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I believe that sufficient time has now passed to give any who would object to the thread being made public enough time to have done so.

Please make the complete thread public. However, it may be wise to eliminate all eddresses. If that does not comport with your sensibilities or capabilities, please at least ensure that none of these


is made public. I apologize again for already having done so, for some of those; which complicates your task, if you choose to proceed.

Thanks for all your efforts. -Steve-

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Subject: Re: Direct is good, yet please allow Mr Mack’s ability….

To those of you participating…

Is it your wish for this exchange to be made public?

Please advise?


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8 December 2014

Charlie, I appreciate your jumping in to defend Sheriff Mack from what you perceive to be my unwarranted attack, but you enter this conversation somewhat late in the game. I think that Sheriff Mack knows where I am coming from and understands that I respect him. He has done lots to identify various sheriffs as constitutional or unconstitutional, I respect those efforts; and I respect that he is still fighting the good fight.

But he also has failed in the past — despite having studied history and having written books about where we have gone wrong — to make the significant changes to our system that we are all now still fighting to make.

So, I regard him as an honorable man who is, just as you say, a “mere” man. But “mere” man or woman, each of us who would be responsible to our heartfelt duty to save our nation must be willing to keep some skin in the game.

I note that Sheriff Mack has written some good stuff in this thread to clarify for us his history, his position, and his plans … and I have told him so. On the other hand, he has remained silent on several aspects of our conversation, and it is my right — and each of your rights — to goad him if necessary to participate by sharing his views on such important topics as how Jim Porter ought to handle the continuing recalcitrance and apparent criminality of his “sheriff” of Montrose County, Colorado, Rick Dunlap — who is also being addressed in this thread and to date has consented to these charges of malfeasance and unlawful disregard for his duty to do his job, through his continuing silence.

It is about time for the people hired as sheriffs to do the difficult jobs they were elected to do! I am here to say that repeatedly, whenever I feel the need to say so. I am also here to say that Sheriff Mack — though no longer in office as a sheriff — as an American is in a unique position to hold moral sway over sheriffs still in office who are not doing their jobs. I really do want to prod him to think more closely than he seems to have done to date about how to bring such rogue sheriffs (of whom there are way too many) back into their line of duty and honor. From all I can tell at this distance from the problems that Jim Porter has detailed — and I might be incorrect in my judgment, because I am a mere man — Rick Dunlap needs either to do his job or to lose it ASAP and be brought to justice.

I urge him to speak in his own defense, should he have any reasonable thing to say to justify his seemingly treasonous inaction. And I urge Sheriff Mack to participate more fully in this conversation, which seeks to dig into the heart of these matters and to get beyond mere rhetoric so as to define fruitful paths toward resolution of the continuing, related problems that burden us all under the current tyranny.

Therefore, Charlie, I respectfully beg your understanding and indulgence.

-steve langford, agent-

-langford: sui juris without prejudice s a-

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On 12/7/2014 7:33 PM, “Charlie” wrote:

Gents and Ladies,

Let us all please allow one moment of reason to enter these conversations.

Mr Mack is not identified as an enemy nor can he be identified as a solution within this nation of states….he is a mere man, yet has the presence of some influence.

If his word to aid the Sheriff’s in a recent geographic area comes to fruition via, “honor your constitutional oaths “, then we all will witness his ability to influence.  

Again, he is one man, that holds the presumed knowledge and ability to state his/and all our rights under God, enumerated and (not), within the law, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the untied States of America to these elected Sheriff’s.   

Mr. Mack should, as We, Notice these very elected men and women receiving claimed commensurate benefit for a duty, AND shall be required to know more than the 2nd Amendment, or the !st,.. it is not a buffet line to pick and choose, for which is neither difficult to learn nor comprehend.

In an attempt to seek justice for more than myself,


Is there any truth to these allegations, Sheriff Dunlap?

What do you think of this situation, Sheriff Mack?

-steve langford, agent-

-langford: sui juris without prejudice s a-

– – – – –

On 12/7/2014 2:35 PM, Jim Porter wrote:

Offer the opportunity to meet with your sheriff, after you request and receive the sheriff’s current Oath of Office with the fidelity bond attached. As my sheriff has refused to meet, I publicly exposed my sheriff’s Oath with a substitution of a Certificate of Participation from a none insurance provider (holding business for laundering treasury funds) attached as a substitution for the Colorado Revised Statute required fidelity bond. The criminal fraud of attempting the illegal substitution of the Certificate of Participation for a legal fidelity bond, by the Montrose County Board of County Commissioners, in concert with the County Attorney employed in December 2011, entrapped the sheriff as he told me he originally suspected.

My sheriff has refused to meet, to discuss his needed purchase of fidelity insurance as a prerequisite for the capture and arrest of all persons guilty of his entrapment in an illegal scheme due to the unbond-able status of other county government employees and state judicial frauds working as impostors before the People. I need him to bond up, then have provided to me a certificate of liability coverage. Every day he waits, is one day the criminals have to try and cover-up the fraud on the People. Message my sheriff and ask him about his actions, everyday until I get something done.

Please remember; Just because the People elect someone to an office with the belief that person has character and integrity, doesn’t mean the someone is actually honest with virtue and integrity. As a candidate may say anything to be elected, the/all bonding companies may find reason to refuse a bonding contract, so the system exposes corruption before a crime can be committed. Then when a board of county commissioners, in concert with the county attorney (legal staff my sheriff wanted to have review my sealed documents) attempt to replace the law and gets caught, a bonded sheriff is a must have to bring Law enforcement to bare. Please read everything you get on the Original 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America.

Jim Porter

Ridgway, Colorado

From: Steve Langford <>

Sent: Sunday, December 7, 2014 11:27 AM
Subject: Fwd: Fw: [Bundy Ranch – Mohave County Convoy] MUST WATCH!

Excellent, Sharon.

Government by bureaucracy should end ASAP.

Restitution of the Original 13th Amendment might well be the best vehicle for straightening out messes such as the Bundys are experiencing.

New information just posted. Authenticated 13th Amendment! Time to take action against the criminal impostors!

the original 13th amendment was not only ratified but calls for immediate removal of and arrest and prosecution of all BAR members – Misrepresentation of Lawful public officers. | Scanned Retina Resource

Stand firmly behind your County Sheriffs when they have the gumption to do their duties. If they don’t do their jobs, get rid of them ASAP. Dishonor treason. Nail the treasonous.

-langford: sui juris without prejudice s a-

Tel. 520/297-1245

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Fw: [Bundy Ranch – Mohave County Convoy] MUST WATCH!


Sun, 7 Dec 2014 06:41:04 +0000 (UTC)

I think you will enjoy this. When the BLM held their meeting in Clark and Nye Counties (Southern Nevada) they would not let the citizens speak, so now it looks like the people are going after the commissioners as well as the sheriff.

Nye County Nevada – The people Tell it like it is! We all need to do the same! | Scanned Retina Resource

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