Law Firm Admits Violated Law – Regarding – Murder of Chairman of Iviewit Simon Bernstein?

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From: “Eliot Ivan Bernstein” <>
To: “Undisclosed List” <>
Subject: Murder of Chairman of Iviewit Simon Bernstein? Attorneys Robert Spallina & Donald Tescher Admit Law Firm Violated Law and Forged and Fraudulently Notarized Estate Document of Decedents
Date: November 25, 2014 at 12:19:36 AM PST

Murder of Chairman of Iviewit Simon Bernstein? Attorneys Robert Spallina & Donald Tescher Admit Law Firm Violated Law and Forged and Fraudulently Notarized Estate Documents Post Mortem!!! – Read all about it @
On, September 13, 2013 Simon Bernstein died and his son, Theodore Bernstein, claimed he died from poisoning and pointed the finger at Simon’s girlfriend! For information re the sudden and unexpected death of Simon L. Bernstein see W. Palm Beach Coroner # 12-093 @ & Sheriff Report # 12121312, see SHERIFF CORONER REPORTS @ p.16 heavy metal tests. Since that time Fraud and Fraud on the Court has been discovered involving the Estate Attorneys at Law and Fiduciaries in a bizarre series of Post Mortem crimes.
Months after Simon’s death it was learned the Law Office of Tescher & Spallina, PA committed forgery & fraudulently notarized documents for 5 of Simon’s children & one for Simon POST MORTEM and posited those documents with the Court as part of a Fraud on the Court of Judge Martin Colin, who upon discovering the frauds stated he had enough evidence at the time to read the lawyers and fiduciaries their Miranda’s, twice. Attorney Robert Spallina, Esq. later admitted to Palm Beach County Sheriff Officers that he had fraudulently altered trust documents of Shirley Bernstein POST MORTEM. The documents then were used as part of an elaborate plan to improperly close the estate of Simon’s predeceased wife Shirley, illegally seize Dominion and Control of the Estates and Trusts to change beneficiaries and fiduciaries and attempt to steal off with millions of dollars in estate and trust assets of Simon and Shirley Bernstein.
Is this all related to Inventor Eliot I. Bernstein’s Holy Grail inventions worth billions of dollars, see the “Elephant in the Room Section” @ Page 217
Eliot I. Bernstein
Iviewit Holdings, Inc. – DL
2753 N.W. 34th St.
Boca Raton, Florida 33434-3459
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