Got a Constituional Sheriff?

The CSPOA Needs You Now More Than Ever   
Can you handle the truth?

Well, here is the truth. You are what keeps us going. If we have a CSPOA convention, you make it happen. If we support a good sheriff fighting for his life and career, you make it happen. If a sheriff needs help standing against federal incursions, you make it happen. We have done all this and it’s because of you. Sheriff Clarke from Milwaukee has expressed his gratitude to you and so has Sheriff Finch of Florida.

We lost some of our good constitutional sheriffs as a result of some catastrophic elections on Nov. 4th. Now there are a few more battles we are waging and we cannot afford to lose them!

1) We are supporting and financing sheriffs attending the Sheriffs’ caravan to DC on Dec. 10th. This is an historic event that has sheriffs going to Washington to oppose the President granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens! Sheriffs defending you against the tyrants of Washington!

2) We are still fighting to keep former Chief of Police Shane Harger out of prison against some ridiculous criminal charges in NM. He is literally battling for his life and family. I have seen the police reports and personally know the entire situation. I have spoken to his son, his wife, his father, his brother, friends of Shane’s, and others who have worked with him and for him. Shane Harger is a good Christian man and is innocent of the charges made against him. We will not sit by and watch this good man go to prison!

3) The land grab and threat to the Bundys and other ranchers in the West continues to escalate. Now the feds are going after ranchers in AZ and NM and it has nothing to do with “grazing fees!” The government wants the land and the control! They will take it if we don’t stop them!

The CSPOA is completely committed to these causes! We are the boots on the ground in these aforementioned fights. We have several others, but these are the big ones! And the truth of the matter is that we are out of money. We have been spread too thin and cannot continue to help as we have in the past. These fights have simply taken a huge toll on our resources. In fact, we have canceled our CSPOA convention scheduled for this January so that we can focus our time and resources on the above three battles. The truth is, we cannot do it without you and your generosity. CSPOA runs because of you. You are the CSPOA!

I am asking each of you to donate whatever you can. Send cash, gold, silver, or checks or donate with a credit card at If you already donate, I am asking you to double the amount, at least for a couple of months. I am asking you to do what you can. Remember, the Founders mutually pledged to each other, “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” I am not asking for your fortune. I simply ask you to do what you can. Reach deeper and commit more to these holy causes.

About arnierosner

As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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