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ATT00001 Let us not Dishonor Brutus.

On Dec 16, 2014, at 2:23 PM, clint@whiteeagleenergy.com wrote:

Where is the Animal Activist of America. They will not say anything because they are getting grant money from obama.

Spread this around the nation. I want to see it come back to me

Clint Cheyenne


The Obama Administration is Leaving Our Four-Footed Soldiers Behind.

Will you help us bring them home?


There is a special group of soldiers being overlooked, many times cast aside despite their loyal service to our military. It’s heartbreaking.

These soldiers are a special breed…they live in a constant state of high alert, sidestepping landmines, sniffing out deadly explosives, tracking enemies, dodging enemy fire and guarding military bases.


Every day they save an estimated 150-200 lives.

They are our military working dogs.These dogs are drafted into service and serve with valor. But now, through reckless military cuts by the Obama administration, our four-footed battle buddies lives are in great jeopardy.

Can you help us save them?

It is shocking, even appalling, to learn that our military working dogs are being left behind overseas–abandoned in war torn countries when their tour of duty is over and they are officially retired.

These are the dogs that, through the ravages of war, our soldiers have developed an unbreakable bond with—a bond for life.

We cannot, in good conscience, let the Obama administration or the Pentagon abandon these dogs who freely give their lives for our freedom—who put their paws on the line day and night to protect our soldiers, help them carry out their dangerous, often deadly, missions.

Obama is quick to spend money on lavish vacations and even quicker to cut billions from the Pentagon budget. Under Obama,US defense spending is set to plummet from $705.6 in 2011 billion to $496 billion—that is a budget cut of about 30%.
What does this mean? Our men and women in uniform and our canine soldiers are to be left vulnerable and without the proper supplies or support they need.

To leave them behind?

That is unconscionable and out of the question!

Donate today to help us bring our battle buddies home

If you don’t, who will? Certainly not Washington.

We certainly would never leave our men and women behind when their tour of duty is over. But if a military working dog is retired overseas, there are no funds to bring them home.

They sometimes get left behind or relegated to a shelter where they live between four stark walls, sleeping on a cold concrete floor or worse, out on the streets, foraging for food.

Americans honor our heroes…!

Give a donation today to help change this.

Don’t you think our military working dogs—the very ones who have provided protection as well as comfort to our soldiers at the most critical times on and off the battlefield—deserve the chance to come home from battle, too?

“How can this be?” you may wonder. It is because under the National Defense Authorization Act military working dogs are categorized as “military equipment,” and if they are retired on foreign soil their service is considered finished.

At that point these courageous canines are no longer allowed to be transported on military aircraft. Meanwhile, Obama has been reported to fly his dog Bo on a private luxury jet to and from family vacations at massive expense to the taxpayers.

Imagine these dogs, staring with longing eyes, wondering why their human battle buddies—their best friends—are leaving them behind.

Can you imagine the pain and anguish this causes both dogs and soldiers? This practice must be stopped.

Chance to Liveis stepping up.

Even if Obama won’t do it…we will. 

he’s too busy playing golf and decimating our military.

With your help we can get our dogs of war home and provide the care they need and the love they crave—and we can work for change in Washington. Help us.


You cannot put a value on the love and devotion or service of a military working dog or on the bond between the dog and his soldier.

Today, more than 2,500 military working dogs currently serve our military with roughly 500 deployed at a time.


Help us provide the assistance to bring our soldiers’ battle buddies home and get the loving homes and medical care they need.

Our military men and women sometimes take it up on themselves, making incredible sacrifices to bring the dog home at unimaginable expense—thousands upon thousands.

We need to help them. It is our duty as Patriots. A lucky few make it back thanks to our military men and women but…there are still too many left behind, forced by our own government to be abandoned like trash.

Those who do make it back remember their soldiers no matter how much time has passed.

“Even though we were [apart] for two and a half years, it’s that you don’t forget the dog — and the dogs don’t forget,” says Army Staff Sgt. James Harrington who was finally able to reunite with his military working dog, Ryky after several years.

Time is critical here. Countries like Afghanistan and Iraq do not look upon dogs with kindness. Instead, they commit horrible acts of violence, torturing, maiming and killing them—even forcing them to fight. We have to get them out of there.

This is a travesty. Our military working dogs deserve better. With their soldier they have battled enemy after enemy, taken direct hits, ventured into dangerous and deadly territory, and saved countless lives—all in the name of freedom. Our freedom.

Let’s help our military working dogs get a new leash on life. Together we can save them and bring them back home to the states where we can find them loving forever homes—and provide the veterinary medical care they desperately need.

You need to know that federal funds are not allowed to be appropriated for veterinary care for these dogs once they are retired. That is like leaving a wounded soldier on the field to die and just walking away. 

Friend, you may not be aware but our military working dogs have tremendous physical demands placed upon them in time of service. They need medical care, too, and follow up.

Chance to Live is dedicated to bringing them home, helping our distinguished military working dogs get the loving homes and the care that they deserve…a chance to live out their retirement free and happy.

Please give today so no dog gets left behind tomorrow.

Your donation is the difference between life and death for these noble soldiers. America’s military dogs deserve better.

Thank you for stepping up and for being the voice for those who have none.

Ryan Riekena
Founder and CEO
Chance to Live Foundation

P.S. We are also working diligently to change how military dogs are classified—but we need your help. Please donate today to help us bring our battle buddies home to the U.S. and to help us institute positive change.


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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