Elect James – Here is what he promises.

Arnie….  I am not up for any election… and the only thing I promise is that I will hold in my heart the ideal of a servant leader that truly understands the True Vision for America..  I am sure that there are others more qualified than me to lead us into the New Day.. It is my prayer that humanity will begin to think in the same terms as the leader that I envision.. This president does exist!  He exists in our deepest hearts and spirits!  This essay expresses  what many evolved souls here on earth feel deep inside . . . but somehow feel helpless to express because of the pretenses and illusions of our present, dangerous “elite” controlled world.  These words are meant to serve, to illuminate, the floundering souls of those struggling on the lowest rung of the spiritual ladder.  They know there is so much more, and hopefully they can begin to feel the grace and strength to raise themselves up at least three more steps toward the top . . .   Thanks, James



Hi Arnie and Friends..

The world desperately needs noble worthy leaders who will address the masses with utter humility, eloquence, boldness and truth.

These words seem to come from another dimension.. and appear to have been inspired by the spirit of truth, freedom, justice, the Constitution and some unseen forces..   This is the immaculate vision I hold for America and the World..

I think we understand the kind of leader the world awaits…

Now, how do we make this happen? Is it possible for ‘we the people” to put away our petty differences and embrace constructive ideas that can encompass all of humanity?

This can not work with our current ‘elite controlled leaders”.. However, if we do not support the Ideal, we can never have a God centered truth freedom and justice in this world..  To these ends I am inspired..     World/AmericAwake JT


My beloved brothers and sisters, it is with great joy and gratitude that I stand before you today as your President. I have not prepared a speech for this special ceremony, nor have I had a speech-writer do it for me. I do not want anyone telling me what I should say, because nobody can possibly know what I have within my heart to share with you. I also did not want to simply memorize a carefully-worded speech that I could have written myself. I know that many others do such a thing; some even do so in order to create the illusion that they are charismatic and inspiring. However, I believe that it hinders the fire of the spirit that flows from me to you while I am speaking. Otherwise, it would be cold, impersonal, superficial, and insincere. Therefore, I will humbly do today what I have always done in the past; I will simply speak to you directly from my heart with nothing but love and honesty. I sincerely hope that is acceptable to you all.

I would like to begin by saying that this Office of President is truly sacred. It is the Office, and not the man or woman who serves in that Office, that is meant to be honored. Therefore, I promise before ALL to wear this magnificent Mantle with honor and integrity for however long I am blessed to have it. If at any time I bring dishonor to this Sacred Office or this Hallowed Nation, I will immediately resign so that someone worthier than me may take my place.

My beloved friends, I love this nation and all of humanity more than my life itself. It is my solemn vow to do everything with the powers bestowed upon me tonot only promote and defend freedom in every nation around the world but to help this very nation rise to incredible heights of spiritual and technological achievement never before witnessed in recorded history. I am so very grateful for the privilege and opportunity of being here today, and I have no words to fully express the happiness and joy that I feel within me. It is not due to any vain, selfish, or prideful reasons of me becoming the elected leader of this glorious nation. Instead, my sincere elation is for you, the People…the Sons and Daughters of Freedom!

There have been many Presidents before me; God willing, there will be many more after me. However, I can say with my whole heart and soul that I will strive daily to BE the best President that I can possibly BE for you. My beloved friends, I am truly one of you. I have lived among you my entire life, and I know the pain and suffering that you experience on a daily basis. I have also struggled to maintain my individuality and be free of ignorance while attending schools that were programming us to do just the opposite I have also seen my hard-earned money end up in the hands of elitists, “donothing politicians”, and those who do not deserve to have it. I have tried to live a healthy and natural life while so much within society is leading us to live unhealthily and unnaturally. I have experienced the tyranny of corrupt politicians and manipulative elitists who continually seek to maintain power, control, and wealth. I have also had many sleepless nights worrying about how I would find the way to support my family and help them to live better lives.

I, too, have wondered when we would finally have a President who genuinely cared about the People and did not just tell us what we wanted to hear in order to be elected or re-elected. Like you, I have had enough of the lying, manipulating, and betraying “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who will say and do anything in order to attain and retain positions of power. I have also had enough of such individuals getting into Office and then spending their time serving the elitists and special interest groups instead of the People…the ones who they are truly meant to be serving. I have had enough of the government getting larger instead of smaller and our rights getting trampled on instead of being protected. I, too, have experienced periods of great frustration, irritation, despair, and hopelessness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have always hoped and prayed for a worthy man or woman to be elected to this Sacred Office. However, it simply led to nothing but disappointment. All of the promises that were never fulfilled, all of the superficial excitement and false charisma, and all of the talk of representing the People…they were all just “empty words”. I am not the one who has deceived you over the decades, but I sincerely want to apologize on behalf of the Office of President. I pray that you will find forgiveness in your hearts and not come to believe that all politicians are selfish, greedy, deceitful, and corrupt. I sincerely hope that you will remember that it is not the Office that is corrupt; it is only certain individuals who have held that Office and were corrupt beforehand or had been corrupted by its power. I did not, do not, and will not claim to be perfect. I will also never claim, as many narcissists, to be the “savior” of this nation. However, what I will declare to you this day is that I will spend my precious years in Office working to help you to save yourselves and each other.

The time for Big Government has now come to an end! It is time for you, the People, to take back the power that is rightfully yours! My friends, that is your divine right! You have the true power of this nation…not the politicians or the elitists who have been arrogantly parading around as if they were the rightful rulers of this wonderful nation.They have tried to hide this Truth from the People for centuries; sadly, many of you believed their lies in the past. I say for all to hear, “Enough is enough! Thus far and no farther! Their day is done! A new Era of Excellence is about to begin. It will not come through one person alone, because I am not your savior. This government is not your savior. Instead, this Era of Excellence will come through the balanced power, wisdom, and love of the People themselves. With God’s guidance and wisdom, you are your own saviors!” For too long, you have been oppressed and forced into various forms of slavery, even if you did not realize it at the time. Your wealth has been plundered; your towns have been pillaged; you have received deplorable education; you are being given biased and worthless news in the media; and you have almost no representation in the government that is meant to be representing you.

No, ladies and gentlemen, today is not MY victory; it is YOUR victory! It is yours, because I swear before God Himself that I will strive each day to demonstrate that I AM truly “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”…not “Of the Elite, By the Elite, and For the Elite”! My rest will only be that of the rest between heartbeats, and I will give every ounce of energy that I have within me in overturning the tables of the money changers and making this ground hallowed once again. I will labor to illumine you, inspire you, and empower you to improve your own lives, BE who you truly are, share your unique gifts with the world, and create a New Nation that all may come to admire and emulate.

This is not about me, my friends, this is about you. This is about Us! We the People will save this blessed nation! We the People are lovers of liberty, and we will eliminate the negative influence of communism and perverted capitalism once and for all. We will raise our children the way they were meant to be raised for natural development. We will finally provide our children with a true education that will help them to become incredible leaders in the future.

We will remove corrupt politicians and replace those serpents and vipers with dignified men and women who are worthy to represent us. We will prevent illegal drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and every other harmful substance from killing our citizens. We will stop the pharmaceutical companies from destroying our health and allow natural cures to replace their poisons. We will take control over our own money and eliminate the greedy banking institutions. We will no longer support war but will support peace instead. We will no longer dwell in fantasyland, be distracted by empty entertainment, or remain ignorant of what is taking place around us and around the world. Instead, we will strive each day to improve our own lives and those of others. We will know our rights so that no government will ever again be able to trample on them. We will always remember that our rights come from God and not the government! We will remain eternally vigilant so that the “few” can never again control the “many” for their own selfish gains. We will never allow our national sovereignty to be signed over so that a socialist, one-world government can control every nation on earth.

My beloved friends, it will not be an easy task of turning this blessed nation around. Every aspect of society must be transformed, and it will take time, a great deal of work, and patience. However, I am confident that together we will succeed! Together, there is nothing that cannot be achieved! Our strength of unity will help us to not only envision a bright future for this nation but will help us to establish a clear path toward that dream and make it a reality. I tell you now, dear ones, that there will be some who will seek to prevent us from having this glorious victory. They have far too much power, control, and wealth to lose if we succeed in creating the kind of nation that we all sincerely hope to have. Therefore, I warn you to be on guard, for they will seek to distract you, hinder you, and discourage you. I am not foolish or naïve; thus, I am also aware that some will even seek to destroy me through character assassination and, perhaps, even physical assassination. This is not paranoia; this is the truth, because that is exactly how such immoral individuals operate. They have no honor. However, we must not be deterred in our mission to create an incredible nation. We must remain steadfast and fearlessly deal with all of the enemies within and without that will try to get in our way.

I truly love every one of you. I would give my life itself in order to defend your lives and your God-given right to BE the individuals that you are. I am eager to harmoniously work with you all to build a nation unlike anything we have ever seen before! I am not afraid! I will not be intimidated! I will not be bribed or blackmailed! I will not be silenced! I will never give up and never retreat from striving to work with you in this noble cause! I am right here, and I am not going anywhere! Let them come, my friends, for we cannot be defeated when we work together. You have my word that I will do my part to bring their house of cards down. I will work to release the control that the serpents have over this nation. I will expose their lies and dirty secrets! I will play my role to the best of my ability, and my only motivation is to help you to be awakened, to be free, and to live better lives. No stone will remain unturned and no flaw will go unexamined. I intend on putting this entire government through the refiner’s fire so that only the purest institution remains. Over the years, the “servant” has become the “Master”. However, I will begin to reverse these roles back to the way they were originally meant to be!

I will flush out the liars, betrayers, deceivers, and manipulators who are pulling the strings of this government from the shadows, scheming behind closeddoors, stealing your money, and continuing to keep you in chains while they live their lives in luxury using your hard-earned money to do it! This government will be shaken upside-down and inside-out so that once again there will be individuals who put God above everything else, who sincerely desire to serve the People, and who seek to create a true God-Government on the earth. A Government where nobody is above the law, and everyone realizes that there is a Higher Authority over Man. I will decrease this government’s size in a way not seen since the founding of this blessed nation! The power will indeed be put back into your hands!

I promise that plots of land across this great nation will be freely given to all those who are interested in creating self-sufficient, family domains. It is time for you, my friends, to become more independent and responsible for your own lives. The time for depending upon the government to save you must be over! The time for oil companies stealing our money, polluting our planet, and preventing alternative ideas from being used must be over! The time for Big Business, no competition, government-supported monopolies, and the manipulation of economies must be over! It is now time for more entrepreneurs, small businesses, true competition, and a real free market economy to flourish!mIt is also time for the Age of Materialism, Meaningless Entertainment, and the Pleasure Cult to fade away so that an Age of Spirituality, Self-Improvement, and Enlightenment may take its place. The time has come for the “Old World” to be replaced by the “New World”. This will certainly be a wonderful journey! However, I cannot do it alone. I can seek to inspire you, and I can expose the tares among the wheat. Yet, it is always up to you to separate yourselves from the degradation of society and rise higher.

My beloved brothers and sisters, I will not force anything upon you. I AM your elected leader, but I want you to have a voice in what takes place within this nation. A nation full of man-made laws is extremely limiting and suffocating to the Spirit within us. Such a system is only necessary if the People do not have the awareness or self-discipline to govern themselves wisely. In order for us to begin changing how this nation operates, we all must continue working to surrender our human egos and the many perversions that they contain, such as ignorance, pride, hatred, lust, greed, selfishness, jealousy, fear, and doubt. We must labor to better ourselves and embody noble qualities, such as mercy, compassion, forgiveness, purity, honor, integrity, wisdom, and divine love.

The governments of the world are a reflection of the awareness of the citizens in every nation. The People in this blessed nation have collectively increased the level of their awareness. Thus, your demand for better leadership from your President and Representatives will be met. I AM here, because you firmly believe that I can do just that. I give you my word that I will strive to BE the kind of leader you truly hoped that I would BE. You will not have to regret voting for me, because I AM WHAT I AM. I have never shown you anything but the Real Me from the very beginning. I have never tried to hide anything from you, cover up my past, or manipulate the media in order to only show you the “good things” about myself. I have never lied to you. I have also never deceived you through clever double-talk, avoiding difficult discussions, misdirecting questions by talking about something else, having pre-approved questions for Q&A sessions, calling on certain journalists who I knew would ask easy questions, distracting the public by constantly attacking my opponents, filling you with false hope while I only intended to serve the elitists and those who donated large sums of money to my campaign, promising to lower taxes while I intended to actually raise them…but fooling you through carefully-worded speeches about the need to spend your money on supposedly “effective” programs, or convincing you that only “I” or the “government” can save you from the difficult circumstances taking place within this nation.

My beloved friends, I AM WHO I AM. There will be no surprises now that I have been elected as your President. Giving one’s word is a sacred vow to me, and I believe that lying should actually be charged as a crime. There is no honor in saying one thing and doing another. I made promises to you, and I AM a man of my word. Therefore, I will keep my promises! You will soon have more power over your own lives than any of you have ever experienced before. I gave you that promise, and I will keep it! However, in order to maintain this new way of life, we will all need to continue working very hard to transcend our current states of consciousness. We must strive daily to increase our understanding about ourselves, others, and all of life around us. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds must not harm ourselves, others, or the planet. It will not be easy, for that level of mastery requires a great deal of self control and self-discipline. When there is more freedom, it must follow that there is more responsibility. We have waited far too long for this opportunity to change ourlives and this nation; let us make the most of it. BE fearless, BE loving, BE wise, BE faithful, and use your priceless time and energy to create better lives for yourselves and others. You must not become so comfortable in your lives that it makes you slothful and incapable of working toward greater things.

Please, do not waste your valuable time through the useless activities that society constantly tempts you with. Such distractions will gradually disappear if you simply focus your attention on higher pursuits. It is vital that we surrender the destructive momentums of idolatry, sensuality, and materialism. They serve absolutely no purpose in creating a glorious world for ALL. Today is truly a New Day! It is a victory for you, my beloved friends, because this nation is going to be placed back into your hands. I will do whatever I can to help you in helping yourselves and each other. I will not be a ruthless dictator or a soft tyrant. Instead, love and wisdom will be the pillars by which I am supported as I take my stand to lead you into the Sunrise of this New Day. I will maintain a grand vision for this amazing nation and work to help all of you contribute your uniqueness in taking it to incredible heights. It will be hard work, because you will be the ones doing most of it. I assure you that there will be no saviors in this administration! I want you to be the saviors of yourselves! Let us not complain about the hard work that lies ahead, for you are about to experience a freedom that mankind has not seen in recorded history. That is cause for rejoicing!

Thus, the hard work should be accepted with immense joy. What could possibly be more exciting than to be alive…to have freewill…and to now have a government that is finally giving you the freedom and power that you rightfully deserve in order to use your thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds to create beautiful lives for yourselves and others? This is a culture that will declare for all to hear, “I AM Awake, and I AM Free!” Together, we can unquestionably use this opportunity to build a nation founded upon courage, wisdom, love, purity, truth, peace, justice, and freedom for ALL. We are unique individuals, but we are also all One! And when one person succeeds, we ALL succeed! There is nothing that cannot be accomplished when we work together in unity to serve each other and help all of humanity to progress.

I AM also the Commander-in-Chief! I promise that, under my watch, our brave troops will never fight in unnecessary wars. They will never be sent to die for opium or oil, and I will never lie to you about what action our military is taking. I will not send our brave men and women to be maimed or killed so that elitists can make billions of dollars in “blood money”. Instead, our valiant troops will remain right here defending the borders of this great nation from those who may seek to destroy our safe haven and way of life. They will guard this hallowed ground, which guarantees that everyone has certain inalienable rights and the opportunity to create better lives for themselves and their families.

I AM a Keeper of the Flame of Freedom! Therefore, I will use our blessed troops as “defenders of freedom”, if it is necessary, in order to also support others around the world who do not have the ability to protect their own Godgiven rights and cannot defend themselves against tyrants seeking to rob them of their freedom. War will always be our last option and using peaceful strategies to resolve situations will always be our first. However, I hope that the entire world will understand me clearly when I say this; “We will never give up one square inch of free land anywhere upon this sacred planet without a fight! That is my promise! There is absolutely no victory for mankind if people choose to remain passive and accept a ‘false peace’, for the freedom-haters would bring nothing but destruction and death to the masses. As a result, we could never build a Golden Age civilization. Allowing that to happen is simply not an option! Without anger or hatred, we have a right to defend the freedom of Man! And, as God as our witness, WE WILL!”

My beloved Friends of Light, I could stand here before you and speak until I have no voice left, because my heart is overflowing with gratitude, love, and joy. However, enough has already been said here today. Words are good, but actions are even better. Therefore, let us be up and busy laboring to rebuild this blessed nation, under God, in a manner that supports the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being of every soul living here…as well as every beloved brother and sister living in other nations. Let us be remembered by future generations, not as men and women who merely spoke of doing great things, but instead as courageous individuals who strove to BE who they truly were inside and then took action to make the very changes that they wished to see in the world.

Once again, I humbly ask you to accept my sincere appreciation for your love, your support, and for believing that I might be worthy of serving you. It is my life’s honor to BE your President, and I give thanks to you and to the Creator for this priceless opportunity. I know that it is not a right; it is a privilege. Thus, I will do my best to work for the greater good of ALL.

My beloved friends, I AM very grateful to be here today. I do not care about having statues and monuments dedicated to me when my time as President is over. I do not care about fame or fortune. I do not care about power or control. I also do not care about what the biased media or my enemies say about me, for I will know that my intentions were always pure. However, if I am to be remembered for anything when I am no longer occupying this Office and even long after my death, I pray that it will be for the only goal that I have as your current President. Yes, my friends, I have just one goal…but this goal will indeed change EVERYTHING. So, if I am to be remembered, I hope that it will be as “The President who finally put the power back into the hands of the People…where it rightfully belongs!”

Today is a glorious day! However, please do not celebrate this occasion because of me. Instead, celebrate this day because the Creator has lovingly smiled upon this nation, and together we will become a beacon of light, hope, and freedom for the world! To Man be the victory, and to God be the glory! I love you ALL with an eternal love, and I AM the servant of ALL. May God bless you; may God bless this sacred nation; and may God bless all of our beloved brothers and sisters around the world!!


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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