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11, 2013


This Complaint is written on September 11,
2013 in the Spirit of 9/11 where terrorists tried unsuccessfully to take
over the U.S. 
Patriots stepped up
and stopped the further proliferation of the damage.  Patriots stepped up
and rescued the victims.  Patriots stopped the criminals. 

This Complaint is acknowledging and documenting
officially that the U.S. Department of Justice is not prosecuting those
who need to be prosecuted in the largest crime spree in the history of the
U.S.— the fraudulently forced foreclosure sales of homes, making
families and children unnecessarily and illegally homeless.  Patriots are
supposed to step up and stop the further proliferation of the damage.
Patriots are supposed to step up and rescue the targeted victims.
Patriots are supposed to stop the criminals.

We ask why  One West Bank (formerly IndyMac
Bank) is not being prosecuted for their executive team’s well designed fraud,
misrepresentation, outright lies, malfeasance, misfeasance, corruption and
stealing of homes that they don’t even own through foreclosure ?

Over 450 of us have
followed all of the legal steps by contacting the following organizations
before coming to you, with many of them receiving multiple and repetitive
contacts One West Bank, FDIC, Asst. DA Franklin Monsour Jr.,
CFPB, OTS, OCC, Federal Reserve, State Attorney Generals, Secret Service, Department
of Homeland Security, FBI and the DOJ.  Yet no one is prosecuting or
following up on these complaints and we are not the only ones who
are complaining. For example, there is a Case # Qui Tam 9:12-CV1138-RSR
already filed but not a thing has been done in regard to investigating this

If Martha Stewart and
Bernie Madoff were not too big to prosecute, why aren’t  YOU PROSECUTING
John Paulson, Steven Mnuchin, Mike Dell and George Soros, of One West Bank
plus the many others?
What makes them above
the laws? What makes them prosecution proof? These men are the
“domestic terrorists” of September 11, 2013, pillaging the country in
complete defiance of the laws.  And what part of the Constitution and
“equal under the law, nation of laws, justice for all” isn’t
understood by those in government whose salaries are paid for by the taxpayers
who are getting shafted?

If we lie to the government, it is a
felony; if the government lies to us it is just  politics.


If we
commit forgery and fraud, it is a felony; if the banks,
government, or Congress commit forgery and fraud it is business as usual.

And you try to tell us the laws are equally applied!  That is
“pure fraud.”–  pure fraud by the government, the very
government that is supposed to protect the people that elected them.


are not protecting the people, you are protecting Yourselves, Corporations,
Banks and Wall Street.

Your track record is abysmal and we expect and demand it to change, bring these
criminals to justice.

So on this sacred September
11, we have no choice but to document officially that the U.S. Department of
Justice is permitting domestic terrorists to take over our country, with no
restraints on their criminal actions.  These financial
cirminals started on Wall Street, jeopardizing the world’s economy, and
now with their unrestrained gluttony, they have been reaching out to
steal homes with a criminal enterprise of planned fraud schemes (you will
find already “convicted criminals” at some junctions in your
investigation of this national crime spree–they have infiltrated several
important police functions and incapacitated the police in a very
sophisticated criminal program).  One West Bank is doing this in complete
defiance of the banking and mortgage laws
(even the most basic Truth in
Lending laws), and even in defiance of Consent Orders that were supervised by
the Judiciary!

Do you really think that we do not see that the
Justice System is failing us and that the President, politicians, press, banks
etc. are in bed with each other trying to protect their own interests’? Why
does it take an Act of God and years of our lives to claim the justice we
deserve and for real action to be taken? Why are people like us who have taken
it upon ourselves to lead the charge for justice getting black balled? Why
does the FBI refuse to respond to our personal visits, our phone calls and letters?
If in fact the “side bar” settlements made outside of courts on lawsuits by
investors against servicers and pseudo lenders is meant to stabilize the
economy…well that is not happening!  If the government agencies are
denying us the proper due process, then this looks like a dictatorship (by the
Gangster Bankers who want to rule the world). Our government agencies are meant
to protect the general public— not protect the corrupt entities–the
criminals. Then TODAY, with your abdication of your job to prosecute, this
America is not a free country as the founding fathers decreed, fought
and worked so hard for. Remember it is supposed to be: Government by the people
for the people, NOT government for themselves and big corporations and to
hell with the rest.

CEO Steven Mnuchin, John
Paulson and George Soros (investors in One West Bank) had  and still have
very lucrative Wall Street relationships and manipulated the market to their
advantage through Goldman Sachs where they conspired to blatantly lie and
mislead investors causing them to lose fortunes while these racketeers
increased their own already vast personal fortunes. They then decided to form
One West Bank to pick up the dregs of the very bank they caused to fail
(IndyMac bank) and more with guarantees through their political
contributions. They have close political ties to U.S. Congressman Charles
Schumer, your boss U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama and the
Super Pac fund which appears to be allowing them immunity from prosecution. THESE

Assistant US Attorney General in Florida,
Franklin Monsour Jr was quoted as saying that the “shared loss
agreement” by the FDIC was/is a bad deal for the homeowners and the
taxpayers; however, these deals are permitted to continue to abuse American
families all across the nation while One West Bank (founded by the dynasty
family of Goldman Sachs) breaks records with super profits! The FDIC which
originated the transfer/assignment or sale of the assets of these failed banks
to One West Bank is aiding and abetting a fraud cover up that is well
publicized and documented. Furthermore, the FDIC is refusing to protect us
“the victims,” and is instead informing the banks of details of
our complaints that help these “domestic financial terrorists”
keep covering their fraud. We have personally caught the FDIC in lies to
us. Our complaints to the Office of Thrift Supervision (no longer
exists) and the CFPB and other relevant authorities go nowhere and
the “buck” gets passed again and again and again with no action
Independent Foreclosure Review conducted by the OCC and the Federal Reserve has
NEVER asked us for additional documents and proof of the fraud scheme by One
West Bank, as the Federal representatives promised to do in
their letter to us.  In fact, we can not initiate the introduction of
that additional proof of criminal fraud and civil noncompliance because the
“real” investigator is NOT Rust Consulting BUT INSTEAD Navigant
Consulting whose contact information has “been redacted” from all
internet postings by the Federal Government.  We can NOT contact the
“real investigator” and the “real investigator” has never
contacted us homeowners. 

On this sacred day for our mourning nation, we
are reporting this national scandal “officially” to the
Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice about U.S. Attorney
General Eric Holder’s repeated refusals to perform a full and proper
independent investigation of the unsound, fraudulent and
illegal practices of One West Bank. Also Mr. Holder should be investigated
for his involvement in eluding the facts that have been well documented in
a Consent Order which One West Bank continues to violate with impunity.
Additionally, we believe that U.S. Attorney General Holder is trying to run out
the Statutes of Limitations on the crimes conducted by chief political
contributors to President Obama’s political campaigns, some of whom are
extensively invested in One West Bank.


Our group of 450 people who have gathered at are just a drop in the ocean of the millions of people who
have been and continue to be harmed by One West Bank. We do not want to hear
any more that you accept in an investigation of the One West Bank
criminal acts the repeated One West Bank response of “no comment.”  We demand to see a real, thorough, serious,
prompt and public investigation for all of America to see and read.
Furthermore, we request under the Freedom of Information act the real
payments given out to One West Bank under the shared loss agreement: The
REAL accounting books need to be made public–it is no longer sufficient for
One West Bank and the FDIC to produce the fake, counterfeit books,
documents, and records. The FDIC has hidden the real information, said they are
confidential and has refused our requests under the FOIA to view this
information. The FDIC releases only partial information which is makes it
appear as a cover up. Why is this information confidential/secret?


The only truth will be found in the “money trail,”
because up until now all we know is that they have forged and fabricated
documents on assignments; One West Bank has committed mail fraud,
money laundering and Tax fraud “which has stolen from all
citizens—not just homeowners. We as citizens deserve to be protected against
“backroom” abuse and fraud. Who is hiding what from the
public?  Who and why are they being shielded?
Who is covering up
for these Gangster Bankers and more importantly WHY?


 “Why is it that 95% of
the recovery gains
in the last 5 years under President Obama’s
administration have GONE TO only 1 % of the population?
Follow the money!


And WHEN will the prosecutors in your office step in and
stop the multiple violations of the financial laws by One West Bank?
After the Statute of Limitations have expired?  If so, that is a violation
of your legal and ethical responsibilities, as professionals and employees paid
by the taxpayers to prosecute. At a certain point, you too become part of
this criminal syndicate, by enabling the crimes to continue….and then you
should be prosecuted for a multitude of failures and lassitude.


This country was created to be a Nation of Laws.  There
are no laws, if they are not enforced by you, who are paid by us to enforce the
laws against all terrorists…including the domestic financial terrorists at
One West Bank.


We demand an immediate and thorough
public investigation of One West Bank (and its then division IndyMac
Mortgage Servicing)  and all of the above mentioned individuals. No
more of this cover up and protecting the cronies on Wall Street. We look
forward to hearing from you within 10 days of receipt of this letter with a
Case Number, the identification of a responsible Contact
Investigator/Prosecutor, and a proper, timely follow through.


Honoring our September 11 Patriots,


Rebecca Isaac in California (  Founder

H. Kelly in California  P.O. Box 237,
Pleasanton, CA 94566  (

T. Colebrook in California  c/o 4217 W.142nd
St, Hawthorne, CA  90250 (310-420-0508)

James Beekman in Florida 427 9th St,
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


T. Inden in California

A. Burdette in California

J. Dill in California

Lucy Curran in Florida

Deborah Berry in Florida


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