Rod Class DC Gun Case Docs Page 2 – 001-019

Rod Class DC Gun Case Docs Page 2 – 001-019

  1. 0__Introduction and Explanation of Rod Filings_March_2014.doc
  2. 1__3.8.14_Rod_DC_Requirement _For_ Dismissal.doc
  3. 2__3.8.14_Rod_DC_Writ_For_Dismissal.doc
  4. 3__3.8.14_Rod_DC_Coram_Nobis.doc
  5. 4__3.8.14_Rod_DC_Coram_Nobis_II.doc
  6. 5__3.8.14 Rod_DC_Verification_Of _Declaratory_Status.doc
  7. 6__3.8.14_Rod_DC_Attention_Clerk_Of_ Court_9_3_2013.doc
  8. 7__3.8.14_Rod_DC_Motion_For_Discovery.doc
  9. 8__3.8.14_Rod_DC_Motion_RE_AJ Kramer.doc
  10. 9__3.8.14_Rod_DC_Grounds_For_Dismissal.doc
  11. 10__3.11.14_Rod_DC_Letters_Of_Marque.doc
  12. 11__3.11.14_Rod_DC_2ND_Motion_To_Quash.doc
  13. 12_3.11.14_Rod_DC_Motion_For_The_Plaintiff_To_Appear.doc
  14. 13__3.11_Rod_2nd_Discovery_Motion_RE_Bonds.doc
  15. 14__3.17.14_Rod_DC_Objection_To_Being_Arrested.doc
  16. SF_95_1st_DOJ_CLAIM.pdf
  17. SF_95_2nd_DOJ_Claim.pdf
  18. SF_95_3rd_DOJ_Claim.pdf
  19. SF_95_4th_DOJ_Claim.pdf

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