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Of course it was a disgrace. No possible justice without a common-law grand jury!

On Dec 8, 2014, at 12:11 PM, Marje Kimberly <4marjek@comcast.net> wrote: Michael:  Of course it was a disgrace, because it was not a people’s common-law grand jury.  Please note that the United Common-Law Grand Jury has just created an indictment … Continue reading

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California Lawmaker rejects per diem, tax-funded car

Lawmaker rejects per diem, tax-funded car By JOHN HRABE A newly-elected Bay Area lawmaker isn’t reveling in the perks of public office. She’s forgoing two of the best bonuses afforded to members of the California Legislature. As her first act in … Continue reading

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Sheridan County, Nebraska: Common Law Grand Jury files Indictment for Racketeering

On Dec 8, 2014, at 12:01 PM, Joaquin DeMoreta <joaquin@eternalrefuge.com> wrote: Hi All, Breaking News: Common Law Grand Jury of Sheridan County, Nebraska. 12/05/2014 Common Law Grand Jury Indictment for Racketeering http://www.wethepeoplecommonlawgrandjury.com/file/The_Kleensangs_victims_of_U.S._Tyrant_Officers/Entries/2001/8/8_The_Kleensangs_victims_of_U.S._Tyrant_De_Facto_Officers.html Please proceed accordingly. <PastedGraphic-1.tiff>Joaquin De Moreta-FolchGod Grace Administrator Common … Continue reading

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On obama’s racism:

On Dec 8, 2014, at 4:29 PM, Steve Langford <s@theriver.com> wrote:On obama’s racism: http://www.yourepeat.com/watch?v=kwFKnwjBqbM#t=43 What Common-Law or Natural-Law remedies exist for taking obama out?-steve langford, agent- -langford: sui juris without prejudice s a-

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Being Unseen at Seen – Iceland

On Dec 8, 2014, at 3:38 PM, Support at Seen.is <support@seen.is> wrote:To all our members: Thanks to all of you for signing up with Seen. Maybe you noticed, we’re growing like crazy! Because of our astounding growth, fueled by you … Continue reading

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Doreen Hendrickson’s – Sentencing Hearing – Judicial Corruption in Action!

On Dec 8, 2014, at 3:39 PM, David Lonier <davidlonier@gmail.com> wrote:Car Pool…If you live in or near western Wayne County and need a ride, or can drive… Riders around Western Wayne County, will meet at Middle-Belt & I69 S.E. parking lot … Continue reading

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What part of NO AMNESTY don’t you get? – Deborah Warren, NATURAL BORN CITIZEN

On Dec 8, 2014, at 3:40 PM, Debbie Warren <dwarren@smdavid.com> wrote:Letter to Boehner, the Traitor, through his contact form on his website     http://www.speaker.gov/contact  &nbsp; I called a couple of days ago…and wrote this.  Please blow up his phones and write him.  The … Continue reading

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High level embezzlement – SANTA CLARA COUNTY?

On Dec 8, 2014, at 12:17 PM, HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart <protectingmyrights@yahoo.com> wrote: SANTA CLARA COUNTYSUPERVISOR MIKE WASSERMAN Santa Clara County Summary – Public Judicial Matters

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The Misapplication of Federal Sentencing Guidelines?

On Dec 8, 2014, at 6:30 AM, Don Q. <DPQ007@comcast.net  > wrote: The following information comes from Federal Guidelines but I would assert that the general provisions apply to STATE terrorist actions as well. Mistretta v. United States :: 488 U.S. 361 … Continue reading

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Emergency Rule for 61 Years; Senate Report 93-549

We Have Been Under Emergency Rule for 61 Years Senate Report 93-549, written in 1973, said “Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency.” It goes on to say: “A majority of the … Continue reading

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