Jim Porter Publicly Expresses Personal Opinion

On Mar 9, 2015, at 2:18 PM, Jim Porter <jporter2327@yahoo.com> wrote:

This is My, Jim Porter’s, personal opinion based upon perfected document evidence:

With permission from Steve Curry, I reply with the following statement;


Begin forwarded message:
Date: March 9, 2015 at 2:18:37 PM PDT
From: Jim Porter <jporter2327@yahoo.com>
Reply-To: Jim Porter <jporter2327@yahoo.com>
To: Steve Curry <cwheileg@gmail.com>, “Martinez, Vincente” <martinezv@sec.gov>, “denver@sec.gov” <denver@sec.gov>, Richard Mack <sheriffmack@hotmail.com>
Cc: “martinezv@sec.gov” <martinezv@sec.gov>, “oig@sec.gov ” <oig@sec.gov>, “foiapa@sec.gov ” <foiapa@sec.gov>, “paco@pacovilla.com ” <paco@pacovilla.com>, “info@texasranger.org ” <info@texasranger.org>, Senator Owen Hill <owen.hill.senate@state.co.us>, Steve Lebsock <stevelebsock@gmail.com>, “sanfrancisco@sec.gov” <sanfrancisco@sec.gov>, “saltlake@sec.gov” <saltlake@sec.gov>, CHAIRMANOFFICE <chairmanoffice@sec.gov>, “oca@sec.gov” <oca@sec.gov>, “losangeles@sec.gov” <losangeles@sec.gov>, “atlanta@sec.gov” <atlanta@sec.gov>, “dfw@sec.gov” <dfw@sec.gov>, CHICAGO <chicago@sec.gov>, “newyork@sec.gov” <newyork@sec.gov>, “philadelphia@sec.gov” <philadelphia@sec.gov>, “dcaoletters@sec.gov” <dcaoletters@sec.gov>, “boston@sec.gov” <boston@sec.gov>, “cbi.denver@state.co.us” <cbi.denver@state.co.us>, <inspector.general@usdoj.gov>, “charles.r.sterbach@usdoj.gov” <charles.r.sterbach@usdoj.gov>, “usunpublicaffairs@state.gov” <usunpublicaffairs@state.gov>, Jim Porter <jporter2327@yahoo.com>, “whistleblowers@sec.gov” <whistleblowers@sec.gov>

Subject: Re: Fwd: 15 USC 1

The above list of recipients contains both criminal government agents/employees along with crime victims suffering as a result of the criminal actions of their government representative.

This brief report of government criminal fraud, is provide as a result of events exposing multiple private property takings by government employees, through the illusion of eminent domain with no attempt to implement the procedures to establish eminent domain.

The philosophy of ‘We (the government) say its true, so it is’, without any attempt by the offending government body to establish/present legal authority, is a crime. 

Thus no condemnation proceeding could take place for equitable compensation to the People the property was stolen from. All versions of the u.S. constitution still prohibit illegal search and seizure.

This is Public Notice for Public Exposure, to All Recipient(s) listed above, that top level u.S. government employees, top level state government employees in Colorado/Arizona/California/Georgia/New York/Ohio/Louisiana/Florida, and top level local Montrose, Colorado city and county employees are intentionally and purposely willingly to continue their criminal conspiracy to conceal their crimes of insurance fraud, extortion and u.S. constitutional fraud to name but the most heinous of criminal violations against the American People these government employees represent.

I have a Non-Constitutional Sheriff representing Montrose County, Colorado by the name of Rick Dunlap. Sadly, Mr. Dunlap must be convicted as a criminal after being lied to, and believing that lie, by the county attorney in 2011. Mr. Dunlap was told he was legally bonded to follow state statute for legal placement in office.

He was flatly lied to by the attorney after illegal documents by the Montrose Board of County Commissioner were filed to conceal the fact insurance fraud was being committed by the B.O.C.C. at the direction of the county attorney. 

I surrendered those documents to Mr.Dunlap, who failed to arrest the foreign county attorney, thus accepting full responsibility for his roll in the crimes of fraud.

The list of criminal charges perpetrated by the Montrose B.O.C.C., and covered up by the county attorney is perfectly documented, and exposed the inability of the B.O.C.C.’s to procure legal fidelity coverage, thus requiring the criminal syndicate to cover up the crime.

This is what Mr. Dunlap unwittingly stumbled into by his election to the office of Montrose County Sheriff.

It is Mr. Dunlap’s inability to expose this syndicated crime ring that has his ass in hot water. Mr. Dunlap did many things right, such as testify to the identity of the man guilty of shooting at me.

This testimony was under oath (which brings up the truth he was in violation of the u.S Constitution when he gave his testimony in court) before a state judge and the state district attorney who refuse to prosecute the crime of attempted murder, based upon the civil rule of procedure know as prosecutorial discretion.

Somewhere there is the wide line between right and wrong, and the district attorney’s refusal to prosecute attempted murder move outside this wide line. This choice, to not protect the citizens from an identified criminal, exposed the state department of law for its true color of the law. In fact, this refusal caused me to request  additional documents for future indictment of the district attorney.

This exposure of a syndicated crime ring was made known during a Colorado Bureau of Investigation, investigation, into Public Corruption at the request of Mr. Dunlap, our illegally seated county sheriff.

A virtuous investigator by the name of Rosa Perez, assigned to the Major Crimes Unit investigative team, further questioned witnesses, I identified, as named in the original list of government employees who’s signatures were responsible for the illegal property takings I suffered.

Special Agent Perez confirmed federal R.I.C.O. violations could be proven in any court of law.

Rose Perez, like I, believed there was a legally seated court of law. Together we discovered she was being used as a patsy by the state department of law.

She was tasked with gathering all incriminating evidence against the government employees named, so the state attorney could deflect the exposure of government corruption.

In all states I have researched further, the state attorney(s) illegally prosecutes citizens and prevents prosecution of government employees.

Currently, government employees receive defense counseling from the state attorney if the government employees is indited of a criminal act.

To provide the best defense possible, the state attorney may refuse to indict the government employees, thus by this simple application of professional discretion, by there being no offense from the state attorney, there needs to be no defense. I have personal knowledge of hundreds of these situations of no criminal prosecution by the state attorney of a government employee.

This pattern of fraud is expressly forbidden by federal code, yet continues to this day.

And this brings up the intention of this message reply;

I filled multiple written criminal reports to city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies/departments, over the last 12 years, reporting government criminal activity.

The initial report to the city, ultimately led to reporting to the united States Securities and Exchange Commission, to which additional evidence of criminal fraud was included as it became exposed throughout the process.

Each ignored report exposed additional government fraud until my complaints ultimately feel on deaf ears in the united States Department of Justice.

Ultimately, Luis Aguilar assigned Vincente Martinez as the lead investigator into my reports of insurance fraud, yet to this day Vincente Martinez has refused to engage me for document review for criminal prosecution, so the situation seem on permanent hold.

It was the response from the u.S Department of Justice exposing D.O.J. internal fraud that exposed the reason I had been unsuccessful in bringing my complaint(s) before any court of law in this country.

The simple answer to my catastrophic problem relies on exposing the u.S. constitutional violation of our government employees, to the People of the united States of America.

My evidence concludes with a list of government employees, guilty of many (thousands of) counts of criminal fraud upon the People;

I base this statement on the fact I have written each one of these government employees in past communications.

Chairman of the u.S.S.E.C. along with directors of the O.I.G. and the Whistle-blowers division, investigator Vincente Martinez of the S.E.C., dozens of D.O.J. employees, employees of the federal marshals office, the last 3 Colorado governors, the last 2 leaders of the Colorado department of law, many C.B.I. investigative personnel and dozens of local criminal law enforcement employees to name some of the many…..oh, I forgot the dozens of congress employees like John McCain, while setting on the committee for Homeland Security and Government Affairs. He is a criminal fraud…because he swore to defend the constitution yet refuses to examine my documents exposing treason. He is covering for the foreign criminals invading the united States of America and he and I both know it. I demanded he have me arrested (many find it unbelievable a citizen would demand arrest by a federal employee) for testimony before his committee, yet he refused. I feel I have identified a coward.

After identifying these crimes myself, without the assistance of the dozens of investigative government department employees employed by government today, I networked with thousands of like minded People as myself and exposed these basic crimes.

A basic common denominator exists among all criminal government employees, from the local city and county levels, through to the state and federal levels of our representative government(s).

The crime of Insurance Fraud, by government employees, is this common denominator.

Thus, the cover-up of this crime demands the additional crime of violation of the u.S. Constitution which is treason.

It is the crime of insurance fraud, I reported to the united States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Innocently, I discovered for myself, through government C.A.F.R.’s, there was more money swindled from the People, by B.A.R. union members, from government treasuries, than it would take to balance the national debt several dozen times over.

This crime is still being committed today because of the S.E.C.’s unwillingness to investigate and prosecute based on my perfected documents.

My documents contain motive, opportunity, identity and conclusion information for prosecution of the individuals named in the documents. That is a perfected document.

This crime I reported to Luis Aguilar (B.A.R. union member), Sean McKessy (B.A.R. member), Mary Jo White (B.A.R. member), 3 other S.E.C. board members (all B.A.R. members), u.S. attorney general and leader of the D.O.J. (B.A.R. member), Colorado Supreme Court (ALL B.A.R. members), Colorado state attorney (B.A.R. member), county attorney (B.A.R. member) and the city attorney (B.A.R. member).

Additionally, the u.S. S.E.C. started a whistle blower program for u.S. citizens, to report insurance fraud to the S.E.C., in trade for a reward based as a percentage of the fines, and possibly the stolen money after recovered. 

Just the reward amount would pay the national debt. This whistle blower department is headed by Sean McKessy (B.A.R. union member) so a pattern for no response to my criminal complaints has been exposed.

Additionally; This pattern is a direct result of the above, yet incomplete, list of constitutionally prohibited, foreign agents, by their efforts to deflect criminal prosecution through position(s) of power.

These positions are in themselves legal, with constitutional prohibition(s) making it illegal for these named individuals to hold these positions.

It would be this displacement from u.S. government position(s), which is now causing this criminal fraud to happen, nation wide.

Government documents exist in at least 9 states to confirm all criminal state prosecutions have been illegally prosecuted, thus requiring the release of all current People incarcerated.

Ironically, it will not be the innocents of these criminal defendant, that triggers these mass releases into an unsuspecting society. BUT…..

These mass releases of the most heinous criminals known to man will be the direct result of the criminal actions, of the every state department of law.

The very department of law entrusted to protect the People from these heinous criminal.

Sadly, it is by/from the greed of the state B.A.R. union members, that our People will suffer a catastrophic rise in crimes against the people.

This entire situation will be the result of the state(s) department of law, for the purpose of providing all state B.A.R. member attorneys protection from personal financial liability in the event of a failed criminal prosecution, or defense.

Yes the defense attorneys know about the fraud and refuse to use this knowledge to defend their client. So wait till the inmates here this.

That’s right, the attorneys are violating the law, to protect themselves from the law.

Until now, the People haven’t discovered this situation exists.

It has been discovered the state B.A.R. union(s) never intended for this information to be public knowledge. (as criminals, too, are a part of the People’s organization, they too are gaining knowledge of the situation.)

Why do you think attorney legislators legislated contracts requiring attorneys and judges to be state B.A.R. union member? We have the fox watching the hen house, but as of this writing, the fox knows the hens are on alert.

So everyone knows, there are at least 322 million hens being screwed over by no more than 1.2 million foxes. As part of the current group of People, including the number of citizens currently incarcerated, we the People are being controlled by the actions of a much smaller group of attorneys working by order of a foreign power, through an executive appointment. 

That’s right, when the incarcerated citizens realize all these government attorneys are illegally employed, it will be 322 million against 1.2 million.

And this brings another thought to bear. How long will the attorney’s private police force(s) remain loyal to these foreign B.A.R. membership attorneys. I list as an example, the Ferguson situation.

That community alone will have a field day when they discover this truth, that a rouge judicial system is behind the hiring the dregs of society and hiding these dregs behind a badge stating police department.

These dregs are afraid of their own shadow and killing unarmed PEOPLE, WITH THE PROTECTION OF THE ILLEGALLY SEATED JUDICIARY B.A.R. MEMBER, instructing some illegal judiciary seated grand jury, to let the dregs cop go free of murder.

Today efforts are being made nationally, to educate the hens. The fox will claim inciting a riot, as their best attempt at human salvation. But the People must remember these government employees are criminals in their own right.

This I must example by exposing to the hens, a situation of a Colorado judge who is currently convicting innocent citizens in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

This P.O.S. human being has on file, his Oath of Office that he swears to administer justice without respect to persons. (Yes, I have a copy of the Oath), with no bond/insurance attached yet the county treasure used county money to pay for insurance to protect the People from this sorry excuse for a human being.

The Police Chief of the Grand Junction Police Department, working as a criminal co-conspirator with the Mesa County, Colorado sheriff along with several Mesa County deputies has direct knowledge of these illegal acts upon the People, yet I was threatened with incarceration for being in the presence of a Man working to expose these crimes to the Meas county sheriff department.

*****Additionally, these Meas County Colorado crimes mirror crimes committed in my community of Montrose, Colorado.***** These crimes are the cause for my reporting insurance fraud to the S.E.C.

To protect myself, and other individuals being preyed upon by these rouge dregs of society, known as law enforcement officers, I requested document evidence from the u.S. S.E.C. to confirm the holding company used to receive government treasury funds, budgeted for insurance or fidelity bonds, was a legally recognized business recognized by the u.S. S.E.C., charted for the purpose of providing/selling insurance in the u.S. of America.

The documents came back from the u.S. S.E.C. stating after an extensive search of the complete data base of the S.E.C., no records exist of/for the company named in the request.

Sadly, I exposed the records department is willing to provide the internal documents to the public for criminal prosecution, yet the management of the S.E.C. refuses to protect the People after the People know how to protect themselves through lawful process.

I found the company, taking the People’s money, is a fraud, not known by the S.E.C.

So was my criminal report of insurance fraud to the S.E.C. Board, Whistle Blower department, and all others within the S.E.C. was made directly to the criminals running the syndicate?

I surrendered signed Montrose County, Colorado documents received from the county archives as evidence of insurance fraud to the S.E.C.

These documents are from elected county government employees currently in office, after acceptance by state judges and confirmed to be legal, before recording of the documents could take place for public review. It seems these judges feel no one would read these documents, Or was there no fear of prosecution?

These documents include sworn oaths of office to defend the constitution as demanded by state statute.

The statute also demands a bond be in place for each of these elected people, to these elected government positions.

The bond money was sent, by the order of the criminal county commissioners, with direction of the county attorney, to a non profit company, not chartered to sell insurance or licensed to sell insurance known as C.T.S.I.

I also included a internally voided contract that C.T.S.I. then bought its own protecting insurance policy from ONE BEACON, AMERICA, which in that contract, included a 1.775 million dollar payment notification for no insurance secured.

This evidence exposes a situation of insurance fraud on a scale estimated to be in the range of 300 trillion dollars. This estimate is based on a projection of all assets reported in the know government C.A.F.R.’s found as of the time of this estimate, but that number seems to be growing.

With the permission of the original sender, I, Jim Porter do freely expose this fraud to the u.S federal government.

I expose this fraud to all known current and former law enforcement officers and their professional associations, for their personal determination while identifying their membership position within law-enforcement’s place in the criminal conspiracy.

From this point on, any law enforcement officer known to fire on an unarmed u.S. citizen, by the order of any foreign employee working by executive appointment, will eventually be charged with a felony crime. And I predict this prosecution will happen in a Common Law Court of the People.

As part of this message, please know, there is scheduled a Patriotic citizen’s meeting, planned for the exposure of government corruption to the People. 

Through a document produced by the D.O.J., Patriotic citizens are being labeled as terrorist by the u.S. D.O.J. This meeting may be the spark that ignites a hen house full of People, working to expose, by publicly identifying, criminal government employees.

A group meeting was interrupted last month in Bryan, Texas, and by the grace of GOD, failed to produce another Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Were Texans deliberately setup?

This months meeting will occur in Waco, Texas as a symbolic gesture to the illegally seated judicial branch of our Representative government.

Texians: – WACO – March 14, 2015 – YOU ALL COME!

The People at the last meeting took the insult in stride. This next meeting will expose the Texas Ranger Commander as a traitor to the People, if in fact he is no more than a member of the judicial private police.

From this point forward, Law Enforcement must properly identify the true enemy before using force against a u.S. citizen.  

From this point forward, those who chose to not be a part of the solution will be regarded as the problem. And for those who come along in the future, and choose to join the syndicated crime ring, exposure of your actions will happen.

The simple solution needed to remove corrupt government employees relies on Legal Law Enforcement officers from local communities. These officers must rely on the People to identify criminals, thus allowing these Virtuous Law Enforcement officers to arrest the suspected criminals for indictments, prosecution and final judgement.

If local Law Enforcement officers to listen to federal transplants with assumed authority, there could be a catastrophic occurrence causing lose of life.

Without Legal Law Enforcement, there can be no accountability to the People, for the criminal fraud this personal opinion alleges through perfected documentation.

Legal Law Enforcement must include personal Character, Virtue and Honesty from the People wearing the People’s badge(s) of honor.

It is this honor the People demand of their Law Enforcement officers, and without this honor, the dregs of a criminal government body must be removed from power.

Respectfully Written, to the People,

Jim Porter

Ridgway, Colorado

From: Steve Curry <cwheileg@gmail.com>

To: “Martinez, Vincente” <martinezv@sec.gov>; denver@sec.gov; Richard Mack <sheriffmack@hotmail.com> 

Sent: Sunday, March 8, 2015 2:38 PM

Subject: Fwd: 15 USC 1

When we talk about Oaths of Office, we are talking about “COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS,” and “TRUSTS,” which MUST be, under LAW, securitized, monetized, and bonded!  When these “CONTRACTS” & “TRUSTS” are violated by ANY false pretense, false promise, fraud, lack of disclosure, lack of consent, etc., etc., we have the iron-clad & bona fide evidence to charge the “natural man” who perpetrated this crime against an individual, and a community, under 15 US Code #1!!  There is NO IMMUNITY!

     The SEC, FBI, and ALL other LAW Enforcement Officers, including the US Postal Service Enforcement Agents, then, can, easily, and without the influence, or interference, of an “Unsecured Third Party,” as in the private, foreign, for-profit, court system, seek indictments through a simple “Criminal Complaint,” or a “Bill of Exchange,” outside of the court system, execute the arrests, and levy penalties, and the imprisonment of the offenders, without any fuss, or mess!  At the very least, each signer to an Oath of Office is guilty of Mail Fraud, Insurance & Securities Fraud, and Conspiracy to commit fraud against the uNited States!      

     The Oath takers & Oath givers have, already, Consented, in their own wet, blue inked signatures in/on these “CONTRACTS,” to ACCEPT their punishments, and they have waived their rights to due process, at the very moment these Oaths were signed, and placed into commerce!!!  

     For this reason, the Oaths of Office are the essential keys to an individual’s & natural man’s redress & demands for Remedy, and they provide an effective, NON-JUDICIAL, method to eradicate corruption from all public & private Corporate offices, particularly those government & public offices held by judicial members, who are PROHIBITED from holding these offices!! 

     It does NOT get ANY easier than this!!!  

Is the BC trust creation in violation of this code?

15 U.S. Code § 1 – Trusts, etc., in restraint of trade illegal; penalty | LII / Legal Information Institute

15 U.S. Code § 1 – Trusts, etc., in restraint of trade illegal; penalty | LII / Legal Information In…

Source (July 2, 1890, ch. 647, § 1,26 Stat. 209; Aug. 17, 1937, ch. 690, title VIII, 50 Stat. 693; July 7, 1955, ch. 281, 69 Stat. 282; Pub. L. 93–528, § 3,Dec. 21, 1974, 88 Stat. 1708; Pub.

View on www.law.cornell.edu Preview by Yahoo


15 U.S. Code § 1 – Trusts, etc., in restraint of trade illegal; penalty

Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal. Every person who shall make any contract or engage in any combination or conspiracy hereby declared to be illegal shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding $100,000,000 if a corporation, or, if any other person, $1,000,000, or by imprisonment not exceeding 10 years, or by both said punishments, in the discretion of the court.

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