The task is to drain the swamp…not discuss its beginning.

Thank you for commenting.  Permit me to interejct a thought.

While I agree with the accuracy and the perspective from which Judge Anna writes, I don’t presume to speak for her. Should she wish to respond, she will act on her own.

But to your point Mr. Stewart, in America today, were well past the point of discussing and debating the past.  and I strongly urge those who have the propensity to argue to the cows come home the various points of discussion that anyone can raise.  There are few people alive today who could even enter into what might be considered a meaningful discussion because no one has access to the truth. The history to which most of us would have access must be considered hearsay.

On that basis, while your intent is appreciated, it’s time to fish or cut bait!  The  purpose of creating the Scanned Retina  was to provide meaningful information, upon which every day regular Americans can begin to understand what “we” believe to be the most accurate rendition of the historical evidence, which has most likely been manipulated my those who wrote the history; the winners.

a word of clarification – the “we” to which I refer are the combined efforts and submissions of people from across the globe. People who are certainly a lot more knowledgeable and intelligent than  this old man.

In my view,  For certain, I am totally convinced… and therefore the following represents my own version of the truth,

  • there is no lawful government of the American people at any level. This is been the case since about 1862. 
  • As a result there has been no lawful actions or legislation created lawfully in the name of the people since 1862. Everything since that time must be considered null and void.

The American people have been victimized in due to their trusting and honest nature, exploited by devious and deceptive members of society which appear to be centered around the so-called, “legal” profession.

 As responsible Americans – sovereigns – we are obligated to act on the best information at hand. It is not our obligation, as law-abiding citizens who respect and honor our founders and the work they produced, to  prove anything to anybody. However, we are at a point in time when we have the responsibility to place our house in order.   To summarize, For the purposes of this current exercise… To drain the swamp…

It matters not, to me,  at this point, how that happened nor who was responsible,  

I am just convinced that  the lawful government of the American people was replaced with a criminal element, without the delegated authority of the people, and this same criminal gangs are still in place and continues to operate today in misrepresentation and fraud.

Therefore… It does not lawfully exist  accept through fraud and deception.   And now that we know Mr. Stewart, if I may remind you and the rest of our fellow citizens, there is no necessity to continue to debate the issue. The time has come where we must act – decisively  and on our own as the people!  

With no lawful government in place, it becomes our responsibility to form our own government if that’s what it takes to fill the vacant lawful seats abandoned since 1862. 

I’m confident to suggest that even the most reasonable and enthusiastically optimistic individuals can see that the Congress continues to lie and deceive those who pay their way.

It has been equally easy to observe, that again the American people are being used and exploited to buy time. Exploited by people misrepresenting themselves as officers of the American people’s government. This too is more of the same fraud.


And the members of Congress are not  acting in the capacity of the the lawfully elected representatives who were sent to Washington DC to act on behalf of the people. Instead, they have taken it upon themselves to misrepresent who and what they are and have adopted a corporate façade;  in the  mistaken belief this  corporate role gives them immunity from  prosecution  for the criminal conduct in which they have been operating.  

From the best accounts available, it appears this as at least been the case since about 1932. At that time the states were made franchises of the Corporation operating as the united states of America, Incorporated.

Your support is appreciated.

 arnie,   one, really getting even older, dumb guy…  

Charles Bruce Stewart commented on Anna addresses Cardinal George

Where the Bear Went, and Where We Are – by Anna von Reitz Posted: July 19, 2014 | Author: David Robinson | Filed under: …

Your level of in-sight is profound, Ms Anna.  Your communication with Karen Hudes was right “on the money”.  And you seem to grasp the importance of “Common-Law” in our American Organic/Constitutional form of Government.

But you seem to fail to grasp the significance of the historical “Conflict” between Roman Civil/Municipal law, as against our Anglo/American Common-Law. This Conflict Paralells the historical Conflicts between the Roman-Church, as against those “Gnostic Christians” who were later sub-divided in-to the numerous Factions which eventually manifested as the various “Protestant” denominations.

If you might actually be sufficiently open-minded to discuss the true mereits of these or other concerns; that would “make my day”.

Charles Stewart,

Sandy Oregon.


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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