Public Notice of Fraud on the People – Colorado! A franchise of Washington DC Corp. Also Acting in fraud to deceive the American people.


The Colorado Summary of Corruption

On Dec 31, 2014, at 1:44 PM, Jim Porter <> wrote:

Dear Mary Jo White, S.E.C. Chairman, and others,

I discovered insurance fraud in Colorado, and contacted Luis Aguilar about a year ago. I accepted his written statement to investigate, as his bond of fidelity to me as a person. He stated Vincente Martinez would be the investigator, yet Vincente never requested documents to investigate.

While suffering through this obvious S.E.C. stall tactic during the last year, waiting on the S.E.C. to investigate my claim, I did a little investigating on my own. My sheriff admitted knowledge of insurance fraud to me, so requested and received documents to prove 100% this crime is still continuing without any effort from the u.S. Securities and Exchange to stop it.

This action of criminal of government fraud allows criminals to be employed by local governments across the country, by stopping the vetting process of the insurance industry, which is in place to protect the People of the united States of America. This R.I.C.O. violation was disclosed to me by Rosa Perez of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, yet her bosses must be part of the syndicate as they puled her from the case preventing a criminal prosecution, after she questioned persons who admitted to crimes. It was these government employee’s confidence in safety from criminal prosecution that exposed the criminal acts of the Department of Law.

B.A.R. union attorneys have assumed control of key government positions to prevent criminal prosecution of government employees, as this article link is about;

Lawyers Create Big Paydays by Coaxing Attorneys General to Sue

Lawyers Create Big Paydays by Coaxing Attorneys General …

A flourishing industry pairs plaintiffs’ lawyers with attorneys general to sue companies, setting off a furious competition among trial lawyers and lobbyists to inf…

View on Preview by Yahoo

I am not the only person with knowledge of the crimes of law department employees.

In Colorado, I have reported my theory of the state attorney as the leader of a syndicated crime ring, with the documents to prove it, and still no federal investigation by Luis or Vincente. I know when someone refuses to be part of the solution, they are the problem, so I am contacting you, along with the others to get some help in Colorado.

Included in my list of criminal report contacts, people I reported crime to, are John Kammerzell, Sean McKessey, Julie Lutz, mr Obama, mr. Holder, dozens of F.B.I. Special Agents, Local Law Enforcement, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, 65 national legislators, the Mexican President and thousands of others. Only one government employee is interested in exposing u.S. crimes for the good of the people.

Through Open Records Requests, I possess documents disclosing many corporations represented/used by government departments, do not, nor have ever existed domestically or internationally. These fake companies are used to simulate liability protection for B.A.R. members, and when the People get this information, the results will be catastrophic. Public treasury funds are going to these fake ‘corporations’ for service not rendered, with insurance protection not received by the People.

This is insurance fraud, on a scale, that only an organized crime syndicate can organize. My documents from the Colorado Supreme Court expose how this crime syndicate operates through B.A.R. member manipulation, yet still no enforcement of current law has taken place.. This government taking, on a scale 1000’s of times larger than the Madoff situation, must come to an end. Just yesterday I reviewed documents from AZ. that once again establish the crime ring in yet another state.

For this reason I assembled a cc list of citizen across the country with similar situations of government fraud, to allow them to witness your assistance to bring this heinous situation to an end with criminal exposure, or a refusal will be exposed.

I have found 60% of all government employees are faithfully doing their job, and its the others committing criminal act. So for that reason I have messaged S.E.C. offices across the country.

Just like your department, my state Department of Law has refuses to prosecute criminal acts reported by my sheriff. I hope you make the decision to change this fact in the very near future, as eventually the People will prevail, or be exterminated. I mention extermination as on the Tuesday before Christmas, 2014, I survived another failed shooting attempt while traveling to expose corruption in Montrose, Colorado. As the sheriff reported an attempt to shoot me in 2011, to a judge, with no judicial action, which I understand is another violation of criminal law, I have no other choice than to become toxic.

As proof of the S.E.C.’s refusal to prosecute insurance fraud, look through your whistle blower fills and discover the number of filled reports in 2014. Some of the people I cc’ed are in those fills, and not one of us has received assistance with our complaint, or been asked for evidence by the S.E.C. investigator Vincente.

Without enforcement, laws are useless. In the very near future the American People will have a true understanding of the u.S. States Securities and Exchange Commission.

I am making a Freedom of Information Act request through this message for the document from the S.E.C. authorizing/recognizing County Technical Services Incorporated know locally here as C.T.S.I. to receive government treasury funds for insurance protection, labeled as a certificate of participation, which is a second substitution for the state required fidelity bond of elected government employees. You show me C.T.S.I. is a lawful insurance provider to take Colorado money and I will show you C.T.S.I. is not incorporated to do so. It seems the B.A.R. members did not anticipate the People discovering to fraud. I estimate the money involved would more than balance the publicized national debt.

I made this crime public knowledge and exposed it to several others as a holding company stealing from the people for personal shareholder gain, as the C.T.S.I. C.A.F.R. details. Kind of like what you got Madoff in prison for. The difference I recognize between Madoff on those I’m reporting is, he was not a government employee stealing from community citizens so he was far game to the government.

Currently, many government employees are not criminally prosecuted in Colorado, but that is about to change.

2014 was a waste of time, and it will not be the same in 2015. This is happening on your watch, and your legacy will reflect your decision.

I asked Sen. John McCain to have me arrested for testimony before the senate committee for Homeland Security and Government Affairs, but refused. It seems he does not want me to tell expose this situation. He sent me a letter of assistance, before refusing that offer to assist. He then pawned me off on Sen. Udall, but Udall never contacted me to hear the evidence.

Please feel free to reply to all, and keep this group informed of your virtuous actions. You are a representative of the People, and I know you work for Me.

The attachment is a very small sampling of insurance fraud, as examined by insurance people around the country.

Jim Porter

Ridgway, Colorado


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