Like the rest of the scam on the American people you spout nothing but Bullshit.

Like Alice in Wonderland, the fraud on the people is the only thing that is real.  Everything else from the beginning of this nation has been built on perverted lies and man-made concepts designed to deceive and defraud the people.

In reality…before the creator…nothing of a man-made concept exists.  Nothing exists unless we as individual sovereigns say it exists.  Flat out Wolf, there are no statutes that apply to the people.  They are for the corporate environment created under conditions that were not approved by the governed. So you and those who are perpetrating this myth and fraud on the people shall take notice that we are no longer in the dark.


Man…woman…children…people…politicians…Lawyers…Judges…members of Clergy…all are on the same level of authority—innocence and guilt.

If we the people of America and of this planet wish to live in a JUST SOCIETY…a JUST WORLD, then it is up to us to make the decisions of what is acceptable and what is not.  In that respect, each participant has equal say—And an equal vote.  But the votes will be counted by the people not their servants.

  • Changing the rules of the job assignment is a responsibility that remains with the people.  Not the employees.
  • Granting special benefits and other exceptions to the employees is the right of the people to decide; not the employees.
  • Changing e-mail access to forms is a decision that is the responsibility of the people; not the hired hands.
  • Creating new agencies is the right of the governed to decide; not the employees.
  • Creating policies of any kind are the right of the people; not the servants who were simply delegated a minimum authority to perform the work of the people.
  • Changing the laws and policies without proper authority is prohibited by the Supremacy Clause.
  • When our employees are provided the tools to resolve internal issues, they do not have the discretion as to when they will or will not use them or to what degree of compliance they will enforce.  When it fits they must use them.
  • The oath of office requires all public servants to support and defend the Constitution. There are no restrictions…no jurisdictions.  No excuses.
  • Our employes have lost their perspective.  It is time we provide them the proper guidance.
  • Our employes have forgotten the meaning of  Duty; Honor; Country   They dishonor themselves every minute of everyday.  They have lost their self-respect.
  • In acting against the people they were entrusted to serve…they have even compromised their humanity.

Judge Napolitano – 06 How low have we permitted the the impostors to go…

It is not for the servants to decide anything.  They are simply employed to perform the work of the people.  Each public servants has no more authority than any of their individual constituents.  The servants are not employed to think for themselves.  Their opinions carry no other weight than any one single constituent.  They are not employed to negotiate or cut deals unless they are speaking for the people they represent. They can not assume authority not conferred upon them.  Honorable servants of the people are rigidly controlled by the Constitution and restricted to the original…
17 Enumerated Powers

They and their significant others are totally financially liable and responsible for their behavior.  Since their criminal acts are mostly based on fraud there is no statute of limitations governing the commission of their crimes.  Therefore those so engaged in these actions against the people…such as passing legislation without having read it, makes themselves automatically guilty of the crime of breach of fiduciary responsibilities. That in turn violates their oath of office.  Violating their oath of office amounts to committing perjury, insurrection and rebellion against the supreme law of the land; the Constitution for the united States of America.

There is no such concept as immunity except in the minds of the criminal element of attorneys which created the concept.  The entire system of statutes were artificially created and thrust upon the people with no consent.

In the pursuit of happiness no where are we required to know the artificially concocted law as presented by statute.  Consequently the phrase, ignorance of the law is no excuse…Now that is a nice one Wolf.  Who do you suppose was responsible for coining that phrase?  I am betting an attorney.  But even more significant—under the only real law, natural law—the rules are simple.  And everyone that prefers to live in a “JUST SOCIETY,” understands them.  I’LL BET EVEN YOU…

In a JUST SOCIETY, The people are not placed in a position where unscrupulous people hired to do the work of the people…fraudulently act against their own employers in treason.  Ehh…Mr. Wolfgram?

In a “JUST SOCIETY,” those under contract, honor their obligation to the terms of the agreement; the contract to which they swear an oath. The agreement is consummated upon the employee accepting their paycheck.  There can be no misunderstanding Wolf, unless the employee decides to deliberately commit treason…now is there?

Not to be redundant but you are well aware I am just an old man who knows nothing.  I have no formal education and am not an expert in anything. Please feel free to to correct any of my faulty, incompetent opinions expressed here.


In the service of the creator.

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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