Sheriff “ELECTED” Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the County; Reports directly to the people!

On Apr 14, 2015, at 10:37 AM, Steve Curry <> wrote:

April 14, 2015


Reference: Case #12M265 [NOW DISMISSED FOR CAUSE]

Good Morning, Sheriff Lewis;

I hope you will not mind my inviting a few guests.  Thank You!

As fair Public Notice & warning, the Mesa County Court Clerk will be in receipt of the attached documents as of this morning.

As a preview of these of documents;

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, you, as the County Sheriff, are falsely defined as an “Officer of the Court,” which is, actually, an irony of sorts.

As the “ELECTED” Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the County, you have your own lawful & Constitutional court, as in being the “Justice of the Peace,” and NOT of WAR(!!!), and you are NOT, according Colorado HB 10-1062, a “member of the judiciary,” but rather, a true & genuine “government officer,” and a “public officer” for the People!

As you’ve been informed in my earlier submissions, “members of the judiciary” are NOT “government agents,” “government employees,” or “public officers,” pursuant to the Colorado Constitution!

As such, there is NOT a single order, rule, or judgment, issued by any “member of the judiciary,” that is lawfully binding upon you as the Sheriff!

These “members of the judiciary,” as defined under Law, as well as statute, are merely officers, crewmen, and employees, of an “Enfranchised, Private, Foreign, For-Profit, Corporation, whose Corporate Headquarters are in the CITY OF LONDON, ENGLAND!

As such, these “members of the judiciary,” a.k.a. “Merchants of Just-us,”  have NO lawful jurisdiction, power, or authority, over you as Mesa County’s Sheriff………..None, whatsoever!

Having restated these important FACTS, the Court Clerk, who is your subordinate, under Law & statute, MUST notify you of their receipt of these documents, yet, she may be under orders from Mr. Henderson, or other “administrators,” whom invoke “judicial discretion,” as in “special master,” NOT to inform you of any of the specifics, as has been the case on several previous occasions.

Wherever you hear of “judicial discretion” being exercised, it is the invocation of this “special master” over his alleged jurisdiction, whether subject matter, personal, or territorial!  This “special master” is self-appointing!

The problem, Mr. Lewis, is when the administrator self-appoints himself, or herself as a “special master,” what he/she is “PROCLAIMING,” is a “MASTER-SLAVE” relationship!!

Simply put, Sir, “SLAVERY,” as in “INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE,” is, both, illegal & unlawful within & on the Land of the Continental uNited States of America, and has been so since 1865!!

These “MERCHANTS OF SLAVERY, then, may NOT, under any circumstances, permitted under the Laws of Land to practice their trade!

These “MERCHANTS of WAR,” who are NOW charged with acts of “SLAVERY,” are violating their sworn Oaths of Office, and when convicted, SHALL face the Death Penalty!!  

Again, Mr. Henderson, Mr. Hautzinger, and the other “Officers of the Court,” have failed to honorably disclose to you their true identities & allegiances to their foreign principle(s), as in the CROWN, which are all violations of their alleged Oaths of Office, which, as we know, are all false & fabricated documents to begin with!

Having come into Commercial DISHONOR & DEFAULT, there is a $36 Billion “Obligation/Salvage Lien,” which has been levied against the “H.M.S. MESA COUNTY COMBINED COURTS,” a.k.a. “a British Military/Merchant Vessel,” and is being filed with their Principle and their insurance/bonding agents.

Additional $Multi-Million “Obligation/Salvage Liens” are in process, and will be filed against this “foreign vessel’s” officers & crew for their individual acts of TREASON against the state, and against the Continental uNited States of America.

The greater portion of these funds, which CANNOT be denied, will be returned to the peaceful inhabitants of Mesa County, and their lawful government agencies, providing these agencies, and their agents, are in full compliance with the law!

Imagine, Sir, no more budgetary shortfalls, and no more crawling to your County Commissioners, no more unlawful civil forfeitures, or issuing statutory citations, to fund your operations!!  This could, very easily, be the case, providing you allow yourself to see the bigger picture!

So, Sir, herein lies a tremendous opportunity for you to act under your lawful authority, and to exercise your right to be fully informed of the material facts & evidence.

At this, Sir, I will leave you to research these documents, and I shall leave you with a related links for your review, perusal, and consideration.*8vkpTWxZNW8GKjQICz3U9mBriM9TV9q0uswS9r-jR70CoLN70FOimCI3ZjGHJjdu9s-Hgifo9eHxrVmOHVirSTGq/THEPEOPLESDECLARATIONTOREVOKEANDABOLISH.pdf

My Very Best to You, Sir!  Have a Great Day!

Private Patent & eState of Steven Duane Curry; “House of Curry”

Steven Duane Curry; “Juris Privati & sui juris”

All Rights Reserved © 2015 – Status quo ante bellum

POSTSCRIPT: If you find you are in need of any additional information, or incentive to assist you in fully comprehending these important matters, I will refer you back to your Oath of Office, the State & US Constitutions, and to UCC Article 2 ℇ 104-107.


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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