Public Notice – Attention ALL Impostors, Impersonating Public Servants!

On Jan 19, 2015, at 10:17 AM, Steve Curry <> wrote:

You’ve, no doubt, kept up with the Rod Class expose’ of our nation’s corporate take over.  If not, perhaps you’ve heard of two other fine gentlemen with the names of Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther KIng!

I would challenge ANY attorney, judge, magistrate, and ALL other foreign corporate criminal impostors to dispute, argue, protest, or rebut, what Mr. Class, Mr. Jefferson, or Mr. King, with their incredible courage & honor, have revealed to the American people!  It’s just a little thing called “FREEDOM!!”

I challenge our media, along with ALL of our country’s County Sheriffs, and ALL those who call themselves American journalists, or LAW Enforcers, to tell this story, and to take action!

If you are NOT impressed with the work of Mr. Class, Mr. Jefferson, or Mr. King, perhaps you will pay more attention to your current corporate boss, Mr. Eric Holder, who, on Friday, issued an Executive Order “ending civil forfeitures” by ALL local & state law enforcers.  These “civil forfeitures” include, but are NOT limited to; “All Private Property,” as in “tangible & intangible, UnLienable, and Natural individual rights, freedoms, liberties, and pursuits!”

This means, that as a local, State, or Federal LAW enforcement officers, you CANNOT even detain, restrain, assault, or embezzle ANY “Property” belonging to an individual, or the People, without “clear evidence of a crime!”  Without an “INJURY” of ANY kind, there can be NO CRIME!  To “assume,” or to “presume” an “INJURY” in an effort to induce, force, or coerce the “Theft of an individual’s “private property,” is a CRIME in, and of, itself!  Doing so, without first establishing “probable cause,” or without a LAWful warrant, is a FELONY!  A MISDEMEANOR, or a FELONY, perpetrated by a “public official,” or “government employee,” is a TREASONABLE OFFENSE, and PUNISHABLE under LAW!

“INJURY” is defined as Any invasion of a LAWful Right!”

If you break down Mr. Holder’s Executive Order, NO local, or State LAW enforcement officer is, from this point forward, allowed to issue a ticket, a citation, a writ, or warrants of ANY kind, from ANY court of law, which does NOT identify a “CRIME,” or “INJURY,” and which ONLY produces “revenue” for the foreign courts of law set up by the British Crown Templar, and/or implemented by ANY “officer of the court,” which includes ALL “ATTORNEYS of Record” in ALL 50 States!!!   

The courts, which you may have knowingly, intentionally, or negligently given your loyalties & allegiances to, are now DEFUNCT, and ALL orders, whatever they might be, are deemed, under LAW, to be NULL & VOID upon their issuance!!!  ALL executions of “statutory laws,” a.k.a. “revenue laws,” are NOW PROHIBITED, and will NOT be supported by the Federal government, or ANY of it’s shadow corporate fictions!!

If you are looking for pure “evidence of a crime,” as Mr. Holder insists must accompany a forfeiture, you need look no further than the Oaths of Office taken, signed, filed, or registered, by every single “Office-Holding BAR member,” as in District Attorneys, “judges,” “magistrates,” “attorney-at-laws,” “state attorneys,” “county attorneys,” or “municipal attorneys,” throughout the US!!  Each of these Oaths of Office are clearly bogus & fraudulent, as ALL BAR members are “foreign agents of their foreign principle,” and they are NOT State, or US Citizens!!  These “NON-Citizens” have NO LAWful jurisdiction, authority, or power, over the People of America, without FULL DISCLOSURE as to who they are, and what their intentions are, or have been, and without the FULL INFORMED & WRITTEN CONSENT of the People, which they have NEVER been given!  Their “PRESUMPTIONS” of jurisdiction, authority, and power, have been nothing more than “Criminal Misrepresentations,” “Criminal Trespasses,” and “Fraud!”

These fictitious & fraudulent “OATHS OF OFFICE” have been used to “LEGALIZE” the “FOR-PROFIT” trades of Pedophilia, Pornography, Drug Trafficking, Slavery, Peonage, Barratry, Human Trafficking, Domestic Terrorism, Money Laundering, Racketeering, Antitrust Activities, Extortion, Blackmail, Wrongful Arrests, Wrongful Detainments, UnLAWful Imprisonments, Rape, Torture, and Murders, among a host of other heinous, and unforgivable CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and against the Sovereign People of America!

With such historical, rock-solid, and empirical evidence, as in their signed “OATHS OF OFFICE,” which are “written confessions to treason & fraud in a court of law,” and that which has been presented by Mr. Class, you as County Sheriffs have the People’s authority, obligation, and duty, to arrest & incarcerate these “foreign agents,” while the media has the People’s authority to report ALL BAR members as Traitors, in a similar manner as the media currently produces their daily “Police Blogs!”  The media is also obligated, and responsible to post, FOR FREE, the FORECLOSURES on their “OATHS OF OFFICE,” a.k.a. “PROMISSORY NOTES,” no differently than they have published FORECLOSURES against homeowner’s “PROMISSORY NOTES,” who have lost their homes & property to fraudulent mortgage, finance, and banking practices!

In continuing to execute “Statutory,” or “Court Ordered Revenue laws,” ALL LAW Enforcement Officers are, herein, reminded of the following Common LAWS, that have been with us for centuries;

     A). Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters, [21]; “If a man has broken into a house he shall be killed before the breach and buried there.”

     B). Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters, [22]; “If a man has committed highway robbery and has been caught, that man shall be put to death.”

     C). Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters, [23]; “If the highwayman has not been caught, the man that has been robbed shall state on oath what he has lost and the city or district governor in whose territory or district the robbery took place shall restore to him what he lost.”

“OATHS OF OFFICE,” like ALL other “PROMISSORY CONTRACTS,” are “Commercial Instruments,” and can be FORECLOSED upon, when these “OATHS” have been fraudulently given, taken, signed, filed, registered, securitized, monetized, or when these “OATHS” have been used as instruments of FRAUD & TREASON against the People!!

Once the American People discover the “Commercial Value” of FORECLOSING on the “OATHS OF OFFICE” of BAR members, there will be NO place on Earth these thieves & pirates will be able to hide!

For those who do NOT know what an “OATH OF OFFICE” means, the following Black’s LAW Dictionary definition should be of help;

 “OATH. An external pledge or asseveration, made in verification of statements made or to be made, coupled with an appeal to a sacred or venerated object, in evidence of the serious and reverent state of mind of the party, or with an invocation to a supreme being to witness the words of the party and to visit him with punishment if they be false.”   

ALL American journalists, who may consider themselves HONORABLE, and having ANY INTEGRITY, at all, are obligated to report on this developing story, and to report the TRUTH!  In doing so, the media will be exposing their colleagues in the BAR to deportation, or worse!  NOT having the HONOR, or INTEGRITY, to report this story, journalists & editors will find themselves being punished, imprisoned, and/or deported, as “Accessories after the fact,” along with each & every BAR member in this country!!!!

Do We the People have your attention???  Or, will you continue to cower like the corporate TRAITORS & COWARDS you’ve been acting like???

All of this can & will be done very peacefully, and with mercy, providing the County Sheriffs, and the media, DO THEIR JOBS as OUR elected officials, and/or as agents of the media, supporting the 1st Amendment Rights of the People!  If there are those Sheriffs, or members of the media, who don’t possess the individual HONOR, or the INTEGRITY, to do their jobs, they are advised to please step out of the way!

More directly, We would advise, either LEAD, FOLLOW, or get the HELL out of the way!

For members of the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, all the way from the lowly municipal BAR attorney to the Supreme Court BAR Justice, is now coming down, and there is, absolutely, NOTHING anyone can do to stop their downfall!  OUR “public servants” will need to make things RIGHT with those who elected them, while the corporate media needs to remind themselves of their own “Misprisons of Felonies & Fictions,” and to take corrective actions to insure their livelihoods, and their allegiances to the People they serve and, also, profit from.

Finally, should anyone have ANY questions, whatsoever, as to WHO started this mess, I invite you to have a close look at the following video; 

It is NOW Time to do the Right Thing, and do what is RIGHT for you, your family, your children, and the communities that have given your their TRUST!

Very Sincerely!

Private Patent & Estate of Steven Duane Curry; “House of Curry”

All Rights Reserved © 2015 – Status quo ante bellum

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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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