CASS COUNTY, NE – A Conflict of interest? Attn: CCA CEO, Barbara Wohlers

CASS COUNTY, NE – County Clerk is also  CEO of CCA – A Conflict of interest?

Voila_Capture 2014-08-29_06-21-13_AMBarbara Wohlers, the CEO of the prison corporation is also the CASS county clerk.  Some have raised the issue of conflict of interest in that other members of the CASS County administration may also be owners of the County jail.  Some people have stated this would provide them with a direct financial incentive to keep the county jail full.

Could such a thing happen in America?

Confirming call from Mr. Due.  08-29-2014


More details of the Randy Due case.

Attn: CEO, Barbara Wohlers  402-296-9300
(402) 296-9377
Duns # 175442271

From: “Randy Due” <>
Subject: Notary
Date: August 28, 2014 at 5:18:11 PM PDT
To: “Joaquin DeMoreta” <>, “Arnie” <>


The latest today,  as we all know Randy has been wanting to get some documents notarized.  I contacted a “mobile” notary and that person actually went to the Cass County Jail to see Randy today.  At first the notary was told to wait in an area, then was later told to leave, that the documents he had to sign did not have to have a notary.  I was in contact with this notary once while they waited, thinking they were getting Randy to come to where they were.  Then after notary was told to leave I was called, again (2:41 pm) telling me the sheriff said Randy did not need a notary.  I was also in contact with Randy off and on during the day while I lined up the notary.

I have not heard from him this evening so he may still be thinking the notary is coming , but tomorrow.

After the notary called me to say that they were headed back to Omaha I called into the sheriff’s office.  I was told, by the receptionist that the sheriff would not talk to me since they knew who  was calling for/about…caller ID.  Who am I for a sheriff NOT to talk to? I was told that I would have to talk to the U.S. marshal in Omaha before they would allow a notary to see RD.  So, I called the Marshals wanting to speak with  Bittings… no such luck,  he never answered, I did not want to leave a message, because I knew from past experience that he would not call me back.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt, he might have been in the courtroom preforming his duty.

Needless to day I am disappointed that RD was dishonored this way.

Who is the sheriff or officers in the jail that they can say RD’s documents did not need a notary.  What are they afraid of?

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