And thankfully you, Mr. Noonan did!

Mr. Noonan’s remarks

First of all, the link is in regards to the NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD. And, the 1950 Congressional report stated that the National Lawyers Guild was a Commie bastion (and still is.)

However, Mr. Rhodes (and you, Arnie) seem to identify both the 1950 American Bar Association and the 1950 National Lawyers Guild as being the same organization. Back in the ’50s the ABA was conservative and the NLG was Marxist.

There is some redeeming grace in your errors. Both the ABA and NLG CURRENTLY are totally under the thumb of the Marxist (Karl Marx) Manifesto.

And Eric you are again incorrect. You wrote: “…back then it wasn’t stuffed full of lawyers…”

Please note – the Legal Reform Now Org states:

“The number of lawyers in public office in our history has been large.”

“The U.S. Congress has long been dominated by lawyer-politicians. “From 1780 to 1930, two thirds of the senators and about half of the House of Representatives were lawyers; the percentage seems to have stayed fairly stable”
(Friedman 1985: 647)
. . . . at the beginning of the 101st Congress in 1989, 184 members (42%) of the U.S. House of Representatives were lawyers (47% of the Democrats and 35 % of the Republicans). Sixty-three senators were lawyers, roughly equally distributed between the two parties (Ornstein, Mann, and Malbin 1990: 20-21, 26-27).  At the beginning of the 102nd Congress in January, 1991, 244 of the 535 members of both houses (46%) claimed attorney as their profession ”

(Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report 1/12/91: 118).

This seems to imply the percentage has gone for 42% (before 1930) to 46%+ currently.

Arnie, I don’t see what your muffin (large capacity image) has to do with Marxism, attorneys, or the National Lawyers
Guild but I guess you are struggling to comprehend the cesspool we live in. At least you are trying.

Edward C. Noonan

2002 Winner AIP Primary – CA Secretary of State
2006 Winner AIP Primary – CA Governor
2006-2008 CA State Party Chairman American Independent Party
2010 Winner AIP Primary – CA US Senate
2012 Winner AIP Primary – President of the United States
2012 Founder & National Committee Chairman:
American Resistance Party


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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