Thomas Flesher…impersonating a public servant?

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I’m Jim Williams, son of Esther and brother to Michael.  For those that are familiar, no I’m not headed to the hoosegow,,, yet!  Even though most of you do not know me, I gathered e-mails from those in contact w my mom, or e-mails from others that I receive, in order to make this call for assistance from all who would help end a rogue mans usurpation of one of our courts.  This “judge”, Thomas Flesher, does not now or has he ever, had a filed Oath of Office and he has completely ignored the rights of my granddaughter, her father and even me in one instance.

My request is two fold,, 1: Your knowledge of how to keep our court common law and keep this “judge” in check and 2: A gathering of we the people on April 9th, the next and hopefully last hearing on my granddaughters custody, in the courtroom here in Pueblo.

The more I listen and learn from the weekly calls and many e-mails and the more I experience the un-just actions in our courtrooms, the more I’m convinced that standing as an individual man or women, alone in our courtrooms is why we get trampled on, even when we do everything right.  How can we expect to win against an army of foreign invaders in our courtrooms, without the actual presence of “we the people”.

The problem:

My granddaughters custody battle began in July, 2013, with my daughter hiring an unethical (more than most) attorney.  The first hearing was the beginning of Sept, 2013.  My granddaughters father, represented himself.  The first ruling was joint custody, and equal overnights, except the father was ordered to surrender his time at 10am on days of exchange, but my daughter was able to keep my granddaughter until 5pm on her exchange days. (the first indication of this judges bias).  The father was also ordered to do a psych-evaluation.  Why him and not my daughter?  Could it be because he is hispanic or, as one attorney said, “he’s extremely biased against men”?  Next, the court ignored the fathers request to straighten out the child support, that was WAY out of wack. Child support was originally figured by child services, back in January of 2013, w the father at $32p/h w no overnights (my daughter refused to let my granddaughter spend the night w the father while she was breast feeding).  Now with the ruling of equal overnights and an income of minimum wage, $8 p/h for the father and my daughter, who was in school w an income of minimum wage the entire time,  the court ignored this request and because of this, my granddaughter and her father lost their home, unable to pay the child support and rent.  This continues to this day and because of this, when the father was unable to continue to pay this ridiculous amount, (which should have been 0), my daughter, being the greedy, selfish person that she has become, called child services and had them revoke his drivers license as well as his fishing license, last summer.  In Oct and Nov of 2013, the judge ignored verbal requests from the father to adjust the child support in open court, and then also a written request in Nov 2013, saying that he will adjust it at the  permanent orders hearing, that he had just pushed out 3mos in the Oct hearing from that Dec to now in March of 2014 so that a CLR (child legal representative), could now evaluate the situation.

The CLR, Dawn Mann, requested and was granted, that father and mother see a family psychologist, TOGETHER!!  Even the dog whisperer knows that you don’t just throw two fighting dogs into the same room and expect them to magically get along.  You have to address each of their individual problems and then you come together,,, BUT NOOOO,, after 8 weeks they still don’t get along so the CLR requests an extension, and that they attend another 8 weeks with the psychologist, which was granted.  Oh but the child support was still not addressed even though requested again by the father!  “We’ll address it at permanent orders”, which is now June of 2014.

In June, just before the scheduled hearing, the CLR’s written recommendation to the court, said nothing about them both being good and loving parents to my granddaughter, it simply states that since the father missed two of the sessions, and didn’t “do as I said”, that full custody should be given to the mother and the father only gets to see his daughter every other weekend!  A showing of feminism, with no regard for the well being of my granddaughter, so blatantly stated!  Not a noted of published family or child psychologist for the past 35 yrs has recommended this kind of trash for either parents that are providing a loving home and are totally involved in the child’s life, regardless of how the parents get along.

Days before the June 2014 hearing, my daughter’s attorney, once again requests an extension, AND of course is granted this, with no regard to the child support being addressed, AGAIN! The new hearing is set for another 3mos down the road, Sept 2014.  It was then in July that my daughter went after the fathers driving and fishing rights.  How is that for stupid?  Pay your child support, even though you shouldn’t be paying any, or we’re going to take away your  legal ability to get to a job in order to make money to pay your child support, that you don’t owe!  WTH!!

At this point, I had had enough and hired a local attorney to represent my granddaughters father. I then became a complete “traitor” in my daughters words.  She had been trying for a year to get me to turn my back on my granddaughters father and keep my mouth shut about the truth to the problems,, which are 95percent caused by her.  In fact in the status conference in Nov of 2013, my daughters attorney told the judge that I was interfering and the reason they couldn’t get along, so the judge started questioning me about my involvement and then told me to BUTT OUT and ordered me out of the courtroom. This judge was too stupid and arrogant to see that he had a father that was willing to tell the truth about his daughter and he turned his nose up to it.  Since this was just a status conference “off the record” for some reason, to see if the father had been jumping through their hoops, I kept my mouth shut and stepped out, although I continued to listen at the door, hearing nothing but this judge holler at and degrade my granddaughters father.  Again, this was one of the early hearings that the judge ignored the request to adjust child support.

My “butting in” started at my daughters request, when my granddaughter was about 6weeks old, Aug 2011 and she had to return to work.  I was the primary babysitter for my granddaughter while both parents worked 5 days a week and then when my daughter started school that year, until June 2014 when I became the traitor, for hiring the attorney.  My daughter then hid my now 3 y/o granddaughter from me and her father when it was her days w the baby, until just a couple of weeks before the scheduled hearing at the beginning of Sept 2014.  It turns out she had placed my granddaughter in a daycare facility in Pueblo West, run by a women who is friends w my ex and married to one of my HS friends.  The kicker to this is that my daughter lives in the east part of Pueblo County and this facility is deep into Pueblo West, creating nearly 45 minutes of driving from her house to PW and then back into town to her job!  That’s how spiteful and vindictive my daughter is to her father, so imagine how she treats the father of her child!

At the “final” hearing in Sept 2014, the CLR just says, “I just think the mother would do a little bit more for the child than the father, so I still recommend full custody to the mother and every other weekend visitation for the father”.  “A little bit more”,,, so you take a child away from one of the parents she loves and looks forward to being with???  Take away a parents rights to speak up for and care for the interests of his child??  The reality is the opposite, the father does a little bit more.  My testimony in this hearing,  is totally disregarded, so much so that I had to look at the judge to see if he was even awake while I testified because he was totally disengaged during my testimony.  BUT the daycare facilitator, in her testimony, over exaggerating the actions of my granddaughter, to her father, the first day her father went out to see where his daughter was being held, she said that she had a horrible reaction to her father,,, not understanding the reason for it, and implied child molestation and abuse by the father as to why my granddaughter pitched a fit when her father got there.  The reality is that my daughter told my granddaughter to holler and scream if daddy came to see her, so he wouldn’t “take” her!!  The only good that the attorney for my granddaughters father did was to call them on that trash, which they all said,, “oh no that was not our intentions”, but the damage was done!  The judge did exactly what the CLR recommended,based on that testimony, but with a twist,,, it’s only temporary, for 45 days, during that time, I have some more hoops for you to jump through.  This time the hoops did include my daughter, and now my beautiful, happy (despite the BS) 3.5y/o granddaughter, who is to see a child psychologist!!  This damn judge knows no limits to his intrusions!!  He did finally squash the child support owed, back to only Dec of 2013, BUT it was never entered into the order so child services still refuses to change their info on what is owed!  In the order, by the judge, after that hearing, I was named in it as someone helping the father break the law, because he has continued to drive. I would meet him or take him to the exchanges of my granddaughter so that my daughter wouldn’t pull more of her trash during these exchanges.

Since the time this man Flesher threw me out of the courtroom I have been trying to learn the truth to our courtrooms and how to handle these unconstitutional usurpers.  I’ve been trying to learn the common law and the rights we possess far better than I ever have, but I need every bit of info that any of you, or other people you know, may have,, based on your experiences and your knowledge.  Since the time I was learning to be a professional pilot, back in my early 20’s, I realized anybody, at anytime, can give you that missing piece of information that will help you in your quest.  The most unlikely of flight instructors gave me a small piece of info that helped me master parts of flying that I never thought I would be able to figure out, and I believe many of you can do the same in helping me put this judge in his place and putting back into place the rights and needs of my granddaughter.

Please, any and all help is appreciated, as well as any that can be there to be a, hopefully, a large crowd, of “we the people”, when we face this judge again in April.

Thank You!  

Jim Williams


PS: calls, texts or e-mails are all welcome.

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