jurisdiction, inherit that jurisdiction at birth. There is no separate jurisdiction for Public Officials. This is a big misconception people have. They think that there is some special rights or ability conferred by Public Office, such as the ability of police officers to arrest people or the Judge’s ability to issue Orders. That’s incorrect. None of these Public Offices confer any “special” rights or abilities. A police officer is not allowed to do ANYTHING that a private citizen can’t do for themselves.

If it is illegal for you to trespass on private property, it is illegal for a policeman to trespass, too. If you can’t knock someone’s door in and taze them without cause, neither can a policeman.

Notice the provisions for Citizens’ Arrest? It is the same way with Judges operating on the land jurisdiction. They have no special power. All they need is a basic knowledge of the American Common Law and the Public Law, and they are competent to serve the Public Office. Do you know the Ten Commandments? Then you know the basics of the Common Law.

Is it against the Law to lie, steal, and murder? Can you answer such basic questions of Law? How do you think people handled peace keeping in the Old West? They elected a Justice of the Peace and Sheriffs and the Sheriffs then deputized men from the community to act as Deputies.

When someone rustled cattle and two or more men “of good character above the age of majority” were present to testify to the facts, they hung the rustlers from the nearest tree and that was that. That’s called “Summary Judgment”.

I examined the facts presented in the Timeline of the Great Fraud, determined and made Judgment from that the circumstance, and Declared the Law under Public Order.


Public Order with covers and details-2

Anyone in receipt is “Under the Law”. Those directly addressed— Congress, the President, the Joint Chiefs— are “placed” Under the Law—- the American Common Law of the Land Jurisdiction. They can no longer “assume” powers denied them and come onto our jurisdiction and romp around making presumptions of authority.

19.  Who enforces a common law jury’s actions?  Who enforces an action against them if they refuse to perform the duty of their office?

The community enforces judgments under Common Law. That is what is Common about it.

What you are mistaking is delegation of authority for authority itself. It is convenient to split up work tasks— police work, judge work, clerk work, record-keeping work—- so we “delegate” those responsibilities to people who want to do that work and it frees the rest of us from that responsibility. We hire them to work for the Public—for the community.

Okay, so, the people you see out there operating “courts” and “jails” and “recording offices” are all federal employees now, even the “State” employees are just employees of corporations acting as “States of States”—-not actual States on the Land—they are all incorporated Federal “States” operating in the jurisdiction of the sea.

As you can prove by the fact that they all have Dunn and Bradstreet Numbers, they are ALL private “governmental services corporations”—-not a single true public organization in the bunch, and certainly none that represents the land jurisdiction of your State.

ITNJ – Rod Class Identified the Corporations engaged in Fraud

So what has to happen? You have to educate people and step to the plate. Brick by brick. All sorts of “common” people have to step forward and exercise the “Common Law” and act in their Native jurisdiction on the land, where they are the Landlords.

They each have the right and the duty to tell these corporate lackeys working for a foreign government–the Federal United States– where to get off the bus. With enough people doing this, the logic of it kicks in, the history becomes known, and the position of the “governmental agencies” gets knocked down to proper perspective.

When the Continental United States exercises its jurisdiction on the land, the Federal United States has no choice but to scamper back where it belongs and tend to its own knitting, because otherwise it won’t get paid.

20.   Where is the law supporting the Public Order, and all its details including the postal stamp in the upper left corner?

The Law is the Public Law of the land, including the actual Constitution, the US Statutes at Large, the Laws of the States on the Land, and of course, the Maxims of Law and the Ten Commandments. If you can read, you can exercise the Public Law underlying the Public Order.

Look at the documents in front of your face. What do they say? I have become aware of the fraud described in the Timeline. I have examined the Public Records and determined the facts of the matter.

I am declaring the Public Law according to the Law of the Land—in other words, here is what the Public Law of the land jurisdiction says about this circumstance— officers of the Federal United States, here are your walking orders, duties, and limitations.

This Public Order is issued under the jurisdiction of the Continental United States— the land jurisdiction, so all signatures, seals, etc., appear in red.

Red ink = land jurisdiction, blue ink = sea jurisdiction, gold ink = air jurisdiction.

The Postage Stamp is used to “ship and insure” the document into the foreign jurisdiction of the Federal United States.

Washington, DC a separate jurisdiction similar to the City of London and the Vatican.

It is issued by a Postmaster of the Land (we are all postmasters on the land) and addressed to employees of the Federal United States working under contract to provide Public Services but not occupying Public Offices, informing them of their limitations and obligations.

The cancelled stamp on the front of the document provides $100,000,00 bond to the postmaster issuing it under the Universal Postal Union conventions. My thumbprint is used as the Court Seal because I am operating the Court with full liability—no corporate veil.

NOTICE – PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015


In the service of the creator.

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On Apr 24, 2015, at 10:58 PM, Christopher Summers <> wrote:

please post arnie

Subject: BRAVO! Texas SCR1 Resolution acts as a cease or desist order to the feds!!

THANK GOD! ……..Let’s see if the so called media, will cover this.

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