Wounded Warrior Project – Reported as a scam

On Jan 21, 2015, at 2:41 PM, J. Thomas McCalman <tommccalman@bellsouth.net> wrote:

Jim sent this last week.  In mail today was a letter from Wounded Warrior asking for contribution.  They enclosed a stamp.  

Based on information Jim forwarded, which I believe to be correct, getting funds is the only realy interest of those behind this fund.  Reminds me of the old truth about almost all career politicians, “No matter what they say their only real intest is staying in office.”

Anyway, I thought most of you would like to know.  Thanks, Jim.


On Friday, January 16, 2015 7:29 PM, Jim Rose 

It makes me sick every time I see  these poor guys on TV having to beg for help because our government  would rather spend billions on things like Peace Corp, United Nations and Foreign Aid. We can’t take care of our own Veterans but we give all this away Thanks to people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. NO THANKS TO THIS PROJECT. Give me a name and a family and I’ll do my own giving. I’m sorry this beautiful country has stooped this low. – – JR

Wounded Warrior Project

I recently pointed out in an article that I thought it was obscene that the executive director of Wounded Warriors is paid well over $300,000 a year. I also wondered how the group could afford to advertise as extensively as it does on Fox News.

But, I recently received an email from Dr. Richard Stiso that exposed exactly how the charity spends the money it receives from patriotic Americans. According to Guidestar, a group that investigates charities, the Wounded Warrior Project might as well be run by the Mafia. In 2012, the WWP received an astronomical $154,958,901, with a measly $4,857,084 going out in grants to veterans’ organizations and $671,194 to individuals. That means that the group only used 3.5% of the money it received for the purpose intended.

In the meantime, the Officers, Directors and Trustees hauled in $15,415,666 million, with Employee Benefits ($2,226,457), Office Expenses ($12,451,303), Travel ($4,086,509), Promotional Items ($4,055,567) and something called Outside Services ($20,915,404) accounting for roughly 50% of what’s listed as “Overhead Expenses.”


Check this out:



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