The Civil Judge Advocates Council by Judge Anna von Reitz

The Civil Judge Advocates Council was formed when researchers discovered a startling fact— although the Alaska Legislature went through the motions to establish the proper court system of the land jurisdiction back in 1959, it was largely vacated and not used.

The Court Seal became a historical artifact through disuse and appeared only on a few old documents of that era– yet in fact this was the only Common Law Court ever established in accord with the Constitution and the only Court competent to deal with living people and land and other private property disputes in the Alaska State.

Clearly, it was up to the living people to restore the Court, find those competent to act as judges, clerks, bailiffs, etc., and start offering service as the “people” court. So that’s what the Civil Judge Advocates Council began working on.

It is the proverbial “missing piece” –all these other courts have been twisted out of character and form and forced to function outside their natural jurisdictions and upon the patently false presumption that all the parties they address have consented to be “United States Citizens”, are corporate “persons” and other such insanity– because these courts have no jurisdiction allowing them to function on the lad or to address the living people and they know it.

This goes a long way toward explaining what is wrong in this country and why. If the “people court” in Alaska was vacated forty- fifty years ago and Common Law has been unavailable ever since, chances are the same things occurred in other states at about the same time. 

A Republican form of government and Common Law Courts are part of what the Federal Contract requires them to provide, but they haven’t been doing it.

Their excuse is found in Thompkins V. Erie Railroad (1938) where it is admitted that the Federal government has no form of General Common Law it can apply.  This is because each State on the land retained its own Common Law. There was no overall “common denominator’ that the Federal Union could apply in the Common Law venue so it wiped its hands and ceased operating in that venue.

Just prior to that the “State” governments that had been operating the land jurisdiction  Common Law courts were bankrupted and the successor organization, the UNITED STATES fronted by the IMF, saw no reason why the new “STATE OF WHICHEVER” franchises it established for itself should be burdened with the cost of maintaining a separate Court system for the use and convenience of people.  It was felt that since there was no uniform Common Law standard that could be applied in every state, federal “STATE” franchises were not obligated to provide court facilities and pay for personnel to maintain Common Law courts run for and by the people of the land jurisdiction. 

End result? Living people on the land have been mistaking these federal “STATE” courts for their own “Alaska State Courts”— when in fact no Common Law venue is being provided the people. 

The Federal Union shrugs and says– we have no general Common Law standard to work from, so we can’t provide one either directly or via our federal “STATE” franchises– the people of each state will have to set up their own Common Law Courts and operate them if they want courts that are competent to judge matters in Common Law and to address living people and their land and property disputes.

So that is what the Civil Judge Advocates Council is set up to do. We have the Alaska Chapter up and running.  It is our position that the Federal Union is obligated as a successor to the original equity contract to pay for and “provide” the facilities and payroll needed for each state on the land to operate its Common Law Court system, because that is obviously the intent of the contract and part of the “service” that is guaranteed. The land-based States and the People have already paid for the construction of “State Courthouses” and other related facilities for their own use– the federal “STATES” are only using these facilities and should be fully and freely providing them for the use of the Common Law Court owed to each land-based state.

We are pressing and petitioning the Governor about this matter. 

Because none of the federal STATE courts are competent to address living people or to address disputes about land or private property there is no valid jurisdiction for these courts to operate. That is why they have had to “presume” that we have all voluntarily accepted “United States Citizenship” and have chosen to operate under legal fiction “personas”— 

This is the cornerstone of the entire fraud and it’s false claims of ownership and authority to enforce “statutory law” against living people.

The “inability” of the “federal government” to work in Common Law in no way detracts from our ability to do so, nor does it detract from the superior nature of our court venue.  

We simply have to operate our own Courts and do so according to the principles of Common Law and the Federal Union and its federal STATES are obligated to shove off and respect our superior court and jurisdiction. 

Otherwise, the treaties and contracts allowing the “federal government” to exist will be violated and they can all be invited to move to Puerto Rico on a permanent basis.

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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