Florida Citizens abandon Honor and Justice? Week 33 – Report – Corrupt Judges and Prosecutors acting in Fraud?

Week 33 – Report

There are approximately 370,000 to 400,000 franchise employees impersonating lawful federal and state government workers identified as criminals. All are employed by the Washington DC franchise posing as the lawful government of the lawful inhabitants of of the Continental united States and Florida.

Considering there are about 20,000,000 people living in Florida, that is one crook to about 56 Floridians. So the question must be asked why 56 Floridians to each possibly armed criminal, is tolerated?

Excuse me… But what a pathetic commentary on the ethics, morality, and civic responsibility to support the rule of law by the people of Florida!

Is it possible… That even  a representative number of the 20 million people, can ignore such a blatant abuse of civil rights of a man doing his lawful job? How can the people of Florida just stand by and permit these open and shut cases of fraud and other criminal abuses be perpetrated against a citizen who is following the law?

How can this be? Do the people fail to realize, this could be any one of them in this trumped up and manipulated situation?   That every day, scores of citizen are being   Victims of extortion, abused and intimidated by these  lawless pirates who have come ashore in Florida.

Well let us just clarify that the people perpetrating these crimes… And that’s what they are… Criminal acts; not political acts, crimes which call for law enforcement to honor their oath of office and step up and arrest and prosecute the perpetrators.

It matters not that they are impersonating lawful public servants, it matters not that they are impersonating a judge or impersonating a prosecutor. The plane truth is they are openly committing crimes! And the County Sheriff of Dixie County is the first one responsible, as a constitutional officer, directly elected by the people, as the executive officer of the county – to take proper enforcement action.

But in light of the failure of the sheriff to properly discharge his duties as dictated by the law, then it becomes the duty and responsibility of the citizens of Dixie County to enforce the law!

You can not… In good conscience, permit this travesty of justice to continue! May I strongly encourage you to review the report below and then take responsibility for your community and get off your duff and go to work!   Every citizen of Florida deserves to be treated properly.  And it is up to all the citizens of Florida to ensure the law is followed.

From an old man who knows nothing…




Voila_Capture 2015-04-23_03-12-14_AM.jpg

As of today, April 21, 2015, it has been more than 33 weeks since Terry and Marie Trussell’s lives were turned upside down by Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit. To think, in America, land of the free, home of the brave, any of America’s People, especially ones who have lived their entire lives, working, building, and striving to be a positive influence in their community, could fall victim to the very system they have helped pay to maintain, is confounding to any reasonable mind.

It’s been just a few days shy of a year, since Terry proudly and dutifully assumed the role as Foreman of the Dixie County Grand Jury, when he swore “…that you will diligently inquire into all matters put in your charge and you will make true presentments of your findings…”. And on that day, there was no way Terry and Marie could have foreseen how their lives would be destroyed by the very system they worked so hard to support.

Terry, a man who has served his country in war, and who has never been arrested in his life, is being threatened by the court with spending the rest of his life in prison—for what? Signing a document that contained allegations of public corruption and asking the Sheriff to do his duty? This disastrous misuse of the People’s money, the egregious abuse of our so-called ‘justice system’ and its impact on the Trussell’s and their community, is nothing compared to the destruction that awaits the system, itself.

What the court stands to lose in the ‘STATE v Trussell’ case is so much more than just a conviction. When looked at closely, STATE has no case. What the court risks in the Trussell prosecution is exposure of its fraud, the depth and breadth of its corruption, and the abject failure of the system to protect the very People it is supposed to serve—not just in how the court process is manipulated in favor of the STATE, but in its wide-spread fabrication of non-crimes for the purpose of enslaving many of Florida’s People and plundering their treasure. All in an effort to cover the crimes of public officials.

Using a man-made ‘law’, Florida Statute 843.0855, (which has already been challenged and proven defective in its violation of the US Constitution’s First Amendment) Trussell is being forced to defend himself against STATE’s fourteen, third-degree felony counts, for simply doing his job to the best of his ability, while diligently following the Court’s instructions to the letter.

STATE’s only ‘evidence’ in its persecution of the Trussells amounts to no more than the inane ramblings of an FDLE Investigator, making vague references to things he ‘believes’ Trussell intended, without any offer of proof, fact, or corroboration. Even the court official who certified the Investigator’s statement, concluded probable cause was ‘not sufficient’ in the document, thereby invalidating any force the Investigator’s statement could have.

Non-evidence supporting a non-crime, used to persecute a man and his wife for doing only what they were asked by the People of Dixie County. No one has come forward with any claim of injury caused by anything the Trussell’s have done, no victim is asking STATE for relief, so how can there be a crime?

STATE claims a rule was broken, but offers no proof. Can simple allegations stand as evidence ample to take the Trussell’s lives from them? They have already suffered irreparable and devastating injury through stress, forfeiture of standing in the community they tried to defend, and distressing financial loss, all at the hands of STATE. What meager savings they had, and funds they have been forced to borrow will soon be gone through attorney’s fees, court costs, bail bonds, and other expenses related to defending themselves from STATE’s unjustified assaults.

The Trussell’s costs aside, the question must be asked: ‘What is it really costing the People of Florida for corrupt officials to persecute the Trussells?    # # #

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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