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Municipal Corporations have no Legitimate Charters – They are operating in Fraud.

http://www.srnnews.com/reformers-target-traffic-courts-in-ferguson/?utm_source=headlines_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=December-18-2014 Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People. | Scanned Retina Resource If no lawful state government exists…(current state governments are run by impostors pretending they are your lawful … Continue reading

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A view of the fraud at 40,000 feet. Exclusively for the Americans who know…Something is Wrong!

A view of the fraud at 40,000 feet   Starting at First Base… Second Base — What “They” Have Done “For” You Third Base – The Guilty Parties By Anna von Reitz | Scanned Retina Resource DEFINED: The source of … Continue reading

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