The rest of the immigration story

Regarding CAPS-Introduction

The role of CAPS (continued).

So what is it about the 14th Amendment?

I also see no reference in any of your articles on immigration to expose the real motivation at the federal level—Oh not the humanitarian aspects which they are quick to cite—we are addressing the approximately one Billion dollar cash flow created for each individual brought on board as a citizen of the United States.

Yes, Ms. Wideman, no mention at all of the vital cash flow.  The hypotheticated cash flow like the us currency, created out of thin air and passed on to future taxpayers by being added to the fictitious national debt, again courtesy of the 14th Amendment, and the remarkable thing about all of this, those future taxpayers…most have not as yet been born.

Talk about taxation without representation….Yes…I don’t suppose that is a very safe topic to raise.  The corporate state impostors might even shut you down over such an article.

They might even dissolve your corporate charter.  But wait!!!  It gets even better….

There are no legitimate corporate charters!

With no legitimate state government to issue them,

  • there are no legitimate corporations in all of California.  
  • In fact in all of America.  

Yes…I don’t suppose such a topic would make it to be published at all.

So back to the hypothecated cash flow from each new 14th Amendment created United States Citizen.  Now multiply the number of people being considered for amnesty…that amounts to around $4,070,266,281,000,000,000.00 in almost immediate line of credit billed to the future.  For a bankrupt corporation, would you consider that sufficient motivation for all political parties to support amnesty?

Desperately needed cash to fund operations of the bankrupt corporate empire, which would then be distributed through the previous arranged revenue sharing arrangement, filter down through the franchise chain, to the state, the county, and finally to the municipal level, for final distribution.  By golly everyone is happy and few are the wiser.  That is Ms. Wideman unless you make a firm decision to be honest with the American people.

But let us talk about one more serious aspect to the implications of the mysterious 14th Amendment.  And now to be extra clear, when talking amnesty, that’s a “United States citizen,” as defined by the 14th amendment.  But there is an even more serious problem with the 14th Amendment!

As I recall, the last actuarial value represented by each new United States Citizen is somewhere around $1 billion   Wouldn’t this be an important point to be considered by the voters and the citizens as to why our borders and enforcement of our immigration laws might be ignored?   Confused?

I also see no reference to the mostly foreign owned corporation, deceptively and deliberately named the United States of America, Incorporated, which through semantic deception, is fraudulently misrepresenting itself as the government of the united States of America.  And if I may take that one step further, the master Corporation as named above,  Also holds control over all of the 50 states as franchises.

The Other Americas of which few are aware!

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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