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Orly Taitz – Member of the California State Bar #223433 | Scanned Retina Resource

That’s all well and fine that this lawyer has no disciplinary actions on record, and there have been no administrative actions on their record, but that by ALL MEANS does not mean that lawyer hasn’t had any complaints on their records, I know this all too well first hand. My now disbarred attorney who I filed complaints against was disbarred and sent to jail for theft of Client funds for aggravated theft in the first degree, and he too had no records at the time I first filed my complaints against him, then I went to the State BAR and asked to see his records and found that he had had complaints filed against him but no actions had been taken, and found that my complaint dove tailed in so well with another complaint, that he had ripped off another client and he had been sanctioned for it, a sanction is just that, a warning, no actions. The modus operandi were so identical that they ended up being prosecuted side by side by the State BAR. It ended very badly for him, it was the end of his career, and then off to jail after he pleaded guilty or face 3 to 5 hard time in the State Penn, a classic play by the Deputy D.A. in the typical plea bargain sort of thing.

The trick is to look at what the BAR doesn’t put down on the record, because complaints are one thing, and getting them on the record is quite another. The secret is so simple, just ask the BAR if they have any complaints on a particular lawyer, complaints when they result in no action remain on that lawyers records for life. The BAR is only required to reveal that which results in actionable causes of disciplinary actions, such as serious actions by the BAR, sanctions, suspensions etc… Complaints that result in disciplinary actions will be posted, and those that don’t remain hidden from the public, it does NOT mean there aren’t any on their records though.

Just ask the BAR for any complaints that have not yet made it into disciplinary actions on file.

In my case, there were previous actions that ended up with a sanction, Mine ended his career, and that’s how you bust a crooked lawyer.

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