Armed Impostors criminally seized control of the people’s lawful state government?

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When the Right to Petition is Deprived by Arrest
JANUARY 21, 2015

ErnieSilvr | Ernie is part of the the Neighborhood Emergency Action & Response (NEAR group) that meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month in Chewelah Washington. Ernie can be contacted at

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Seeking to exercise a First Amendment guaranteed and protected right to peaceable assemble and redress a grievance led to three people living in  Stevens County Washington being arrested and jailed. 

So what happened in Stevens County Washington? 

  1. The People on Stevens County notified their eleven elected officials on April 5, 2014, that they were Non-Compliant with State Law (see here) and received no response.
  2. Again on May 27, 2014, each elected were served with a Notice of Vacancy of Office. (see here). None responded.
  3. In letters dated June 11, 2014, the newly elected People’s Oversight Commission served a Directive to Answer to the People. Still no one responded.
  4. When a correspondence entitled 76 Questions which Require a Response was issued to the occupier of the office of Stevens County Prosecutor, only then did the People get a flaming response.  (see here).
  5. One of the usurpers of county office was Kendle Allen, who occupies the office of Sheriff yet didn’t follow state law to taken an Oath of Office for the term beginning Jan. 1, 2011, until 3 years, 2 months and 12 days later.
  6. The people, who are charged with the responsibility to maintain control over the instruments of government they have created, have been repeatedly snubbed and ignored by an irresponsible and aloof public servants.
  7. When two newly elected persons won office in November of 2014, they did not follow state law either even after they were given a friendly letter notifying them of the obligations imposed by the State Legislature, in advance of taking office, on how to be compliant regarding their Oath.
  8. So, to openly punish the people for attempting to hold non-responsive public servants accountable to state law, the people were assaulted, falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned.
  9. Two had to seek medical attention upon release from jail – Dennis Patterson, for a nearly dislocated shoulder. Every elected person who fails to duly qualify, as have the 11 former and current candidates-elect, are now engaging in unlawful acts.
  10. RCW 42.20.030 expresses the penalty for falsely personating or representing a public officer as a gross misdemeanor (exactly what the three redress petitioners were charged with).

Liken the requirement to “duly qualify” for public office as a baseball player who hits a Home Run over the fence. Is the batter allowed to run back into the dugout or is he REQUIRED to run the bases, being careful to touch every base in order for the Home Run to be registered on the scoreboard? Same thing applies to elected public servants. They must subscribe an Oath of Office, (1st), obtain their required bond (2nd), file both Oath and bond in the appropriate requisite offices (3rd), and then empower the County Auditor to record the document into the official public records by paying the Auditor’s ‘filing fee’ (Home Plate). One or more “bases” have been missed (at this point in discovery, intentionally) by those occupying the People’s offices in Stevens County. The People are the Umpire. They People have established that the elected have failed to duly qualify and now illegally usurp these offices and illegally collect a paycheck.

Most of you are aware that times are tough and a large part of that reality is that government not only has both hands in our collective pockets but is directly responsible for the collapsing economy that has deprived millions of people from jobs with which to support themselves.

 These redress petitioners are standing in the gap for their children and grandchildren, for you and your families, willing to put their very lives and freedom on the line; willing to risk imprisonment to make your cause heard.
 One redress petitioner has tendered a plea for assistance as follows:

Dear Family and Friends,

It will be some time before I have phone service. I will be able to check e-mail every 2d or 3d day.   I am beyond my wits end in the trouble I’ve had over the last 2 and a half weeks trying to maintain phone service (not to mention periodic issues with e-mail).  I’ve now been through 3 phones and its time to throw in the towel for now.  I am eligible for a free phone with 250 minutes a month but it will be a couple weeks before it comes in.

Some of you are aware that I am currently at zero income and just can’t seem to get a job like millions of others. Sure the economy may be rolling again but it aint happenin’ here.   Since I lost my job with SNAP (Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs) in May I have put in 108 applications and had 4 interviews.  Fortunately I did get a private buyer for the house so the mortgage is covered for now.  I am back in the off-grid cabin. Thanks to many wonderful friends I am well stocked on wood and have been able to feed the car.  I had slowly built up a reserve food supply and am good for a couple months there.  Cross your fingers and pray the car hangs in there.

The truck has been in the shop for 2 months and they can’t figure out what is wrong with it.

While I have been tight financially most of my adult life this is the first time I have had to deal with destitution.  It’s difficult to understand until you are in it.  So many things we take for granted–like the ability to just pick up the phone and talk to a loved one or be contacted by a potential employer.

I don’t think it is any coincidence this is happening while I am dealing with the most important issue in my life.  It not only effects my immediate personal freedom and that of the two heroic people who stood with me because they believe in our cause, my good spirit and intelligence in leadership.

The outcome will literally effect millions more. The issues behind our arrests are way bigger than we are.  We have been criminalized for exercising our right to peacefully assemble and redress a grievance with our county government by reading it aloud. (see U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment–not sub-section of sub-section obscure–teach your kids and grandkids because they are not getting it in public schools.)

We are being cast as dangerous people because of our belief that our elected have to follow the same law they hold over us.  You can see why reading the truth to the public scared the be-jesus out of them to the point they resorted to violence against us–they are socio-pathic tyrants wielding way too much power and control without accountability due to all the special immunities and privileges they have granted themselves.

Many of you have sensed there is something terribly wrong with our governments–this is it. We are exposing it.  Every revolution to make the world better starts this way.  Good people being arrested and abused for speaking truth to power.  When confronted by truth and justice Tyrants always resort to using their goons with guns.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. 
Margaret Mead


If you are willing to assist these brave men and women financially for their defense, donations can be sent to:

Dennis Patterson, 5272 S. Wallbridge Rd., Deer Park, WA 99006 or to The People, Box 448, Chewelah, Washington 99109.

Thank you



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