The root of the problem…The engine is revving but Are we still locked in park?

So many patriots seem fixed in the educational mode.  They are so busy sharing e-mails and videos that the American spectator mode, which was laid upon us by our enemies, is perpetuated.  Rarely do we see or hear solutions of how to fix the problems.  Frankly, it is beginning to appears few care to address that problem.

Judge Napolitano addresses that following:

It is not my place to speak for James.  But from what I can tell, James spends most of his time exposing what he believes is the root of our problem; the Zionists.  And of course he has that right.

What is funny is I am sure he is right.  And I have no problem with that acknowledgement.

But in my view, other than picking up the basics of how we got into this predicament, for people just learning the truth, continuing to ferret out the finite details of how the bankers and the rest of the Congressional vermin manipulated the people from the beginning of our nation, does little to nothing to bring resolution.

We must take immediate steps to confront the ongoing criminal acts being perpetrated by the current members of the fraudulent impostor corporations.  Corporations mostly under the control of the British Crown (The Zionists) which are posing as our lawful government.

Public Notice: It is in your hands America; The Continental American Inhabitant!

In an effort to encourage James to shift from educating mode to advocating action mode, I expressed what I considered as my objective in resolving this situation.  We need to engage our local politicians who are the ones closest to us and who are operating against the interests of Americans whether they know it or not.  It is our duty and responsibility to educated them, convert them to de jure or replace them.

Here is my mission defined in the most basic terms:

Depending on where an individual resides, the solution lies in confronting and converting your local politicians to de jure or remove them.  That disables the municipal, county and state control which in turn disables the Washington DC Control which in turns eliminates the threat to Continental America and reestablishes the Republic which is sitting right where it has always been…intact and vacant.

Let us not make this any more complicated than this needs to be.  I have no idea, nor do I believe you or anyone else really knows who is behind this at most upper level.  It can be the Zionists…or the Kazarians, or even the Jesuits…or Rockefeller or the Bushes.  It does not matter and has no effect on the most immediate solution.

The challenge was presented to James to demonstrated how spending all of this time on repeating old history and pointing to generalized named groups like the Zionist would solve our dilemma?


OK so you have identified the root.  Thank you James!!!  I am convinced…it is the Zionists.  Now what?

In 30 words or less James…now you know who is responsible…tell us how you will use this information to fix the problem?  What exactly are you proposing we do?


Here is the reality and the bottom line for me….

James seems to think this is about him.  OK…so he is entitled to think in that manor.  So what is all of this to me?  As a fellow sovereign, we have an obligation to help each other get this matter resolved…and quickly as possible.

Many believe, and I agree…we are running out of time.   One of the solutions we must accomplish is education.  And to that point…I will applaud the work James is doing.  But at the same time…we must begin to train people on what to do with the information we are providing.  And that is the sum and substance of my issue with the manor in which James is approaching our problem.  Providing education without solutions to use the information achieves NOTHING!

Of course I recognize I am no different than any other sovereign.  And certainly James, as does everyone else, have the right to ignore, accept or reject anything I offer.  But ignoring dealing with the truth through evasion and attempting to twist and turn the language in an effort to avoid facing the truth is totally unacceptable.

If I didn’t think this point was important to the success of our mission…I would not be pursuing it.  James has as much right as anyone to do as they see fit.

My interest in James though was he seems to be a brilliant man with a lot to contribute.  I just recognize my obligation to our society not to waste resources at a time like this.

And to my fellow sovereigns, my thanks for the Patience you have displayed with me on this matter.  In the end I hope everything works out to the best of all of us.



On Apr 9, 2015, at 4:46 PM, James <> wrote:

Go in peace Arnie.. I have concluded you are not sincere or serious about getting to the root of the problem..

You are just interested in discrediting me..  Over the Months I have sent you enough information, links, book titles, documents to prove the root of the problems.. I see it has been a waste of my time..   I have always said that what I write is for the thinkers and doers and those who are truly sincere about getting to the foundation of America’s problems….  You waste my time, because all you want to do is criticize and condemn anyone who  goes to the roots.. You want to protect the roots of this tree of evil.. .. I have ideas on what to do to make this a better world, but it is not for you my cynical and sarcastic friend.. Go back to sleep!


—–Original Message—– 


Sent: Apr 9, 2015 4:21 PM 

To: James 

Subject: Re: California Water Department Now Using Newly-Installed Smart Meters To Track And Prosecute 


Well James…


I am sorry to conclude you have no solution.  Same for those accusations you made. 

Thank you for expressing your views.  Everyone is entitled.  I appreciate your honesty and sincerity. 


Now you can return to chasing the ghosts of the Zionists while your local politicians eat your lunch.



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On Apr 9, 2015, at 4:09 PM, James <> wrote:


That”s for you to figure out my friend..  I thought I would leave that one to you, now that you understand the root of our problem.. I think it is as plain as the nose on your face..   I would like to see your 30 words or less Arnie,  Please put it in a form we can all assimilate and use..   Keep it simple..  Maybe we are in position to agree on something??

—–Original Message—–


Sent: Apr 9, 2015 3:53 PM

To: James

Subject: Re: California Water Department Now Using Newly-Installed Smart Meters To Track And Prosecute


OK so you have identified the root.  Thank you James!!!  I am convinced…it is the Zionists.  Now what?

In 30 words or less James…now you know who is responsible…tell us how you will use this information to fix the problem?  What exactly are you proposing we do?


On Apr 9, 2015, at 3:29 PM, James <> wrote:

Wow, Arnie you are starting to think some..  Now who do you think created the liberals, conservatives, communists ……etc….?????    you are getting close…  You still need to dig deeper and stop being a “apologist” for these masters of deceit..  If you stand for truth as you say you do you will start looking a the larger picture..  By the way sarcasm and cynicism is usually used by  the ignorant to frame their arguments when they run out of substance…  Keep digging and all of a sudden all of the lights will come on…  if you are a true seeker of the truth..   I am rooting for your awakening..  I know it is very hard to face ones ignorance, I had to do this about 35 years ago.. It is amazing what happens when one surrenders all of their false pride and ego and admits “i know nothing” .. Get on your knees and ask to be shown the truth and it will set you free and we will no longer have to have these silly exchanges.. It is your responsibility to do your own research and satisfy yourself…   I have sent you so much information over the past about how I came to know and understand what I have come to know as truth..  It is up to you to look and understand the root of our problems..    


—–Original Message—–


Sent: Apr 9, 2015 3:02 PM

To: James

Subject: Re: California Water Department Now Using Newly-Installed Smart Meters To Track And Prosecute


Of course the zionists are all around us.  So are the communists.  And the liberals.  And the conservatives.

There are enough of us who understand who is behind this to some extent.  What we need is solutions!  Solutions that the regular man on the street can deal with.  And at this point we will let you go chase the Zionists. the meantime…since you have so much experience in dealing with this provide us all with the benefit of your extensive research and lay out in great detail and in plain english how you propose to fix our problems with that information.  What precisely is your plan of action?

Oh…by-the-way…did I miss your evidence of my protecting the Zionist Agenda?  Surely out of the 3300 plus docs you must have found something to report…


On Apr 9, 2015, at 2:27 PM, James <> wrote:

The signs of the Zionists are all around.. And if you do some simple research you will see how the Jesuits have been trained..  


—–Original Message—–


Sent: Apr 9, 2015 2:22 PM

To: James

Subject: Fwd: California Water Department Now Using Newly-Installed Smart Meters To Track And Prosecute

But no sign of the Zionists…or the Jesuits…but no doubt James is correct at that level.

But if we can’t deal with the local impostors, good luck with the global control system.  Go get ’em James.

United Nation’s Agenda 21 Smart Water Meters – Right under our noses.

And who installed them?  In my case…under contract to my and your local city council.  And they installed them and never said a word.

Yes….Chemtrails are real.


Begin forwarded message:

Date: April 9, 2015 at 2:04:49 PM PDT

From: James <>

Reply-To: James <>


Subject: California Water Department Now Using Newly-Installed Smart Meters To Track And Prosecute

“Oh, people is there not anything you will not believe?”… Adam Weishaupt , Jewish Jesuit Priest, Illuminati founder and a Rothschild Agent…. Should tell us something about what is going on in this country! 

Now if you can not see the agenda behind the Smart meters and the NWO/ Zionist Governor, Jerry Brown.. You deserve what you get… “Fining you for long showers….??” This is all part of their agenda to see if you will just go along to get along..  Research tells us this is all a  ploy by the state.. more control to get you to accept their draconian controls in your homes…  All in the name of the greater good??  Good for Who? What?This connects the dots to the NWO? Elite/Zionist/Illuminati Agenda..  Think America Think!!    AmericAwake JT  

California Water Department Now Using Newly-Installed Smart Meters To Track And Prosecute

by Geoffrey Grider

“We are using it specifically for an enforcement tool to go after those customers who we’ve gotten lots of complaints about,” Wattier said.

Over the past two years, NTEB has brought you numerous stories about the drastic loss of privacy associated with the installation of smart meters to control water and electric services. But as you will see, they are really just about control.

  — Water authorities are using a new tool in a major effort to crack down on people and businesses wasting water in light of new water restrictions issued by Gov. Jerry Brown to fight the drought.

The Long Beach Water Department says sprinklers at a McDonald’s restaurant on Bellflower Boulevard went on for 45 minutes at a time, twice a night, for an undefined number of nights. Complaints continued to mount as water pooled and wasted. The department, however, could do little about the wasting.

The smart meters, created by a company called Innov8, cost $300. They connect to Verizon’s wireless network and upload statistics about water use every few minutes; that information can show the frequency and length of time a homeowner is watering their lawn, or help identify a leak or other issue.

That was before the smart meter.

Since its installation in February, Long Beach Water Department General Manager Kevin Wattier says he saw an immediate spike by tens of thousands of gallons, each time McDonald’s overwatered their property.

It collects the data every five minutes, then after midnight, the cellphone that’s built in here comes on, makes one call, and calls it in to the database that we and the customer, through a password security system, have online access to their consumption,” Wattier said.

“The accuracy is just incredible, because we get the data the next day.”

Using this data, Wattier knew the precise moment to send his employees to videotape the infractions to use as evidence.

“We are using it specifically for an enforcement tool to go after those customers who we’ve gotten lots of complaints about,” Wattier said. Wattier says he believes the smart meter will be used in both businesses and homes to track water waste across Southern California. source


Governor Brown: “Californians Will Be Heavily Fined For Long Showers”…

by sundance

(Via Breitbart) Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) said Californians will face heavy fines for taking long showers.

Brown said, “This executive order is done under emergency power. It has the force of law. Very unusual. It’s requiring action and changes in behavior from the Oregon border all the way to the Mexican border. It affects lawns. It affects people’s — how long they stay in the shower. How businesses use water.” (more)

“Some people have a right to more water than others”…

Carly Fiorina Talks About California’s Self-Created Water Crisis

by sundance


(Via The Blaze) Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said Monday that California’s water crisis is the result of “liberal environmentalists” who are “willing to sacrifice other people’s lives and livelihoods at the altar of their ideology.”
“With different policies over the last 20 years, all of this could be avoided,” Fiorina said on Glenn Beck’s radio program. “Despite the fact that California has suffered from droughts for millennia, liberal environmentalists have prevented the building of a single new reservoir or a single new water conveyance system over decades during a period in which California’s population has doubled.”

Fiorina said that as a result, 70 percent of California’s rainfall “washes out to sea” year after year.

“How is it possible that we don’t hear that story on the news at all?” Beck demanded.
“Isn’t that interesting?” Fiorina responded. “It is a man-made disaster. California is a classic case of liberals being willing to sacrifice other people’s lives and livelihoods at the altar of their ideology. It is a tragedy.”
Fiorina said Congress also has the power to ease some of the water restrictions for farmers, but the restrictions remain in place to protect certain forms of wildlife.

“In California, fish and frogs and flies are really important — far more important apparently than the 40 percent unemployment rate in certain parts of central valley,” Fiorina said. “So the Senate and the president could waive some of those water restrictions. They have been asked to do so, and they have refused to do so.” (read more)


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