Everything is the white man’s fault – Thanks to the corp. fraud obama!

Public Notice: It is in your hands America; The Continental American Inhabitant!


On Apr 9, 2015, at 1:02 PM, Carl Paladino <carl@carlpaladino.com> wrote:

Is there such a thing as 100% plus? Because you are 100% plus CORRECT!

Rod Watson is the poster boy for racism. Everything is the white man’s fault- And I’m sure the teachers and administrators that were found guilty of racketeering this past week, (ALL Black people), was due to racism. Try being responsible for your own actions.

Rod, you, and people like you, are one of the reasons that young blacks will never get off of the “hand out” system.

Ben Carson is a gifted black gentleman who grew up in a single parent home. He is currently in the presidential race. I will vote for him if he is on the ballot in 2016. I am white, if I am a racist- why would I vote for a black man? Because he has the same values I believe in!

Jessie and Al are the people that keep the minority in poverty. Never worked a real job in their lives. Anyone of color who disagrees is considered an Uncle Tom!

Young Black kids in the city are as intelligent and gifted as any white student. Why do they stifle their efforts to be successful by feeding them the race card?

Get a real job, Rod, and quit being a victim.


Craig Zielin


Dawn Bracely, John Neville, Rod Watson and Warren Colville:Dawn and Rod this is for writers like you who don’t get it.  You are missing a great opportunity to help minority children held captive in a failed school system implanted in the cycle of poverty.  Why wouldn’t you support real education no matter what the vehicle (charter schools, SEED schools, neighborhood schools, vouchers, tax credits, etc.) for all the kids.  What is wrong with you people?  Are you tone deaf?  Do you just put the blinders on and support the minority women on the Board who have no plan and demand the failed status quo?  Why can’t you see what everyone else in the community sees– that the African American Board members have no interest in helping educate the children?  They only seek self -empowerment.  Most were elected in a ridiculous separate election in May by a couple hundred union and political activist voters who happen to show up on Election Day.  There are no brain surgeons amongst them.  It was on their watch, complicit with Phil Rumore, that the system decayed.  For how long are we to keep doing the same thing waiting for a miracle from heaven?  When do we get a sense of urgency?  Are we just going to sit back and let another generation of poverty stricken kids get swept into the drain? 

John Neville, you are very wrong and clueless about the issue of a national search.  We tried that three times and each was a complete failure.  Bringing in a stranger with no institutional history or knowledge is illogical.  There is no magic with people from somewhere else.  They are just a bunch of carpetbaggers soaking up big bucks and waiting to be run out of town when earnest people rise up.  The change necessary to reform our schools is not written in a book by some liberal academic.  It’s all about a real and respected leader with intestinal fortitude taking charge and bringing discipline and a recognition that you can’t use the same people who created the dysfunction to correct the dysfunction-, something that Don Olgilvie was advised to do but didn’t have the stomach for the job.  He was more interested in being loved by 9 Board members than really doing something to change the way things were done in the past.


Warren, you live in this community. Get rid of your racist and clueless writers. It was on their watch that the system failed.  They are incapable of change. They only further demean your already marginalized paper.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the News was actually a contributor to the efforts to reform our dysfunctional school system?




You are NOT a Racist for Doing These Things

Written on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 by David L. Goetsch

The most overused, misused, and even abused word in the English language these days is the term “racist.” Ironically, the upsurge in the use of this most distasteful of pejoratives

Read more at http://patriotupdate.com/articles/you-are-not-a-racist-for-doing-these-things/&#8230;..Read more at http://patriotupdate.com/articles/you-are-not-a-racist-for-doing-these-things/




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