As for Rep. Lebsock, I prey he is willing to do what is right.

On Jan 18, 2015, at 1:47 PM, Jim Porter <> wrote:

That is Great News…..

I’m sending you a separate message from Carl, the entire message is important, and the give me liberty part is what shall never be forgotten.

As for Rep. Lebsock, I prey he is willing to do what is right. 

In theory, A  criminal complaint by the People, individually or as body whole, is a public request to address a public concern to protect the public safety. No more, yet no less.

In Common Law, a trial is held upon evidence from a complaining party submission, of credible evidence that a crime has been committed.( Please find a way to relay this to Rep. Lebsock. You are submitting credible evidence a crime has been committed, to him, a Representative of the People.)(And this is Why!)(The state attorney is being named as a criminal.)

Once the need for a public trial was submitted to the state’s top law enforcement official, (PLEASE read the opening statement, second sentence.)

Home | Colorado State Attorney General









Home | Colorado State Attorney General

Thank you for visiting the Colorado Attorney General’s Office and Department of Law webpage.

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and that evidence was ignored and suppressed, to prevent the criminal prosecution of any, and possible all government employees, a federal R.I.C.O. violation is confirmed. Remind him I had that confirmed by a C.B.I. Special Agent, Rosa Perez. Additional, the state web-site confirms the Colorado state attorney defends government employees from criminal prosecution. This defense is most often provided by simply not prosecuting a government employee for criminal violations.

Syndicated crime was(is) established by evidence, through actions or documents, when government employees (2 or more), from seemingly non related government departments, boards or commissions, (for example the department of law with the board of county commissioners), to conceal from a Common Law Jury, the relationship between two (possibly more, say a state chartered non profit corporation named C.T.S.I.) government group DEPARTMENTS (possibly just two individuals) conspiring to conceal criminal insurance fraud or other crimes against the People.

When I, a member of the state community provides credible evidence exposing state wide criminal fraud, it is to be expected those guilty of the crime(s) will deny the charges, which is their right before a Common Law Jury, picked and seated from the local community. 

Our, the People’s, complaint, is not a complaint the Colorado court system can prevent exposure of. To block exposure of criminal actions, detrimental to the People, committed upon the citizens of Colorado by trusted government employees, is a separate crime upon the People. Yet I have a document from the Colorado Supreme Court granting attorneys a privilege not to follow state statute(s), and there is no legislative authority for this statement.

Perfected evidence will convict guilty government employees, on a case by case basis. I feel this includes most all employees of the department of law in Colorado. False evidence will result in not guilty verdict, thus preventing future prosecution of an individual for the same crime. Yet the debate will be heard by the People.

In Common Man words, ‘A criminal complaint starts a public debate to address public issues to prevent crimes against the people’. This reasoning coupled with the state attorney’s complete refusal to protect the People from reported crimes by the hands of government employees started a 12 year investigation which discovered documents to expose the Colorado department of law as a syndicated crime ring, as mentioned above. I know why the department of law is denying my claims, but that does not make the department of law just.

Please inform Rep. Lebsock I, under the penalty of perjury, make this statement to legally expose public corruption. I am kindly demanding a public debate (Common Law trial) to present this evidence to the People. As the state attorney is suspected of covering up government crime(s), a special prosecutor will be needed to moderate the proceedings before the jury.

I agree the accused be granted every opportunity to defend themselves before the eyes of the People. And if the accused be convicted, the People simply win. 

Here is review of syndicate.

the definition of syndicate









the definition of syndicate

Syndicate definition, a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions o…

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This easily brings to bear the federal penalties for R.I.C.O. violations. I can establish proof the state attorney instructed another law department attorney to refuse criminal prosecution of a named Colorado government employee, the executive director of the department of transportation, exposing two state attorneys violating R.I.C.O. This establishes the single most important reason current and past government employees, fear criminal prosecution and the penalties of my perfected exposure.(I have no personal regret for exposing criminals, employed by this state.)(I have no regret the syndicated crime ring includes thousands of government employees, not to mentions employees of many of other corporate ventures employing unknown co conspirators.)

Inform Rep. Lebsock I have witnesses if needed to confirm government fraud. These witnesses are, for the most part, ex government employees terminated because they refused to commit crimes against the people. Its these people that helped expose some of the documents to convict current government employees.

I prey, Rep. Lebsock believes documented government criminal fraud can not go undiscovered. I understand 60% of all government employees are honest, virtuous with untarnished character. The 60% graciously work for the People, documenting everything that happens, to clearly identify right from wrong. All we need to replace is the remaining 40%.

I have registered my allegations with the united States Securities and Exchange Commission, so with Representative Lebsock’s help at the state level, this can be exposed in the very near future, for the public debate the People so desperately want to be heard.

Jim Porter

Ridgway, Colorado

From: Dave At Comcast <>

To: Jim Porter <> 

Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2015 11:36 AM

Subject: Re: Lebsock called me

Lebsock responded to my email with a returned call. 

I have to call to see if I am on jury duty on the 20th. We plan on meeting at his office after jury duty is out of the way. He asked me to call back to make appt then

David Lynn Coffelt

2000 W 92ND Avenue #85

Federal Heights, Colorado 80260

720.206.8717 Cell

303.853.9914 Res


Fraud, Forgery, Cover-up & Corruption under COLOR OF LAW by ACTORS of Judicial & Executive State Officials with SOS forging Judge’s County Oath of Office as a District Court Judge. Forged oath of office reported to & ignored by Judicial Commission, 1st Judicial Chief Judge R. Brooke Jackson, 1st Judicial DA Investgator David Dechant, State of Colorado AG, Denver DA Evan Kwiatkowski, Denver FBI Special Agent Kimberly Milka, DOJ – OIG – FBI, Washington, DC. Crimes reported are ignored at every level of Government enforcement and protector. 


FOR NEWS INTERVIEWS OR INVESTIGATIONS FEEL FREE TO CONTACT Mr. Coffelt at 720.206.87174 Cell or 303.853.9914 Resident



“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…


Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”


— Martin Luther King, Jr.


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