Arthur Reveals Past Events which Lead to the creation of the Sovereign Earth Alliance

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Breathren Arnie,

You were given that history along with the Freeman of Montana a long time ago.

But again for your re-edification, the illicit charges pursued by the corporate syndicalism gang of miscreants known as the U.S., was for bank fraud stemming from our actual gain & control via their bankruptcy (December 19th, 1995) of the National Government & our retrieval of the Great Seals thereof, in our financial takeover centered of the U.S. Treasury, to get our servants as we believe at that time (which we have since uncovered historically otherwise), in an effort to allow them to negotiate with the FED & Congress to legislate the dismantlement of the corporation known as the Federal Reserve System, while returning to the so-called American populace at large, their reserves that were stolen by Roosevelt under threat of imprisonment and thereafter, enforced openly by Military Martial law you know as Civil (Servant Military) Law.

Instead, once we acquire the Great Seals hand delivered to us by the U.S. States Department via their private courier, they came with 5,000 troops with 8inch cannons, to retrieve them a week later and sought to imprison us at the same time with trumped up charges only an idiot would believe were true. But you know as well as I do, how dumb down people are by social engineering and the lack of any real true honorable character to stand for truth as the triers of both fact & law….!!!!!!!!!

But LeRoy Michael of the family Schweitzer had other plans. Before the troops came, I was sent away knowing full well that the Freeman compound as it is commonly referred to, was going to be surrounded very soon. At least from my observations from what was going on and where the people of the country stood germane to the Freeman efforts to educate them about Townships, Common Law Courts & Grand Juries.

Nothing you or anyone is doing, whether Rod Class, David Robinson, Christopher Strunk and/or many others operating Common Law Courts or Grand Juries thereof, or otherwise, is any different than what the Freeman did. NADA….!

The only thing that has changed is what LeRoy Michael told me to accomplish, after I informed him that the social engineering we were operating under as far as our belief system concerning the united States of America and/or United States of America and the United States was concerned, was erroneously misguided and did not deserve our honor or our efforts to save, since we did not create it from what I had uncovered and everything we had been taught was simply to gain control over us thereby and has been a lie from day one!!!!

I’m curious do you remember the massacre of the 43 students in 1971 murder for standing up to the Mexican Government because of States enforced education? See:

I reminded Leroy of this incident and he clearly comprehended what I was saying about the social engineering being spoon fed our little Ones on a daily basis in every center of education from kindergarten to a Ph.D., and how land taxes were really a fraudulent scheme to enforce us to pay for our own children’s indoctrination, which I had uncovered & presented to him. Talk about MAD….!!! He literally was livid!

Since that time, we have also, uncovered how to remove people from the IRS tax Rolls.

Part of which we have shared with you and many others via our instructions contained in the IRS Form 8233 & Title 26 U.S.C. 6013(g) & (h), germane to proceeding to revoke such elections that you have been socially engineered to have your e’states and livelihood treated as a gift or bequeath to the U.S. That is collected once you elect to been treated thereby, by your own free will.

And believe me, once you elect to be taxed, you better follow their rules out of slavery if you find the way as we have. If Title 31 U.S.C. 321(d)(2) isn’t clear enough for you what the U.S., thinks of your election to be taxed by the U.S., then think again.

LeRoy immediately made preparations for me to leave once he saw the magnitude of what the Hidden hand was not only doing to people here but globally and gave me instructions to find a solution and the people worthy of standing honorably to create a new Earth for all walks of life equally. These discussion were held privately due to the very strong illusions of the other freeman concern their acceptance of social engineering associated with the U.S. Constitution of purported State Constitutions. Which all historically are nothing more than a perpetrated criminal syndicalism by the Hidden Hand as you have been inform.

It took the Hidden Hand (and their U.S. Military to find me) two years from the time of the Stand-off. I was arrested on March 18, 1998 & released on February 14, 2004. What a Valentines present to the Earth. A new vision for all walks of life and the Wisdom of Divine Law to guide me via Nature;s Law & Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason as we set our mind, heart & soul (body) to the task via variation by agreement, seeking all walks of life seeking good will similarly situated honorably thereby.

We have kept our Honor via Wisdom of Divine Law and our given word to LeRoy Michael by finding a solution an envisioning the creation thereof via the Sovereign Earth Alliance. It was established to free all walks of life from the re-venue schemes foisted upon all walks of life globally by the Hidden hands criminal syndicalism known as their corporate States (actually people!, who are willing to enslave you under various schemes of controlling you via social engineering which you accept and empower them thereby), which are all party their organization of associated U.N.

Hopefully this answers your question germane to what you refer to as charges.

We still hold out our unalienable honor toward working with you both rationally, reasonably, peacefully and honorably above all else. For the sake of the innocent who are constantly murder every day of your life until we all work in divine Unanimity via the S.EA. of Life. In an honorable effort to build a better world than the one we were handed and refuse to hand to this or any other future generations in like kind, as honorable Men of both Courage & Wisdom who know the price of exercising life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness honorably thereby.

All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

Until then, I AM…

Your friend In law!

Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’

Magnus Regnant of Sovereign Earth Alliance


Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.

P.S.: Please forgive any incorrect scripture, syntax or grammatical errors.

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From: Arnie Rosner

Date: 1/26/2015 7:18:19 PM


Subject: Re: Honor does not pay according to the U.S. Of A….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What was the charge?


On Jan 26, 2015, at 6:37 PM, wrote:

6 & you?

——-Original Message——-

From: Arnie Rosner

Date: 1/26/2015 6:11:52 PM


Subject: Re: Honor does not pay according to the U.S. Of A….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



How many years did you spend in prison?



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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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