Based on some reality? How about treason? How about fraud? How about misrepresentation?

On Nov 20, 2014, at 10:15 AM, Steve Langford <> wrote:

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20 November 2014
Dear Sheriff Mack,

I deeply appreciate your taking the time to respond to my suggestions. Understanding full well that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, I also know that there are ways to approach these problems lawfully, whether via de jure Common-Law or via de facto statute law. I shall next display a copy of your response, together with a few of my own,
interspersed, nascent thoughts. Clearly, I do not have all the answers, but I hope you’ll agree that the subject at hands bears more, careful consideration and discussion. I have taken the liberty of coloring your text green, for overall readability:

– – –

On 11/20/2014 9:30 AM, Richard Mack wrote:


Solutions are what we are all about, but they must be based on some reality. I do not pretend to speak for other sheriffs, especially those on this list, but what you propose is just not realistic. It might be a good idea, and many politicians deserve such treatment. Regardless, what you propose just does not have a basis in law.

First, the alleged offense must occur within the sheriff’s county.

That criterion was met in Sheriff Babeu’s Pinal County.

Then he must conduct a proper and thorough investigation and determine if the elements of the crime have been met.

If Sheriff Arpaio had not by then determined that the elements of crime had not been met, then what in the world was he talking about, even before obama visited Arizona and Jan Brewer so ineffectively wagged her finger at him?

Second, and most importantly, the sheriff must refer the investigation to a prosecutor. If there is no DA or County Atty or AG who will prosecute the suspect, then the case is done.

Not in MY book is the case then done. I believe that it is then time to convene a Common-Law Grand Jury of people outside existing Admiralty law, of jurists with their feet on the land, who are in a position to submit true bills indicting such practitioners of malfeasance and misfeasance – whether those be elected sheriffs, DAs, County Attorneys, or Attorneys General!

In fact, I believe that the 1992 SCOTUS decision by Scalia et al. makes clear that the American Common Law Grand Jury is alive (though dormant) even within the Admiralty Law now so egregiously and criminally being misadministered as de facto statute law; and, that it would be honorably functional, were judges, lawyers, attorneys, politicians and whoever else not so criminally to interfere in the secretive processes specified for such Common-Law Grand Juries, by appointing their own, highly biased Jury “Foremen” and by tainting the Juries with directives intended to scare them into adopting the prosecutor’s case before considerations even begin … as happened in Florida in the case of Terry Trussell, if I am not mistaken.

Third, what would a sheriff do, just walk up to the President and handcuff him and haul him back to his jurisdiction?

You certainly raise a valid question, one to which I gave some consideration before telling Sheriff Arpaio what I thought he should do. But: YES! And, if necessary to lose his life in the process of honorably carrying out his duties. On the other hand, I would be open to approaches that would have put obama behind bars without such traumatic drama. Some paperwork to be handed to Secret Service agents just in advance of the physical arrest might have prevented such violence as we both might anticipate. obama has usurped the Office of the Presidency of the united States of America! He is nothing but CEO etc. of a corporation! The S.O.B. even uses a fraudulent SS#! What the Hell?, Sheriff Mack!

Or do the same to Senators? It’s not going to happen and it’s not the way such is lawfully done. Sheriffs don’t have the authority to bypass the Fourth and Fifth Amendments in going after any criminals, no matter who they are or where they work. A warrant-less arrest in this case would not be lawful.

Good stuff, Sheriff Mack. But that is by no means the end of discussion, so far as at least I am concerned. There is no reason in the world why warrants should not long ago have been sworn out for the arrest of “representatives” whose actions and inactions amount to treason. I won’t bore you with a list of miscreant names (the names of honorable representatives might well be much shorter).

In any case, it seems to me that secretly holding proceedings that lead to the swearing out of warrants for the arrests of all such treasonous “representative” might well lead to those being served upon the return of said persons to their respective counties. Bingo. Corral them in D.C., once the word gets out and they become afraid to return home. Then get after D.C. authorities, the F.B.I., and the Secret Service to extradite them to their home states and counties for proper expedition of their cases. Take it all to The Hague, if need be. Make use of the UCC-1 approach when that makes sense. But do more than march and chat. 😐

What the sheriffs are doing on this caravan to DC is largely symbolic,

However powerful the symbolism, I doubt the efficacy! It is time for action, not symbolism, in my deeply well considered, personal, but very strong opinion.

but very powerful and effective.

That remains to be seen. Will major networks give the events proper coverage? Will you get anything like your anticipated 200 sheriffs actually participating? Will your efforts be criminally censored? Will you have the gumption to go after the censors in courts that take effective action against the violators of Americans’ First Amendment Rights to unfettered communication? I will be watching with interest and will be happily surprised, should any of your actions result in any meritorious effect whatsoever.

This is an historic move by sheriffs to straighten out some DC politicians and an issue that they have failed to resolve. I applaud the sheriffs for trying! I am grateful for this huge first step! They are doing the right thing and in so doing we have an obligation to support them. I will be there doing just that.

Though empathetic with your feelings, Dear Sheriff Mack – and though I sincerely thank you for your past and continuing service to America – I must beg you to consider more inventively the possibilities for sheriffs around America to bring the potential force of their full authority to bear as strongly as possible upon any governmental persons – elected or appointed – whom they believe to be guilty of high crimes, treason included.

Bon voyage, Sheriff Mack. Though you are not currently acting in any Office of Sheriff, may you do your duty as one who has sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution of the united States of America from enemies foreign and domestic, at least one of whom carries the alias “obama” (however else he may spell it). You could use a shotgun (figuratively speaking, of course) approach in D.C. and hit many another worthy target. 😉

R Mack

– – –


-“Steve” langford: sui juris without prejudice s a-

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