01/11/2015 Indictment for Embezzlement/Theft/Racketeering 2 Counts

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01/11/2015 Indictment for Embezzlement/Theft/Racketeering 2 Counts


  1.  On 10/2014 in the “Court of Records” of the Common Law Grand Jury of Saint Johns County, Florida, the tour conductor, Maria Constanza Shults, offered her indefeasible contract flier, for 23 days Marian Pilgrim Trip to Europe 2015; with the terms of $300.00 down payment, for the amount of $7281.00. 
  2. On 09/21/2014 many customers made full payment of the $7281.00 and Maria Constanza Shults sent only the down payment for the amount of $300.00 to an International Travel Corporation. See Exhibit 1
  3. On 10/28/2014 Maria Constanza Shults, under her name, in her private account, deposited the remainder of the payment for Europe/2015; the amount of $6863.00. See Exhibit 2. 
  4. On 12/21/2014 Maria Constanza Shults blocked her phone number to some Pilgrims requesting information about rumors of canceling the trip, and not returning payments. 
  5. On 12/21/2014 the spiritual Director of the trip was also unable to contact Maria Constanza Shults by email or by phone. Her phone was out of service for some and not for other pilgrims. 
  6. On 12/26/2014 Joaquin DeMoreta-Folch, Administrator of the Common Law Grand Jury of Saint County, Florida, was requested to proceed with the investigation for a possibility of a crime committed by Maria Constanza Shults and others. 
  7. On 01/08/2015 Maria Constanza Shults, answered the phone call, from the Travel International Corporation and requested cancellation of the trip. Travel International Corporation denied this request, for the fact that the trip payments were paid. Travel International Corporation also informed her that she had deposited the payments in her banks accounts. 
  8. On 01/08/2015 Maria Constanza Shults ignored the facts of keeping the money and affirmed that she was in Columbia, South America. 
  9. On 01/08/2015 Joaquin DeMoreta, Administrator of the Common Law Grand Jury of Saint Johns County, Florida, with so many contradictions from Maria Constanza Shults, made calls at the same time and day, to many different witnesses. There is no doubt of the crime of embezzlement, theft, and racketeering committed by Maria Constanza Shults. 
  10. On 01/09/2015 Joaquin DeMoreta reported, to the Common Law Grand Jury of the Saint Johns County, Florida, the undeniable evidences, facts, victims banks receipts, and balance statements which were obtained in propria persona by the Common Law Grand Jury Administrator. 
  11. On 01/09/2015 the sad conclusion is that Maria Constanza Shults, Et al, has no desire to amend the transgressions committed. Therefore, these repeated actions are conspiracies against the public, endanger the public health, violate public morals, insult public justice, destroy the public peace, and affect public trade or business. 
  12. On 01/09/2015 the remedy in these cases is by Common Law Grand Jury Indictment.

We the People must prevail to secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves, and your/our Posterity; or De Facto officers will prevail to secure their Tyranny! 


Please proceed accordingly.

Joaquin DeMoretaGod Grace AdministratorCommon Law Grand Jury of Sheridan County, Nebraska.

Date:  01/13/2015
Phone: (904) 704 7765
E-mail: joaquin@eternalrefuge.com
Web Site: Saint Johns County Common Law Grand Jury.com 

URL: http://www.wethepeoplecommonlawgrandjury.com Fbook: Joaquin DeMoreta Facebook Page
NOTICE: The above information is ordered by the Supreme Law of the Land Bill of Prohibitions Amendment VI [6] Title: “Public Trial” WHEREFORE: Please share.

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