Colorado; A State With no Lawful Government! A State run by Impostors!

On 11/15/2014 1:00 PM, Jim Porter wrote:
“The corporate state doesn’t exist, and the attorneys running this state from it’s inception in 1876 have improperly represented the People.”

Reference:   With no delegated authority…the state governors fraudulently sell out their state citizens.

Good Morning Steve.
I’m not a computer guy, so I don’t know why the attachments came through like they did.
This book is old and the back is weak, that’s why I bought a hand held scanner. I didn’t want to damage the back, have a page fall out and then have an attorney say it wasn’t admissible as altered or incomplete.
Know, I have it secured away to be used in a common law court. When our group becomes large enough for our majority to bring these aligns to trial, I want to hear the first attorney try to convince a jury of his peers the constitution was wrongly amended, that T.O.N.A. was never real, and then try to explain why his fellow B.A.R. members used this book for 123 years as the rule of law in Colorado.
Then I will present that attorney with the document I have from the 2004 Colorado Secretary of State exposing a major fallacy in the corporate structure of Colorado State. This document is the one that differentiates Colorado from many other states. This document requires/necessitates the different process for exposing corruption in Colorado vs Arizona. Arizona corruption is just as easy to expose, just the process (document path) is different. Once on the trail, the hound WILL find the rabbit.
As all states, counties, cities and towns seem to be incorporated, I started to investigate the legality of these corporations. The attorney elements (state attorney, county attorney, city attorney and town attorney), in control of theses government structures, have known since the beginning of the current legal fraud, that corporate barriers could be used as insulation from personal liability. As long as the attorney could get his People to Believe in the existence of a legal corporation. (The work of attorneys is very much like the work of priests. They have to get the People to BELIEVE….)
The People that requested the T.O.N.A. in 1809 (I think it was) decided to cut these attorneys off at the pass. Previous legislation forgot to include the penalty, so the penalty of ceasing to be a u.S. citizen became the strength of T.O.N.A. it self. The purpose of T.O.N.A. was to prevent direct foreign influence within our Common Man government, at all levels requiring government employees. Align status naturally requires individual registration with the u.S. Secretary of State for permission to reside or work in this country, but our current government employees fail to enforce this requirement.
Why do you think the attorneys, in government today, are allowing our borders to become porous? The Attorney President needs more aligns to dilute the vote of our sovereign citizens. The true harm to the u.S. philosophy comes from the different beliefs of an align voter. I use the term tribal to describe people from different areas.
On this continent, in the century of 1700 A.D., a group of destitute, misplaced People organized the benefits of coming together, under their god, to form a more perfect union. Documents stored in libraries across this country reveal the number of years, the miles traveled and the People involved in bringing these thoughts to paper through pen.
Upon the rule of their Majority, these men recorded these desires in what is known as the Declaration of Independence. They declared their reason for separation, based upon the equality granted them by their Creator, to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness without align influence by official separation.
That came in the statement presenting Unalienable Rights. If unalienable by definition prevents separation, then the presence of align persons is/could be influencing/effecting my pursuit of Liberty, Happiness and Life. As our government was granted it’s power from the will of it’s People, by rule these align residents must be prevented from having influence in the many governments required across this country. Without documented recognition of attorney align status, these aligns have quietly inserted themselves, throughout the many government bodies located throughout this country. From Sea to Shining Sea.
Back the u.S. Secretary of State Department align registration program, that would provide the mechanism for virtuous u.S. citizens to control this country. If aligns are in control of our government, why do we ‘The People’ expect these aligns to enforce ‘The People’s’ Declaration. The people crossing u.S. borders today rely on the illegal status of our current government employees for safety. We ‘The People’ now deal with an enemy operation with each side scratching the back of the other. Our align attorney force needs more numbers to provide the distraction from detection. The poor align people crossing u.S. borders provide those numbers and the distraction for the chance at a different life.
I have recently noticed when aligns are brought before a court operated by align residents, very little is done to send the align home. The document I referred to earlier presented the reason this happens. This simply worded document has only one reason for being, but it’s unknown status to the world is the cause of corruption across this state. This simply worded document also provided the direction for uncovering corruption across this country.
Remember I stated that attorneys desire liability protection? They want this when they bring claim against another human being. As Common Law requires one Man provide a fidelity bond, to bring accusation of illegal activity causing damage to another Man, before a moderating judge, while being heard by a jury panel to decide the completeness of the evidence to prove alleged damage, attorneys changed the system to statutory law without a personal bonding requirement.
The procedure of Common Law would eventually put many attorneys out of business. The bonding requirement to ensure a source of funds, in the event the attorney caused damage from the false accusation of illegal acts by another Man, would eventually make that attorney undependable and so unemployable. Any u.S. Securities and Exchange Commission authorized Insurance/Bond provider is controlled by a Board of Directors. The charge of the Board is to protect the share holders from exposure to claims.
Under the Common Law method of operation, any attorney falsely accusing a Man of a crime would result in a Claim for Relief against the attorneys fidelity bond. Once the bond company made payment to the injured party, the bond company would request a criminal investigation into the attorney actions.
As with car insurance, all companies have payment/loss limits. As insurance companies talk through computer input, eventually a driver can not drive legally due to the inability to purchase insurance. This self correcting system had to be circumvented (by passed) by align attorneys so they schemed to deflect the identity of the prosecutor.
The identity of the prosecutor in Colorado is disclosed as THE PEOPLE of the STATE of COLORADO V THE NAMED INDIVIDUAL.
It is presumed by the People of Colorado to be a corporation authorized by the Colorado Secretary of State, by my document from 2004 states this corp. never existed in any form, in any country or state in the world. The corporate state doesn’t exist, and the attorneys running this state from it’s inception in 1876 have improperly represented the People.
These attorney’s have built a system of deception based on fraud, which has become spread throughout other government departments. Once the legislative branch realized the corruptness of the judiciary branch, the only chance of concealment from the public became the crime of conspiracy. I find it disturbing to read R.I.C.O. while knowing what the government is up to. (side note…..My local sheriff made the official request to get the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to prosecute government fraud. The C.B.I. investigator discovered R.I.C.O. violations and disclosed them to me, so we had the guilty people identified. Then the powers to be (attorneys with the C.B.I.) returned my documents and ended/shelved the case.)
Today our system of government relies on the judiciary protecting all other government department employees. Here is the proof, right in the open, yet undetected by the People. Look at the home page…
As this guy admits, the rule becomes, if he is charged to represent departments and those department employees, he won’t prosecute them.
When the People (criminals) find out that a fictitious corporation is being used to falsely accuse individuals of criminal acts, this system will fail. If the doctrine of a Man with a soul has more power through rights than any soulless corporation holds true, then the principal of there are no perfect crimes, just imperfect criminals is once again proven.
Now our group, must focus on stopping the damage with quick exposure of this situation to the people. The longer this situation is allowed to go on, the harder and longer the recovery period will be. This weakened nation of Men must survive the reconstruction period, defending itself from individuals from other tribes.
My book and the documents are the medicine needed, if the People want to come on board. I forgot to tell you, I decided to confirm the documents strength, so I did another information search to the current Colorado Secretary of State. I just so happens the current Secretary is a different person than held the elected office in 2004. I now have a confirmation from 2 weeks ago that the corp. still doesn’t exist.
While I was in the process of making document requests, I also ask the Secretary for the bonds on the local district attorney mentioned on the State Attorney’s home page. NO BOND IS ON FILE! Then while I was at it, I requested the bonds on some of the district judges working with the district attorney. None of these judges HAD A BOND ON FILE!
Title 30 of Colorado Revised Statutes (the contract between the People and Colorado government employees) provided the requirements for judicial bonds and the bond of the district attorney, the sheriff, the county commissioners, the county clerk and the county treasurer. Only one of these people is currently bonded, yet they all get paid.
Once again it’s the judiciary providing the insulation from criminal prosecution.
This is getting long and I’m just getting started.
As for the book, there may be a day when the majority wants to expose the attorneys and what they are doing. Get me on a witness stand, or in front of the media and I’ll put the book to use. Then I’ll back it up with a couple documents from the state.
Oh, I forgot to tell you about the letter I received from the Colorado State Supreme Court saying Attorneys are not required to follow state statute(s), (the contracts with the people). There is no legislation to base this on, it’s just what they are doing by documented admission. Aligns, I tell you, Aligns.
I need to find Pat, thanks for the introduction.
Jim Porter
Ridgway, Colorado


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