When you have Impostors pretending to protect you and rob you instead, fire them and hire a private security agency.

Thanks to Pastor Lee…

Fight Fire With Fire – Corruption Removal Services?

These folks recognized they had no lawfully operating governmental agency and took appropriate action.

With no lawful government at any level, it would seem fair all Americans can do the same.  And charge the expense to the county to which they already paid taxes for the service.

Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People.

Something is Wrong! I just can’t put my finger on it!

Americans can chose to be as ignorant as they wish.  And they prove it every day.

No disrespects intended but proving the point.  The 14th Amendment is not a law yet the impostors  are using it every day to impose tyranny and steal the people’s property and money.   Will anyone focus on this one issue which is responsible for all of these other issues to force the recognition of the fraud and finally resolution?

You may find the list at the following link to be of help to provide them with a reason the 14th Amendment fraud is so important:

  1. Chem-trails – Source of authority –
  2. Abortion – Source of authority –
  3. Birth certificate Scam –
  4. High density home construction – United Nations – George Bush Sr.
  5. Free Speech –
  6. Control over the Internet –
  7. Freedom of religion – Source of authority –
  8. Common Core – Source of authority –
  9. Police brutality  – Source of authority –
  10. Immigration abuse  – Source of authority –
  11. Freedom of speech abuse – Source of authority –
  12. Gun Control abuse – Source of authority –
  13. Constitutional abuse – Source of authority –
  14. Judicial abuse – Source of authority –
  15. Federal reserve abuse – Source of authority –
  16. Banking fraud – Source of authority –
  17. Foreclosure abuse – Source of authority –
  18. Human rights abuse – Source of authority –
  19. Fraud of impostor government agencies – Source of authority –
  20. CAFR issues – Source of authority –
  21. Taxation abuse – Source of authority –
  22. Taxation without representation abuse – Source of authority –
  23. Jihad abuse – Source of authority –
  24. National security abuse – Source of authority –
  25. Forced vaccinations – Source of authority –
  26. Sustainability – Agenda 21 United Nations

You see, the 14th Amendment is not law.  It was exposed as fraud.  But the impostors in Washington and the rest of the franchised branches…  AKA the states, counties and cities are all illegally and unlawfully imposing this fraudulent legislation as though it was law.  This in itself is fraud on the people.

Listen…a broken record…over and over and over….
Avoiding doing anything but holding their feet to the fire?  Another distraction?

Texas Town Hires Private Police Force … And Then Something Stunning Happened

American police forces have had more than their share of bad publicity. Corruption, racial profiling, use of excessive force … rightly or wrongly, it has all been reported regularly on the televised evening news. And it appears to be happening nationwide.

So one Texas town decided to think outside the box. The civic leaders fired the public constable’s office. Private security agents were subsequently hired. The result? A 61 percent drop in crime.

Sharpstown, located southwest of Houston, had had enough. Public policing was proving to be ineffective. So, in 2012, town leaders did not renew the community’s contract with its constable’s division.

Instead, they hired private security officers from SEAL Security Systems. The new officers moved in and, in slightly less than two years, crime had dropped by almost two-thirds, according to SEAL Security’s director of operations, James Alexander.
Why the drastic improvement? Alexander believes it is because SEAL Security follows a rather obvious–sounding strategy of focusing policing in areas that need it most.

SEAL Security, of course, hopes to make money keeping Sharpstown streets safe. Consequently, the company’s officers are trained to avoid incidents that can lead to expensive lawsuits against the city for police-related misbehavior. Such incidents would ultimately cut into SEAL Security’s bottom line.
And, city leaders are happy. Sharpstown saved $200,000 a year compared with the expense of maintaining the constable’s office (H/T Infowars).

Now, more than 70 communities in the Houston metropolitan area have contracted with SEAL Security Systems.

Maybe more American communities should consider a private company to carry out law enforcement.

If you think private security forces may be an effective solution for problem-prone public police departments, please share this article on Facebook.

Fighting fire with fire!

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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