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On Dec 25, 2014, at 12:03 PM, Jim Porter <> wrote:
The ability of a consumer to purchase insurance, a Fidelity Bond, or sometimes referred to as a surety bond, is directly based on the honesty, character and past performance record of the purchaser requesting a bond. 
A fidelity bond insures someone’s actions in a like fashion that a contractor’s insurance policy insures the contractor’ customers for the contractor’s actions.
In my everyday private construction business, for the last 20 years, I provide service for a fee. For me to provide my services, I am required to purchase services from other subordinate contractors for my product to be complete. 
I negotiate the price, I will pay a sub-contractor, for his service, based upon the sub-contractor having a certificate of liability insurance coverage delivered to me before the sub-contractor enters my property. NO CERTIFICATE – NO WORK.
SO, when I contract for my services, every customer demands I provide a certificate of liability coverage to the customer before I trespass on the customer’s property. NO CERTIFICATE – NO WORK.
The purchase of any insurance policy is a calculation of the insurer based on Risk v Reward. When a driver is credited with causing too many claims, or becomes a high risk based upon the number of traffic violation in the recent past, the insurance provider exercises the right to refuse insurance protection to a high risk individual.
The value from the certificate is very critical in monitoring the insured’s state of insure-ability. Once a certificate of coverage is issued, the policy is in place until a notice of cancellation is delivered to the holder of the certificate of coverage.
If I am building a house, the roofer does not come the property until I have a certificate that he is insured to provide his services. When that certificate is delivered to me, he can go to work. If the roofer finishes and no cancellation notice arrives, I pay him for the completed job. But, if a cancellation notice is delivered, he leaves the property immediately and I hire another roofer, or make another decision to get the roof completed, but I am not at risk from infidelity by the roofer.
With the certificate, I do not rely on the word of the sub-contractor. I rely on the word of a third party risk management team. This is also the situation my customers rely on when enjoying the services I provide.
During the snow season I provide snow removal service to the owners of 170 acres of commercial parking property. A large fear, of property owner’s, is that one of my trucks will injure a homeless person rummaging through, or sleeping in a garbage dumpster. I carry a 1 million dollar policy and if there is a paid claim and the policy expires, all certificate holders are immediately notified and I stay off the property(s) until a replacement policy certificate is delivered to the property owner.
The subject of government employee fidelity coverage is exactly like the above statement. 

Rick Dunlap, my current county sheriff ask the community to give him a job.
The agreement was; he, Rick Dunlap, swear an Oath of Office to the constitutions of the United States (no America) and to the state. AND, provide a fidelity bond to insure me against any illegal action he may commit while in the performance of his DUTY to ME, a People and sovereign citizen. The oath document is the place the bond is attached before the two are publicly recorded for the world to inspect.
There are slight variations of requirements for different elected positions within Colorado government, as the elected county employees are required to record their oaths and bonds with the county clerk of records and the state judges and district attorneys have their oaths and bonds recorded with the Colorado Secretary of State.
In the course of all commercial business, I have been a part of in the last 35 years, the insurance operating procedures have been constant and unchanged. I can get a drivers license without insurance, drive your insured vehicle with your permission, but I can not purchase vehicle registration without insurance verification. If coverage is required, a certificate provides verification.
What Mr. Curry and I are working to expose is a break down (illegal procedure of fraud by non compliance) of the commercial coverage required by Colorado State Statute. Search Colorado Title 30-10-110, the different positions are in paragraph near 110.
The system is working as designed. And the infidelity of the elected People is causing the problem for elected People. I discovered, during the time period around 2007/8, at the height of the illegal banking fraud, insurance companies started to experience a staggering increase in claims paid to injured parties.
This put unbearable pressure on the Executive Board of the insurance provider, charged with minimizing risk to the company shareholders, so the company stopped providing coverage to this criminal slice of the American Population. There seems to be an insufficient amount of public money to entice a company into providing known criminals with statute required liability protection.
THE REASON YOU MAY ASK? A fraudulent act by a corrupt government employee upon a citizen of the community involves a Federal Civil Rights violation, in fact it may involve as many as 35 violations. Each violation can result in a 10,000 dollar payment by the insurance provider, but that is just part of the problem for the insurance provider. The TRUE problem exists in the fact a fraudulent act by one government employee, against one citizen, is in fact a violation of Federal Civil Rights upon every citizen of the community. 
Public Corruption forced the insurance industry to rethink the way business is done. That resulted in the insurance industry refusal to sell coverage at government budget authorized levels.
In my local community, and surrounding state, there was a government action, which I have not been able to determine the legality of, to substitute the local community blanket crime insurance policy in lieu of individual fidelity coverage. It was a very quiet agreement and to this point I have not been able to generate the required discussion to expose what happened behind closed doors without my presence.
BUT THAT FAILED TO STOP THE PUBLIC CORRUPTION, so……The insurance provider(s) seemed to have stopped all coverage at the end of existing policies around 2010/11.
In Colorado, the effect of this decision became a catastrophic problem for the corrupt government employees then working for the People. These corrupt people, like my current county commissioner who’s son has repeatedly shot my property, and the local sheriff, all of the district judges, district attorney, police chief along with many others, rely on the government position salary to exist.
But of more importance than the salary is the position it self. The position provides the corrupt government employee the mechanism to attempt the cover-up of the corrupt acts against the People. The proof of this is found in the Colorado Department of Law mission statement, right in plain sight of the world.
AS THE PUBLIC CORRUPTION FAILED TO STOP, a second illegal plan was concocted to steal from the citizens of Colorado. This poorly hidden scheme is evidenced by the documents in the attachment below. The “poorly hidden statement” was/is used because everything a government employee does is documented somewhere. I spent a year going through public channels to review the attached documents, but the recognized custodian refused to provide the requested documents. It was another, innocent government employee that gladly provided the attached documents that exposed the illegal actions of other government employees.
I was requesting documents by what is considered proper naming, and each request was answered with a statement similar to that document does not exist.
It took a year, but when I found the right person with access to the documents, the story for the world exposed itself. My experience in Colorado will lead to exposure of illegal schemes wherever fidelity coverage is required by law.
Here is what happened at the county level,To substitute for fidelity coverage, the actions of the board allowed the substitution of crime insurance for the fidelity bond required. When the crime insurance stopped being offered to the corrupt government employee, an illegal local resolution was used to simulate the legal substitution of a certificate of participation, for the crime insurance, which was a substitute for the statutorily required fidelity bond.
In my county, there are 3 commissioners, 1 sheriff, the clerk, coroner, treasurer and several others requiring coverage. I listed 7 People in violation of the statute, which is 7 times 10,000 dollar for one proven violation, which is then multiplied by the number of county citizens. As of 2013, the Montrose County population was listed at 40,713 People.
There is a lot more to my example story, but this article explanation was to discuss the general principal of requiring fidelity bonding. The requirement was to allow exposure of public corruption, with public humiliation for any elected government employee that fell out of favor with every public bonding company in existence.
No Bond, No Paycheck, just the explanation for leaving office. The inability to purchase coverage was designed to protect the People of the community from criminals, PERIOD. I feel the CRIMINALS have attempted a criminal take over of my government by the substitution non insurance products from a non licensed insurance provided. I base this statement on the simple fact C.T.S.I. has repeatedly refused a legal certificate of liability coverage. In my common sense way of thinking, C.T.S.I. quacks like a licensed insurance provider, tries to look like a licensed insurance provider, but cant walk like a licensed insurance provider.
F.Y.I. I have made thousands of individual requests, in the last 14 months, for fidelity coverage provider contact information. This was to request a certificate of coverage be sent to me, on any government employee requiring fidelity insurance, working for me. Some requested were made to the government employee directly, and some requests were made to the custodian of the recorded document, but as of this writing not one policy has been exposed by a certificate of individual fidelity coverage.
Readers of this report will clearly see the illusion of a policy offered by the initials C.T.S.I. This is a registered non profit Colorado corporation which is not recognized by the u.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. I think it is a privately held holding company as part of the scheme to defraud the People.
The readers of this report will clearly see the illusion of a legal resolution to substitute the C.T.S.I. certificate of participation for the crime insurance which is a substitution for the statutorily required fidelity bond.
THE REASON FOR THIS ILLEGAL ACTION IS SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND…The county treasurer is required to pay for fidelity insurance coverage as it appears in the county budget, and payment MUST be made for expenditure entered into the public county budget document. This required an illegal company to accept an illegal payment, so it looks like C.T.S.I. has been exposed. I say illegal because there seems to be payment for insurance to a non insurance company. Further evidence of this illegal plot is what is not included in the county documents included in the below attachment. THERE IS NO CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION listed. Just the illusion the certificate exists.
I think C.T.S.I. is a money laundering holding company which is factually listed as a Colorado non profit. By there not being a physical certificate, there exists a small possibility that C.T.S.I. may be trying to deflect liability in a crime syndicate, so all the blame (liability) could shift to the county government employees who’s legal signature is present on the county resolution, notice there is just one complete signature and that is of the commissioner who’s son is shooting at my property. Notice one commissioner refused to sign and the other signed incompletely. There was not a quorum, which is the only reason 3 commissioners are elected. This is evidence of another violation times the number of citizens. (This is off subject a little, but if the county has accepted liability for criminal action of a county employee, it must be a limited liability corporation. I have not found the limited liability paperwork required to filed with the Colorado Secretary of State.) This is further evidence of the desperate situation being exposed.
I have presented my county sheriff with the documents exposing public corruption and Arnie has published these to Scanned Retina. I offered to assist the current sheriff with compliance in the event he, Rick Dunlap, was lied to by the county attorney. I offered Rick no financial assistance to avoid the bribery law violations. my assistance was in the form of documented evidence to confirm his position. He stated, near the time of the included resolution, he was assured by the county attorney he was properly bonded by the county.
My tact was to allow the sheriff to buy his own bond, when he was noticed of the current situation, to correct a lie in the eyes of a Common Law court. I directly demanded, in a kindly way, the sheriff contact his fidelity provider and request them to send me a certificate of liability coverage as per professional business standard.
I requested this certificate for one reason. I intend to use Common Law to expose this criminal corruption. A bonded sheriff is the key requirement in this legal exposure criminal government employees. It is called LAW ENFORCEMENT!
With a bonded sheriff, I can make a criminal complaint to the sheriff. He can attach his legal bond to a legal Common Law arrest warrant and arrest a criminal government employee. 
At this time I have no legal law enforcement officer to go to. The system has my sheriff handicapped, I suspect he is taking the advise of other criminal government employees and so placing himself very close becoming part of the problem.
As of this writing, Sheriff Rick Dunlap has failed to deliver me a certificate.

I have a letter from the Colorado Supreme Court in relation to insurance requirements, which is being held in reserve, for use to expose the entire judicial branch of Colorado government. It states attorney are not required to follow state statutes. That is the reason for my request of a federal investigation into R.I.C.O. violations as disclosed by Rosa Perez with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
The reason I have failed to bring these criminal actions to the public attention by criminal prosecution, is very simple. It is found in the following link to the Colorado Department of Law.About the Attorney General | Colorado State Attorney General

About the Attorney General | Colorado State Attorney Gen…The Colorado Attorney General is one of four independently elected statewide offices in Colorado and was established by the state constitution upon statehood in 187…
View on www.coloradoattorne… Preview by Yahoo

Colorado has no state police, so the People have no access to the state prosecutor which is the guy leading the Colorado Department of Law. If you read the 5th paragraph in the link, you see this guy is the legal council for government employees. As the state attorney is allowed to pay offense and defense, his simple refusal to prosecute criminal government employee actions provides insulation to these employees from criminal prosecution and public exposure. 
Currently, these corrupt government employees are operating with the philosophy; NO INSURANCE, NO PROBLEM.
An unrecognized, and quickly becoming a non appreciated phenomenon which I know exists, which will provide eventual public exposure to government corruption, is the People’s right to vote. A right my Founding Fathers recognized as a gift from our Creator.
This simple mechanism prevents the government from being in complete control of the government employee replacement program and process. Without the individual People’s understanding, the People have been saving their own butts. 
The People have been randomly electing enough honest People, with character and virtue, into positions within their representative government. In fact, the People have been electing ‘more than just enough’ virtuous People. The People are electing enough honest People to control the government with the exposure, conviction and removal from public office of the current criminals on the People’s payroll.
I was introduced to Colorado State Representative Steve Lebsock, and he asked for a little time to get his head wrapped around this problem. I have intentionally mentioned my name, along with the names of many other People, in messages to Representative Lebsock, with the express purpose of immediate attention. Lives are currently, and have been for months, in grave danger. The silence of these named people is the only hope the crime syndicate has to remain undiscovered.
This explanation, coupled with three previous messages, squarely places the Colorado judicial branch at the middle of the syndicate. Members of the current syndicate work for Department of Justice (of which corporation I do not know), the state of Colorado through several departments receiving legal council from the Colorado Department of Law, all Colorado corporate counties, Montrose City- a corporation, and other non-named corporate entities. 
The recent, yet quiet, displacement of needed legal requirements, intended for the protection of the American People, is a direct reflection of the actions taken to hide the Titles of Nobility Act. A Constitutional Amendment with the required penalty included, by our American For Fathers, to protect the American People of the united States of America from align persons (corporations and individuals) intent on increasing their personal gain through the Statutory Slavery of the American People.
Only the American People can effect a change on the current way American Representative government business is being conducted. With the above address list, there is a real possibility this message will reach 20,000,000 American People within the next business week.
The American People have the challenge through choice, to become vocal and publicly recognizable. A simple forward of this message, to any government employee, will provide notice to all virtuous and honest government employees of your request for a change to government as usual, for the good of the People.
Let the Honest Government Representative Know, it is O.K. to expose the criminal element. This will simultaneously let the criminal know they have been discovered. Crime seems to happen when No One is Looking, so the let your representatives know You Are Looking.
This will duplicate your Neighborhood Crime Watch Group. That group is to protect your property from criminals in your neighborhood. Enlarge your Crime Watch Group to include your county and take care of corruption there.
If you don’t provide a safe home environment for the corrupt government employee, they will not return to your community. (I would love to have a bonded sheriff when my local state rep. returns for the holidays)
Our Founding Fathers provided each you with the best mechanism for the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness. If you refuse to use it, YOU WILL LOSE IT!
The definition of lose must accompany the use of lose.1 To be unsuccessful in retaining possession of……or deprived of…..I refuse to accept either choice without a war.
Thanks for Reading,
Jim PorterRidgway, Colorado

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