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Without prejudice, we, the people can all agree that the current system of governance is NOT TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! AND we, the people have been deceived by our leaders, especially the political ones:

Sir Denison

There is NO DEBT !!! There is no shortage !!! It’s all imaginary, just like the game of Monopoly! It’s only real to those that suffer by it, the meek;

South Africa has been producing 75% of the world’s gold for decades! Why are we so poor and why are we and our country in debt? Because we, the 99% have been deceived all along;

Read these pages to educate yourself and educate others as to:

  1.  Why things are the way they are;
  2. What we can do about it;
  3. The way forward towards an alternative society;

We, the people towards:

 “A government of all the people, by all the people, for all the people.” – T. Parker

We, the people on the land of southern Africa have spent the last three years investigating international common law, customary law, commercial law, the old authorities, our bill of rights etc. to find remedy for our people and our country as a Republic, a common wealth of all the people, equally;

We, the people have established our first people’s court, the Unified Grand Jury ZA (UZA) and we have been educating the people from government, courts, peace officers, banks and corporations, as equals, regarding our in-a-lien-able rights to life, peace, freedom, self-determination and abundance;

People’s Investigation

A three year investigation and research by numerous South Africans has un-covered a mass deception; A preliminary trial was held on the 29th of April 2014 where a jury of 21 people unanimously agreed that further action was necessary and that we, the people needed to know the truth regarding:


  1. Our Republic has been deceptively hijacked by a foreign corporation;
  2. Since 1994, RSA is a company registered in New York and trading on the Luxemborg stock exchange and we are not the shareholders;
  3. The shareholders of RSA are the descendants of the colonial slave masters;
  4. Our ID’s are now registered as assets and trading on the stock markets;
  5. Every I.D is an account; trading with huge value, but we are denied access;
  6. Our gold and minerals have been plundered and we have been left with ‘debt’;
  7. Our government is the middle management to ensure this agenda continues;


  1. Today’s money is merely IOU’s and is backed by nothing;
  2. There is other types of hidden money such as bills of exchange;
  3. Money is created from debt and out of thin air;
  4. Legally and lawfully there is no debt, it’s all pre-paid;
  5. The world and it’s money is controlled by a global elite;
  6. Our banks are still owned by the same colonial slave merchant families;
  7. It’s a game of monopoly which we now know how it was and is being played;


  1. All courts in SA are ‘foreign union’ courts of the BAR (British Accreditation Regency) and the word ‘register’ means ownership to the Crown;
  2. The banks are the paymasters of the courts and title deeds, traffic fines and even court orders are traded as money onto the federal reserve with the banks who trade them on the stock-markets; The meanings of the original words in law have been deceptively changed;
  3. Our rights are being limited without us even knowing how;
  4. Common law, Customary law, Oral tradition, Tribal law are being ignored as equal according to 39 of the Bill of Rights, the supreme law of the land;
  5. We, the people are demanding and holding our own commission of inquiry;

What will an Independent Commission of Inquiry find for the people?

  1. Zero poverty: poverty is man-made and can be undone;
  2. Zero un-employment: there is enough for everyone;
  3. Zero evictions: there are legal remedies to settle all debts;
  4. Zero evictions: the land belongs to we, the people;
  5. Zero foreclosures: Legal remedies exist which the courts refuse;
  6. Zero School Education fees and Zero Tertiary Education fees;

National Constitutional Referendum on the following:

Proposed Immediate Remedies:

Within 30 Days:

  1. Settlements on ALL debts, domestic and foreign;
  2. Moratorium on all evictions and all domestic foreclosures;
  3. R5 000.00 per month grant to every over 18;
  4. 30 minutes airtime free daily and 25 sms free daily;

 Proposed Medium-term Remedies:

  1. People’s social and environmental projects;
  2. Workers become equal shareholders in their companies;
  3. There is enough land for everyone without threatening another’s;

 Long-term Remedies:

  1. Full audit: on all gold and minerals which left our country since it was recorded as it belongs to the people as equal shareholders;
  2. Regional or Community Independence and self-governance:
  • each with their own local government/municipality, banks, courts;
  • each to manage their own budgets as they see fit;
  • no-one wants to be governed by another;
  • everyone gets what they want;

Once you have read these pages and have educated yourself and it it feels like the right thing to support  then Help us to demand a commission of inquiry for you and for all people towards a society of equality, peace, freedom and abundance;

all rights reserved

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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