No Marco – Fred Herndon

On Apr 15, 2015, at 4:23 PM, Fred Herndon <> wrote:


No Marco
I voted for you as a Senator here in Florida.
You and the GOP have rattled your saber about a bid to Be President many times.
While searching the Obama BC issue, I find that he was created from the Birth Certificate of Virginia Sunahara, Hawaii, born August 4, 1961 and passed August 5th 1961 from Respiratory problems. The BC of a dead person is supposedly open to the public., This one has been hidden by the GOV of Hawaii (a commie), and last round, by FUDDY who was subpoenaed about the BC, and has since gone missing in the deep. Typical scenario for the Obama Regime.
While on the chase, I also searched your background in reference to Minor V. Happersat (the case that was hidden for a few years on purpose). It seems that your Father applied for citizenship in 1975 and you were born in 1971. The dates to not make Your Father a Natural Born Citizen, or even a citizen in time for you to qualify as the President.
I have asked you this question several times by EMAIL and you have ignored me, never giving an answer. WOULD YOU EVEN COME CLOSE TO making a good president! Or will you continue to be a BUSH Clone which is not good for any American patriot!
No answer suggest I vote elsewhere than GOP.
Fred Herndon
PS: I am the same Herndon from Florida that sent the entire House and Senate a message after HOFFA and OBAMA referred to CONSERVATIVES as Sons of Bitches in 2011 – Labor Day – Detroit. I watched that episode.
Would you believe that out of 7000 emails on that subject, only 7 Politicians responded.
So, Mr. Rubio, I vet you as not being qualified. You may refer to me as that Sons of a Bitch from Florida. It seems that is a Politically Correct statement as of the current Presidency.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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