Urgent Warning – This is a global Matter!



Nebraska and the entire corp US.

This needs to be re-opened and investigated by the people.


Boys Town

Little did he know, that powers to be in this seemingly corrupt Midwest state, would block every move to bring the case forward and that even the media would serve as a partner in the crime of coverup. As it turns out one of the suspects worked in the upper echelon of a daily newspaper that served as a tool for discrediting victim testimony.

Victims who came forward were persecuted; one key witness would testify in mid stride that he made up his allegations. A female victim who stuck to her story of years of rape and sex abuse at the hands of top officials in Lincoln, Nebraska, was convicted of perjury and sentenced to 15 years in prison.


Randy Due – A Quest for a Just Society! – Summary of crimes against Humanity

Pillars of the Community – Mr. John D. Ferguson

John D. Ferguson

CASS COUNTY, NE – A Conflict of interest? Attn: CCA CEO, Barbara Wohlers | Scanned Retina Resource

For Profit Prisons – CCA Contracts Keep Prisons Full and Profits Up – A government PPO?

CCA says its political contributions are an essential way for them to get involved in the political process and assert their agenda:[130]

“At CCA, we believe that participation process is an important and appropriate part of our partnership relations efforts. We must education federal, state, and local officials on the benefits of partnership corrections, CCA’s ability to assist them in meeting their corrections needs and our track record of success.”

According to CRP, the top recipients of contributions from CCA in 2014 (as of August) were:[131]



Political Connections

CCA has had a close relationship with government officials from its inception: CCA-co-founder Tom Beasley was a former government official in Tennessee and Don Hutto headed prison systems in Arkansas and Virginia. Several of CCA’s board members as of August 2014 previously served in state and federal government positions: John D. Ferguson served as Commissioner of Finance and Administration for the state of Tennessee. Donna Alvarado holds several appointments in Ohio government related to higher education and economic policy. Thurgood Marshall, Jr. was a Cabinet Secretary under President Bill Clinton.[132]

CCA Leavenworth, KS. Staff Violates Randy Due’s Civil Rights




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