It IS you…It always has been! NOW ASSUME YOUR ROLE!

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Judge Anna to a military officer (ret)

Colonel– it is obviously a surprise to you that there is more than one “United States” but having been apprised of that FACT and now being told point blank that it has ALWAYS been that way since the beginning of this nation, it should NOT surprise you to know that there are two entities that are states, too– one state known as the Alaska State that holds jurisdiction in the land and another state– a “Federal State” holding the jurisdiction on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waters.

You may have done great things in your career, but so have I and if you wish to have your questions and concerns addressed you must apply yourself to learning new information and acting with appropriate respect for both the jurisdiction of the land and the civil authority of those who inhabit it.

If I were the lowest, most ignorant American left standing on this Continent I would STILL exercise more civil authority on the land than the ENTIRE “federal government” and the American Militia and the U.S. Army would STILL be getting their pay checks from and still be answerable to me.

Not because I am a lawful judge. Not because I am a scholar. But simply because I am an American Civilian inhabiting the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States.

Now you can complain about the way our Forefathers constructed this nation with the land in control of the Americans and the sea in control of the British, but it made sense at the time and if we want to change it now it will require new Treaty negotiations with both the British Monarch and the City-State of Westminster.

Until that time, we work with what exists and exercise our authority and jurisdiction according to The Constitution for the uinited States of America–the original and only equity contract that links us to the Federal United States at all.

While your feet are standing on my ground, Sir, you will respect your position and I will respect the jurisdiction of the sea only so long as they respect civil authority– by which I mean American authority on the land, not a bunch of British pirates.

PS.  The reason you can’t find the Alaska State Superior Court is that you aren’t looking in the right place.  You have to go back to 1959 and the Alaska Statehood Compact.  That’s where everyone has to go to find their LAWFUL Court System— to the founding documents of their state or commonwealth. And then, they have to operate their own LAWFUL Court System without help from any Bar Attorneys, because the “constitution” the States on the Land operate under — that is, the actual Constitution instead of the corporate fake— has an Amendment called the Titles of Nobility Amendment which prohibits all Bar Members from holding any public office including “judge”.

Furthermore, if you want proof of what I am telling you, go get a book of “State” Statutes—- any book of State Statutes in any “State” you please, and look at the inside page and you will see a copyright.

A private copyright.

Ever heard of the “Public Domain” — “Colonel”?

Public documents cannot be copyrighted.

They are operating private courts and pretending that they are public courts right under your red nose.

They are pretending to be judges authorized under The Constitution of this country when they are nothing but lackeys operating private in-house corporate tribunals “as if” they represented the government owed the people of this country.  They are the fakes.  I am the genuine article.

And furthermore, as I informed you last night— under the “Last Man Standing Rule” —- even if I were the most ignorant mule-skinner left on this Continent, I would still have more civil authority to act as a judge or in any other public office than the ENTIRE “federal government”.

Wake to hell up and smell the cordite.


Judge Anna regarding Jade Helm:

Jade Helm AND much of what the U.S. Army has done and failed to do for the better part of 150 years smells to high heaven to me, “Colonel”—- I now understand that you are not actually a colonel or any kind, retired or otherwise, but have merely adopted that name as a nom de guerre.

No doubt that is why you think everyone else is acting in a nominal or fabricated capacity.

The people of this nation have every right to defend themselves and they will do so. If the current “corporate” Army wishes to engage them in a Civil War for profit, they will have no trouble incurring resistance— however much death and damage such a perverse action would create for the innocent people and land— it would be immediately recognized as a criminal act by a mercenary army by the entire world (177 nations) and it would be ruthlessly suppressed by the rest of the world and the long-suffering but well-armed inhabitants of the Continental United States.

The rats in DC have got a big problem.  They have been identified as a criminal regime operated by international banks, not by the people of this nations.  The rest of the world now knows that the British Crown, the Rothschilds, and the British Monarch have used and abused the American People and the American National Trust as a Bully Boy to create war for profit and odious debt for more than a century.  As a result, they are between a rock and a hard place.

You may tell them that for me.

And I, by the way, am not operating under a fake name.  My actual given name is Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger-von Reitzensten von Lettow-Vorbeck, which, by the time government bureaucrat got done with it was for “government purposes” officially reduced down to the nickname “Anna Maria Riezinger” for obvious reasons.  I am nonetheless very real, well-documented and pissed off by pretenders like you who talk big and otherwise fail to come to the table.



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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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